What Might Have Been

Small innocuous decisions, that we are for the most part totally unaware of, can have an eternal effect upon us. Have you considered how different your life would be if you had not made just one different decision in your life? While it may have seemed minor at the time it later proved to produce a lifetime altering effect.
Let me suggest an example that may very well apply to many of you. One day you accept a friends invitation to a dinner party and there you meet the person who will become your spouse. Your future has just changed. That dinner party was filled with alternate possibilities. Children who might be born and children who would never be born. Do you think it ever enters our mind when we are making these seemingly small unimportant decisions that we are shaping and changing our entire future? I don’t think so. Daily, we are creating our future. We are deciding which things will be and which things will never be. Of course, we may not realize it at that moment but in a very real sense, as I have already said, we are creating our future. I believe that if someone had pointed this out to me early in my life I might have made some very different decisions.
Now, there are many, many things that will never be, at least not in this universe.
One of life’s greatest sorrows is to be able to love and have no one to return it. I often think of…..what might have been. Not that I am unhappy with the life I have and have had but the curious and romantic part of my nature can’t keep from wondering….what might have been….if?

That is…As I See It
Roy Lamont

Pillow Talk

To be able to love is as necessary to the soul as it is for the heart to pump it’s nourishing blood to every cell of the body. Without love one might as well be a life-like statue or an artificially intelligent computer. All animals procreate on a biological level to continue the life species. It is given to humans to not only procreate and continue physical life but to continue on to a spiritual level.
Do you think an animal is whispering tender words and thoughts to it’s mate when engaging in the physical act of procreation? I don’t think so.

The relationship between a man and a woman is very special and is unlike any other.
During the act of physical love there exists a compulsion for both the man and the woman to express their love to one another, especially after the fact.

Man: “Thank you sweetheart, you are so wonderful.
We both know that eventually time will take with it our youth and beauty. As beautiful as you are it is not the only reason I love you. When that future time does come please know that I love you for the total life spirit in you.That is the real you. Your beauty is just the covering of an even greater treasure inside of you. One of the rare gifts you possess is that gift of love, humor and laughter. I can’t count the many nights we laughed ourselves to sleep. Your kindness and love of people, children and animals has always touched my heart. Often I have seen the ‘mother’ in you expressing itself. You are the complete woman, Lover, wife, mother and best friend.
You are and always will be my heart’s greatest desire.”

The single most powerful force in the universe is love.
All else bends before it. All there is came from this
universal and cosmic love that comes from the very heart
of our creator. Love called us forth and love will call us back to its very source and we will be reconciled to the very core of love…our creator. Even our creator is incomplete without our love. The more you love, the greater the life force is within you. All things begin with love. All things consist of love and without love there is nothing. Embrace it, be enveloped by it, share it with everyone and especially return it to your creator.

The essence and existence of our entire universe is based on love and when you meld with that love you are a part of this universal grid that joins you with every other being who possesses love. The love you share with your spouse unites the two of you into one unique eternal being. We were created to love and it is joy fulfilled when that love is returned.
You assure your place in eternity when you love. It is the key to eternal life. How? Why? because ‘Love’ is eternal.
1 Cor.13
The circle is now complete…..for all eternity.

And that is, “As I See It”
Roy Lamont

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