Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive. Sir Walter Scott said it in his poem, “Marmion,” published in 1808, though many mistakenly attribute it to William Shakespeare.

It was, is, and remains a basic truth of life. Then what is it that compels, coerces and motivates humankind to deceive?
As we are all very different individuals the answer will vary according to the circumstance. The motivating factor may have been pride. We want others to think well of us. We may have an inferiority complex and have self doubts about our abilities. What we think about ourself is as important as what others think about us. An honest person who returns a lost wallet may be thought a fool by some but the honest individual knows he/she did the right thing and has a good strong self- image.
Dishonesty and deception is always justified when one believes that the end justifies the means. The deception always requires another deception followed by even another deception; and so is spawned an endless succession of deceptions.
Finally, the enormity of the deception destroys it’s possessor. The individual is so burdened by the image of self as an impostor it becomes too much to deal with on a personal level.
There are options available. One is to obtain medical help, as from a psychiatrist
who will attempt to help you live with the problem or you can seek out help from the clergy of your local church. What can you do to be delivered from this guilt you are carrying?
“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16 KJV. Finding a mature, wise and Christian Counselor ┬ácan help with the the release you have been looking for. The difference is that while a psychiatrist may help you live with your problem, Jesus our Savior can deliver you from your problem.
When you are walking with the Lord Jesus you are in good company. This alone gives you confidence that you are worthy and there is no longer a feeling of inferiority.
Why should there be? You are walking with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who just happens to be your brother.

To Kill or Not To Kill!!!!!!

When you have to repeat what you are saying to someone several times you quickly determine the person has a hearing problem. If someone uses glasses and a magnifying glass to read a book, again, you understand that this person has a severe vision problem. These symptoms are readily discernible from external evidence. When these symptoms are addressed with a hearing aid or a corrected prescription for eyeglasses the matter is resolved.
There is another malady that afflicts many who steadfastly remain in denial. They have many other names for this malady. Some call it a recreational activity and others call it a sporting activity. It is supported by literally hundreds of thousands of people.
This mental and spiritual condition is called ‘hunting.’ What is it in the human mind that condones killing of natures wildlife? Is it the perverted sense of power and joy they feel at seeing some innocent wildlife fall, bleed and die? I believe that these people are devoid of true love. This emotional adrenal rush of power only indicates a need to feel powerful. They need to feel what they lack. When you are thirsty you seek water, when you are tired you seek rest, and when you feel powerless you seek to dominate. Since they have failed to find power in the world around them they pull out their big guns and bullets and from a safe distance away they attempt to prove their courage by exerting this unfair advantage over the unsuspecting quarry. They have gone out of their own habitat and entered into another’s domain. This does just the opposite and proves instead that they lack real courage. If they were fair they would pick up a knife and challenge the quarry with a hand to hand or mouth and teeth to mouth and teeth combat. You know, as ‘Tarzan’ would have done. No, I don’t think they would do that.
My personal belief is that there is something radically wrong with that person. Eventually that lack of compassion and love will manifest itself in other areas of life. It will affect their family life, their social life and their business life. It takes a determined act of the will to override the conscience and perform an act of cruelty. I could never trust someone who was unkind to animals and capable of cruelty. I also could never have such a person as a close friend. There are those who need to hunt animals to build up their ego and then there is that category that can only be called the ‘dung heap’ of society who derive some warped sense of pleasure from cruelty to animals. Science has shown that when this characteristic of torturing animals is revealed in children, some have grown up to be murderers. While not true of all it still is very revealing of human nature.
While I believe in as much personal freedom as possible I believe that these miscreants should be taken off of our streets away from our children and if found guilty of animal cruelty they should be put behind bars for many years.
Where does this insanity and gross failing of many come from? Obviously, cruelty and hatred does not come from love but from a nature totally devoid of love. It comes from that realm of darkness whose spiritual force and ruler has to be Satan who by his dark force motivates those who have yielded and submitted themselves to his dark power.
Do you know who and what inspires and motivates you? If you are controlled by this dark force can you stand for the truth to be revealed to you? Very disturbing thoughts to contemplate about yourself. If you were an alcoholic and daily had to drive your car or truck and refused to take remedial measures don’t you think that eventually the law of averages would catch up to you and you would have that tragic accident? If you derive pleasure from acts of cruelty then you are driven by dark forces, and just as with the alcoholic, the law of averages will catch you also.
Please consult a qualified health practitioner or better yet a wise spiritual counselor.
Don’t let pride or fear of discovery of your problem deter you from seeking the help you need.
The sooner you do the sooner you will be set free from those dark forces. Pray for guidance.

That is,
As I See It,
Roy Lamont