It was an epiphany moment in slow-motion. What started it, I don’t know. As I often do when thinking, I was walking on my deck and being thankful for this lovely home and gorgeous view in the mountains. Perhaps it was because a new year had begun, and as many do, I was reminiscing about the past year and life in general. Much has to do with foscus. In our youth it seems our hormones dictate where we focus our thoughts and attention. That’s nature at work. The preservation instinct of our species is in full force. We gladly comply. As the years pass we shift our focus, just a little, and allow for friendships to enter our thoughts and our life. Then too, there is our profession that requires our attention and we manage to blend the two. Life moves on and eventually we find ourself at the autumn of our life. If we are blessed we transit to this next stage with our spouse and enjoy our life. If we were not blessed, we find that adversity has caught up with us and we face a life we were not expecting, nor prepared for. It is now when we see that friendships are crucial to our life. We have always been social animals and the lack of this social activity can have a definite effect on our thought process and also upon our physical and mental health. There is far less need for the physical relationship than when we were hormone and libido motivated and find that now the only physical contact we desire is friendship, conversation, a dinner companion and someone to share and laugh with.

Not to dismiss the pleasure of the intimate physical contact which is wonderful if it presents itself but now is not the primary focus. It is the sharing, talking, and discovering gifts and talents you had not seen before in your friends that now adds so much joy to life. Slowly as this epiphany moment began to slowly reveal itself, a new appreciation for what was ahead for me began to fill me with a genuine feeling of true liberation. I was no longer dominated by my youth and hormones but by all the beauty and opportunity that life and friendship still has to offer.

I am Roy A.Lamont

and that is “As I See It”