My Cup Runneth Over With Love

My Cup Runneth Over

I often write about love and it’s awesome power to
change lives, heal and immerse one into a world of beauty and joy.
I believe that love is the very essence of life.
Love is everything.
The Bible tells us that God is love. Imagine, we share this fabulous attribute, this glorious emotion with God Himself.

The title of this blog is, as you see from the title above, “My Cup Runneth Over” Music by Harvey Schmidt and Lyrics by Tom Jones.
My favorite recording of this song is by Ed Ames circa 1967 ‘Google” the song by Ed Ames and listen to it.
Just below, as you read the lyrics slowly, savor the words and their thoughts. Anyone who has experienced love will understand and will, perhaps, remember their own.

“Sometimes in the morning when shadows are deep
I lie here beside you just watching you sleep
And sometimes I whisper what I’m thinking of
My cup runneth over with love

Sometimes in the evening when you do not see
I study the small things you do constantly
I memorize moments that I’m fondest of
My cup runneth over with love

In only a moment we both will be old
We won’t even notice the world turning cold
And so, in these moments with sunlight above
My cup runneth over with love
My cup runneth over with love With love”

I continue to dream of the joy that love has brought me. I can only hope that you have been blessed to have had a love as happy and joyful as mine.
I still dream, but now there is no one next to me to watch, to whisper to or to gently touch..
Now, I drink from the cup of memory.
We are all actors on the stage of life.
I don’t know if the curtain of life and love
is coming down or about to go up. Is this a comedy or a tragedy? We enter and we exit.
The stage may have been too crowded at my arrival and I was not seen, just an extra in the crowd.
Is all of this a dress rehearsal? Perhas I am only the ‘understudy’. Who Knows?
A new cast, new loves, and only the ending matters.
One thing is sure, the show will go on and
My cup still runneth over with love….but
will there ever be someone to receive it and share it?

For As I See It,

I am,
Roy Lamont