Life…Reality or Fable?

Reality or Fable?

Our world has been changing, and we along with it, not always for the better.
Our concept of life, especially married life, is often based on the fairy tale versions as often portrayed in the movies and on television. The impression given is that school is for dummies and that casual sex is perfectly alright and that in married life you seldom have to cook, manage a home, raise children or be a loving and faithful wife or husband. It is no wonder that today’s children will be in for the shock of their life when they encounter the real world.
When there is no role model at home setting the proper example, the children are made vulnerable to whatever the media presents to them. It is imperative that young people contemplating marriage seek out someone with real life skills. The best place to find this kind of knowledge and wisdom is in a church well grounded in biblical scripture.
The evidence is clear that children raised in a Christian home with a nurturing mother and father, who take the time to teach their children how to build a happy home of their own, are the ones who are blessed with a long and joyous life. It takes commitment, but it is worth its weight in gold.
For As I See It
Roy A.Lamont