Love Is The Greatest Force In Creation

Will we ever understand love? Humans have a very limited understanding of this powerful force.
Love cannot be contained but must be released. Our God is a God of love and when He spoke He released His love in the form of creation. “and God said’….and it was so.
When a person loves another person it is almost impossible to refrain from speaking those words. You speak to your children of your love, you speak to your spouse of your love because you must. When you can not be with those you love you write letters or call them and speak words of love to them. This you must do because as an explosive force within you, it must come out or surely you believe it will implode and destroy you. Love does not require a physical presence but does require expression. All of creation exists because He wills it and has said so.

1 Col.1:3 and Prov. 1:20.

Creation is His love child.

I will write more on this at another time.

For. ‘AS I SEE IT’,
I am, Roy A.Lamont

I will write more on this at another time.

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