The Leaf that wanted to be a bird

Each time a bird perched on a tree limb, a nearby leaf thought
how wonderful it would be to be able to fly. The leaf was held fast to the tree limb and though the breeze would flow over the leaf yet it was held fast. Many birds came to rest and after awhile they would fly off in search of food. The leaf did not have to go in search of food as the tree provided all the nutrients the leaf needed to survive.
The weather began to change and slowly grow colder. Soon the tree would go dormant and not awaken until the gentle spring weather arrived and bring gentle rains and abundant sunshine.
Until then with its food supply and nutrients vanishing the
leaf began to grow cold, change color and wither. Finally,
the leaf lost its grip on the tree branch as a cold fall wind
separated the leaf from the tree. As the leaf spiralled down
it thought, “free at last, I’m flying, I’m flying.”
The leaf settled gently upon the ground and became part of the soils nutrients for the tree …..and for more leaves.
And so rebirth begins again, and again and Life moves on.

For “As I See It”
I am Roy A. Lamont

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