What Might Have Been

Small innocuous decisions, that we are for the most part totally unaware of, can have an eternal effect upon us. Have you considered how different your life would be if you had not made just one different decision in your life? While it may have seemed minor at the time it later proved to produce a lifetime altering effect.
Let me suggest an example that may very well apply to many of you. One day you accept a friends invitation to a dinner party and there you meet the person who will become your spouse. Your future has just changed. That dinner party was filled with alternate possibilities. Children who might be born and children who would never be born. Do you think it ever enters our mind when we are making these seemingly small unimportant decisions that we are shaping and changing our entire future? I don’t think so. Daily, we are creating our future. We are deciding which things will be and which things will never be. Of course, we may not realize it at that moment but in a very real sense, as I have already said, we are creating our future. I believe that if someone had pointed this out to me early in my life I might have made some very different decisions.
Now, there are many, many things that will never be, at least not in this universe.
One of life’s greatest sorrows is to be able to love and have no one to return it. I often think of…..what might have been. Not that I am unhappy with the life I have and have had but the curious and romantic part of my nature can’t keep from wondering….what might have been….if?

That is…As I See It
Roy Lamont

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