Love is not divisible

I was walking on my deck, as I usually do when meditating, and some new thoughts came to me.I could feel the welcome warmth of the sun’s rays on this bright and clear October day. My body was absorbing the nutrients the sun was providing me.
For an extended period of time now, I seem to be focused on the subject of ‘love’. We all have experienced love, or what we think is love, but few really understand it. To understand love is to understand God. God loves us unconditionally. When the sun shines upon us it does so unconditionally. God loves all and the sun shines on all. Just as the sun provides nutrients to our body, love provides nutrients to our spiritual body. It strengthens us when we give out love and also when we receive love.

I have had two wives and both are now deceased because of catastrophic illness.
I wondered how it would be if both were brought back and were alive again. How could I explain my love for both? We were created in the image and likeness of God who is love. It is in our spiritual DNA nature to love. Should I love again? I have to. Why would I choose to live without the sun? Why would I choose to live in darkness? I don’t. Just as the light of the sun is not diminished by being focused on two people at the same time, so love is not diminished by being focused on two people at the same time. It is similar to how you love your two children equally at the same time.
Love rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit of the individual. The more one examines this eternal and powerful force of love, the more hidden blessings one discovers.