Pages of your Life…

It could be anyone of us.
You are a book. Each day a page.
We start each day with a blank page.
The book is nothing without the pages.
We are writing our own autobiography.
Each book, 365 pages and each book a year.
If you had kept a daily diary you would be able to visit each year of your life.
The pages turn and life moves on.
What is most important to understand is that you are more important than one page.
You are not just beauty, but a composite of your character, personality, humor and wit.
We are often blinded by external glitter and fail to see the real person within reach.
Your beauty will eventually fade, but the rest of you will remain.
I will love you for what you are, not just for how you look.
I have this deep hunger for love….for you, but I haven’t found you yet.
Perhaps, one day I will.
Love is eternal and timeless and continues its search for a place to rest and call it’s own.

For “As I See It”
I am, Roy A.Lamont