I’m Learning To Listen More

I didn’t connect the dots. Something within me was trying to get my attention and finally, after years, a truth has dawned upon me that was there all the time but never recognized. There was a day when I began to understand that a blind person could be a better judge of someone than a sighted person. A sightless person is not distracted nor mislead by outward appearance and therefore uses the sense of hearing as an important indicator of personality and character of a person. Eventually, we use all five of our senses to understand or come to a conclusion about a person. We now have sight versus sound in determining what we think we know about a person. Let’s examine each one and see what we learn. With sight we see a person and often decide that we like or dislike what we see. If we like what we see we may often fail to understand that what we see could be deceptive and may eventually change and will no longer be the way it was or looked. If we should marry that person, based mainly on appearance, we may eventually lose the very reason we decided to marry that person. Change happens to all and it must be a consideration in our choice of a spouse. Now, let’s consider sound. The sound or tone of someones voice will change very little over the years. I was married twice and lost both wives to major illness. It was during my times of loneliness that I began to consider the differences between my wives. They were both beautiful; one being blonde, tall, and with hazel green eyes and the latter being a brunette with deep brown eyes and also extremely beautiful. What I discovered about them that set them apart from other beautiful women I knew was not their exterior appearance but something internal they both had in common.. It was their voice or speech. It was what came from their lips and out of their mouth and what they said or didn’t say. Both of them only spoke words that expressed love, appreciation for others and of their faith. You discover who and what a person is by listening to their speech.”Luke 6:45, Proverbs 4:23 and Matthew 12:34.
We have often been deceived by our eyes and by not listening to speech. The real character of a person can readily be discerned by paying attention to their words.
It was the words spoken by both of the women I married that set them far apart from other women. One must listen to the words that come from the lips for it will reveal the truth. While it was their beauty that first attracted me to them it was their character, integrity, personality and humor that captured me. Humor and laughter can be the oil that keeps your marriage running smoothly. It surely blessed mine. It is the truth that comes from the heart and not the message of the hormones that makes for a happy and enduring marriage. “in the beginning God said”…..and His voice continues to speak the truth. If only we would listen.If you are looking for a spouse, it may be wise for you to shut your eyes and pay attention to your ears. I find that I am listening more and looking and speaking less these days.

This is….
As I See It
Roy A. Lamont