Your Personal Time Machine

The other day I was, as usual, walking and thinking about ceretain events in my life.
As I was walking around, my home in the forest, I was looking at the many places I  have walked with my wife and played with all of our many pets. I started to become sad as I thought of their ‘passing’ away.
It was then that a thought came to me. I had spent many years with them and had enjoyed their company. I could recall many, many pleasant times with them. Why then was I only thinking about that one day out of so many beautiful and wonderful days? Wasn’t this a disservice to them? Surely, I have much to be thankful for. I had their companionship,  their love and their many looney tooney, comical episodes to remember.
I especially remember, too, that on the 8th of this month it will be four years since my lovely wife Linda  passed away.
We have the power to choose what thoughts we will entertain and what thoughts we will dismiss. I must remember that they all would  rather be recalled in memory of the joyous times we had together and not that last day when we parted.
I truly believe that one day we will all be together again.
When we recall our memories we are actually bringing them back into existence and they are as real as anything else. Philosopher Rene Descarte said, ” Cogito, ergo sum”,   “I think, therefore I am”. This is ‘self awareness’, this is existence.
As we recall the past we are actually creating an opportunity to relive any moment of the past once again. Our ability to remember is our own personal time machine. Shouldn’t we recall the pleasant memories rather than the hurtful ones?
As in many things, the choice is ours. Now, I too, must practice this.
And  that is,
As I See It
Roy A. Lamont