An incident  occurred with my wife just a short while before she went to her long sleep awaiting her resurrection. The battle against  Alzheimer’s disease for ten long years finally neared its end. She would not last the year but almost did until the 30th of December of 2001. It was a hot summer day and the bed sheets were pushed down to her knees when I walked into her room. The expression on her face told me she did not know who I was.   Slowly her hands reached down to the bed sheet and she began to  draw the sheet up over her body. I knew what thoughts she must be having. I looked at her and said, ” Honey, I am the most blessed man on earth to have God allow us to be husband and wife”.  As I spoke these words, slowly, her face began to show a trace of a smile and for another moment she had her memory restored and with it the joy and comfort of her knowing she was not alone in a strange world but was with her husband and family again.

I doubt very much if the human race could long exist without memory. Without the aid of any writing apparatus, paper, pen, pencil, IPad, or Tablet the human brain has been gifted with the ability to store thoughts and events in our fleshly brain, which is about  eighty percent water. The brain is an amazing thing. It not only remembers and is able to recall the things that have happened to us but can also reason, calculate and invent new ways of doing things that improve and enhance our life. I believe I would rather recall a sad memory that reminded that there was someone I loved and remember that there was someone who deeply loved me than not remember I once loved and was loved in return.

Philosopher Rene Descartes is quoted as saying,” Cogito, ergo sum.”            “I think, therefore, I am.”     Our brain informs us that we exist and provides us with one of our most important faculties, that of ‘self-awareness.’   I believe that this self-awareness comes from the very spirit of life within us and is the inspiration that activates our brain and our mind.

Memory allows us to learn from experience. Without the ability of recall  we would be repeating past mistakes which could eventually lead  to our demise. There would be no family, as while one might still be able to choose a mate, the memory of that union would be forgotten. Who would provide for family needs? Without a family there would be no community, no state, country or nation.  Without these there would be no laws to govern society; whatever society there was. All that remained would be chaos and anarchy.   Who would teach in schools? What schools?  Of course, there would be no schools and without schools there would be no written history.

Imagine that one day you found the love of your life and rejoiced in this blessing but you go off somewhere only to forget your new-found blessing and you failed to return to your loved one.  That is sad, indeed. Even now, there are scientists who are working on methods of changing your memory by selective intervention. They say it would help those who are overcome by hurtful memories of their past and improve their life. Many scientific promises begin by promoting the beneficial aspects of their work.  It is the hidden possibilities and unseen threats of mind control that one has to be aware of. Imagine how this could be used as a mind control method where you could be denied your personal identity. You would be who and what you were told you are. In a very real way you would be a slave or a best a mere puppet. Personal free choice  and free will could be denied you. This is  mental and spiritual control. Even now you have memories you are not recalling. They exist in your mind but you are not remembering them at this very moment.  That is why God who said,  “I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake;  and I will not remember your sins” (Isaiah 43:25 Heb. 8:12;10:17).      God certainly has the ability to remember, but He chooses not to.  To help you understand this better, you who use computers know that when a virus (sin) is in your computer you have available to you a virus software program that allows you to delete or quarantine the virus and so it is effectively put away. God is able to recall our sin but has promised not to do so because the virus remover  ( Jesus) has removed it from our charge. We also have that choice. If we wish to be forgiven our past deeds then we must also forgive others their past deeds. Memory, as many other things, can be a blessing or a curse. It is what we do with it that makes the difference. Do you wish to be happy? Do as God does, He knows best. Remember to obey and live by His commandments and forgive those you believe have hurt you and remove it from your memory. This leaves only the best memories and allows you to recall  experiences  you are happy to remember.

For “As I See It”,

I am

Roy Lamont

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