Mind Versus Spirit

Suppose you were in a prison, and have been all of your life, and did not know it? Impossible you say?
What kind of a prison would that be and how could it operate and exist that way? Remember the saying,
“Iron Bars Do Not a Prison Make”? You may be in an invisible jail that totally surrounds you and is undetectible by your limited human senses. That is frightening to contemplate. Could it be true? Could it?
It would mean you are imprisoned and  don’t know for how long, what the charges are and if you will ever get out. Unfortunately, all seem to die in prison never even suspecting they have been in prison.
This prison is real, as real as any iron jail or compound. You will never excape from this jail because as you are unaware you are in jail you will make no effort to escape. Your physical body is the captive of your mind.
You may have heard that ‘perception is reality.’ This is very true. The person who believes as he/she does is doing so because his/her mind is directing him/her to behave in a certain way. Sometimes this is good as when you are motivated to perform a heroic act in saving someone’s life and a bad thing if you are being directed to irrationally take someone’s life. You live in a circumscribed life and world that governs your every action and rules your daily life. Invisible restraints that are stronger than iron or steel bars. It is always the mind with it’s thoughts and beliefs that govern your actions. Think ‘suicide bomber’, Jihad or whatever other ideology you wish. You are ruled, governed and motivated by the thoughts of your mind. I’ve heard it said that no one who commits an immoral act be it murder, theft, rape or any other barbarous act, does so without believing there is a good and justifiable reason for it. Few, if any at all, will admit to doing it just for the sheer pleasure of it. Evil always seeks to justify and validate it’s deeds, no matter how heinous. It is only when you recognize that it is your own personal human nature that is your own personal jailer that you can begin to understand that you have been a prisoner and then make plans to escape. How diabolic is it that you could have been made a prisoner and never have known about it? If you don’t know that you are a prisoner, why would you try to make plans to escape? Where did the revelation that you are a prisoner come from? not from your mind which is your jailer. Here is where the deception continues. Your mind will now deceive you and declare that you are not a prisoner and explains that you are free to do whatever you wish. Really? You may do whatever you wish except discover the truth. A deception or lie that you have believed all of your life is not an easy thing to cast away.
War has been declared between your old nature ruled by your mind, and your human spirit yearning to be free.
Most are born a captive and have died a captive never knowing that they have served out a life sentence in prison.
If you do not believe that there is a constant real war going on in the heavenlies then you will profit little or nothing from the information that follows which tells how to be set free from your invisible prison. If you have begun to suspect that something in your life does not seem right and that the things you wish for seldom seem to happen in a way that blesses you then you will want to read and understand the information that follows. It is the key that will unlock the kingdom of heaven for you.

You have been created with a body and a human nature. Human nature by reason of sin, yes sin, hold on a minute and hear me out before your carnal human nature continues to deceive you, has lost the ability to discern good from evil. The devil lied to Eve in the ‘Garden of Eden’ when he said, ‘”then you will know good and evil” Gen 3:5
The deception is that while Adam and Eve would know ‘good and evil’ they would lack the power to deny evil and choose only the good. Deceptive, and cunning. Their mind and spirit effectively cut off from the truth of the Spirit of God was doomed to eventual failure and to the temptation of the flesh and evil. This battle began long before you were born and has had thousands of years to develope it’s power. Very few have been able to overcome this demonic deception and be set free. Yes, free. How is it done?  It begns when you ask for Jesus Christ to come into your life bringing with Him the power of the Holy Spirit of God and empower you to victory. You need the Spirit of God to take over this battle for you and bring you out of this prison to victory. It is only when you come out of the blind and bitter darkness of that tomb into the sunshine that you will realize where you have been and destined to spend the rest of your life. You have to die to your old carnal nature and allow the Holy Spirit of God to lead and instruct you. Being able to say, “no” to your carnal desires and disciplining yourself adds strength to your spirit and encourages you to continue to fight this battle that may rage in you. Your human spirit growns in strength just as your physical muscles grow when challenged and tested. You will succeed.
You have already tried it your way, and may have only achieved failure and unhappiness, so why not try another way? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Unless you are content to remaining deceived and are enjoying your prison life why not take a moment right here and now and ask for the Lord Jesus to come into your life with His Holy Spirit and start making those changes in in your life right now? Need help? May I suggest you say the following brief prayer or something of your own such as, “Dear Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins and ask foregivness and that you please come into my life and make those changes that will grant me the right to the keys of the kingdom and have my name written in the Book of Life.. I ask this in your name, Lord Jesus, amen.”
If you are sincere and faithfully continue, God has promised that he will receive you into His own.
This may be a difficult battle but….. you will win in the end.

For As I See It,

I am,
Roy Lamont