Loneliness…The Hidden Terror

The Hidden Terror

There are varying degrees of loneliness and there can be varying periods of loneliness. Almost all of us at some time or another have had that feeling. Some, unfortunately, have that sense of loneliness for extremely lengthy periods of time.
Clinical psychologists call this ‘depression’ and depending on its severity it can be a great danger to the individual. Some  are overcome with the vastness and expanse of this loneliness that to them is as a vacuum and an all encompassing universe of ‘nothingness’ that surrounds them as a dense fog and they can not see any beauty anywhere. Neither do they feel any joy. It is as one step from the grave.
They are alone, frighteningly alone. Despair slowly becomes their only companion.
Humans have been created as social creatures and must by nature have the companionship of like creatures. When deprived of social companionship the creature is mentally, socially and physically unbalanced. “It is not good for man to be alone, so God made him a helpmate”…Genesis 2:18

Yes, from the beginning it was ordained that man (mankind) should not be alone.
What happens when you go against the nature of things? Chaos, confusion and a sense of separation from  natural creation is the result. This is  truth and can be seen in the animal kingdom as well. It causes me much pain to see animals of the ‘wild’ kept in cages at zoo’s or at the circus. These tigers, lions, elephants and other creatures were created for wide open spaces. Many an animal has succumbed to that alien environment; an environment of captivity. Created for the wide open spaces but confined to the cruelty of a cage. How big is your world? Is it a small confining world with just a few inhabitants? Just the ones you approve of or is there room for a diversity of personalities? Do you allow for challenges to your opinions? Everyday, whether you realize it or not you are creating your own world and you may be creating your own cage. Are you unhappy with the circumstances  of your own creation? When you isolate yourself from others you are really creating your own prison or cage. The smaller you make your world the smaller you make your cage. Unlike the captured lion, tiger or other captured animal who can do little to free itself, you can do something about it. The key to your cage and confinement is as simple as realizing that as a person gifted with free will you can choose to be a spiritual being rather than a carnal and selfish person and allow your spiritual being to easily slip through the bars of your self created cage. How do you do this? Once you realize that you were created in a marvelous manner and and that you were specially chosen for a very special purspose, you will grow in self spiritual awareness and develope your full potential of a God created being with a special calling. Before you can have a successful relation with another person you must first have a successful relation with your creator. As long as you continue to look inward you will lose sight of the  expansive and potentially unlimited possibilities that you possess. When you are the only one  in the cage you will devour yourself, mentally and spiritually. Whether you choose to live alone in a cage for the rest of your life or reach out to the unlimited vastness of this glorious universe is in your hands.  Your spirit was created for the exploration of this fabulous universe and all its riches, and not to be caged. There is one who has spoken to, and set free countless millions of captives.  You need only to make His acquaintance and accept His counsel and wisdom to be able to come out of your cage. You surely know His name,  It’s Jesus, the very one who created you and who knows how to get you out of your prison cage and set you free to roam this wonderful planet and eventually this vast universe.

Seek Him for you now have the key. Use it.

For As I See It,

I am,

Roy Lamont

It Will Kill You.

There is a force in the world that daily impacts our life. This force is relentless in its attack on us.
It is called by many names, mostly stress and worry. What is stress or worry? It is unresolved conflicts or circumstances in our life. How in the world did we ever get to that point? Ask a dozen different people and you will get varying answers. Let’s get down to basics shall we? There are two basic issues to understand.
There are those issues or circumstances that are external, that is, situations that come from outside of our personal involvement. Unexpected things that may arise from accidents, other people’s decisions and anything that originates elsewhere or beyond your control. The other most often includes those circumstances and situations that we have had a direct influence on. There is a law called ‘The Law of Reciprocals’ which most often involves a poor decision we make in some matter. Another way of saying that is, “We reap what we sow.”
There is no doubt that we are where in life  because of choices that …WE…have made. Let us look at the word ‘appetite’. There is an appetite for food, which is natural, but when we exceed what is normal we create problems that cause even more problems. Eat too much food and you gain extra weight, gain too much weight and you risk heart problems, diabetes and more health problems that could have been avoided. Free will is a gift that too often is abused. ‘All things in moderation’ is very good advice. Anything that you become addicted to is something you can never get enough of. It is attempting to collect water in a sieve. It can’t be done. There are appetites for many things, money, power, sex, drugs, and material possessions. If you fail to control your appetite for any of these things you have lost your ‘free will’ and if you can’t control it, it will control you.

What is it you are stressed out about? Most likely it is one of these things I just mentioned. Did you buy too many things such as a newer car, upgraded your IPad or other device, planned an expensive vacation? Anyone who over-spends becomes captive when the ‘bills’ start coming due and you don’t have the money to pay them. The charge card you possess is now possessing you. It does not feel good to be a slave. The unbridled desire of ‘things’ is the unseen force that makes captives and slaves of all….and there are no exceptions. Once you have become captive you need help from outside yourself. You can do nothing for yourself ….except seek the help you need from the only source capable of delivering you. You need help from your Creator who made you in a marvelous and wonderous way.Then you began making wrong decisions and that changed everything. It is a story as old as the Garden of Eden with the same adversary who is still as cunning as ever seeking to deceive you.  However, there can be a happy ending to your problem of stress and worry. It requires that you seek the help you need from the only one who can help. Here again is another choice for you. You can choose to go to a doctor who can help you live with your problem or you can choose to go to your Creator, the Lord Jesus and get healed, delivered and be free of your problem. The means of achieving this healing, deliverance and freedom is faith and trust in your deliverer, Jesus.
The choice, once again, is yours.

Fro As I See It,
I am, Roy Lamont

Unite and Ignite

“Unite and Ignite”

It seems to me that there is increased activity in the church service, but activity that has little to do with true and effective worship.

There is certainly more noise and increased entertainment in the service, more distraction from the true purpose of the service, which should be our going to worship the Lord our God and not for us to be entertained. We are not the subject of worship, we are there to worship our Lord God as He is the object of adoration and not us.

Frankly, I am often bored with the manner in which most Christian services are conducted. Our church grounds should be “Battle Headquarters” . The war that began in heaven is still going on and no truce or surrender has been announced. Who speaks with the voice of authority to send forth and deploy our Christian troops to meet and defeat the enemy? Where are our “firebrands” as in the first century church? When the church comes together on the Sabbath are there not among us many who are sick? Are there not many who are in some kind of need? Why is not our church service a spiritual hospital? Why do we not call the sick to come forward and do as we are instructed to do in James 5: 14-16? If we have no ‘healers’ among us then why don’t we pray for some? It is one thing to say we obey the Lord but quite another thing to actually do it. We need to be doers of the Word and not hearers only.

We have all heard of P.C. Or ‘political correctness’ . It is something that has put a ‘zipper’ on the mouth of many who would otherwise have expressed their true feelings and thoughts on political matters; but, have you heard of C.C. or Christian correctness? This is surely a device of the devil to close the mouth of Christians who should speak the truth as led by the Holy Spirit of God. Matthew 18:20 tell us that “wherever two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” With all of this power in our midst why do we not see miracles?

Is not our Lord the ‘spark’ we need to kindle the flame? Why is there lacking that spiritual spark that should ignite the body of Christ into a roaring conflagration that should consume all the works of the devil? Could it be that in some churches there is nothing going on that seems to be a worship service dedicated to the Lord? The church should be gathered together as warriors of the Lord ready for battle. The devil makes the saints sick, our Lord makes them well. We should gather together, by faith, raise the banner of the Lord above our heads and take on the enemy and put him to flight.      James 4:7 “resist the devil and he will flee.” Where are those who wear the Christian ‘medal of honor’ or ‘Purple Heart”? Sad to say, we have very few…if any at all.

It appears that Christians still have as much power available to them as ever before but are woefully lacking in fighting skills. Often during church service many are watching the clock as to when the service will be over to return to their other passions. This is not the Church on a “war footing” or “alert”, but simply Christian spectators rather than Christian warriors. The war is not over until we “unite and ignite” that flame of Christian power and willingness to die in battle for our Lord. The Christian Church’s faith is fading away and is but a mere shadow of it’s former self because ministers of darkness are among us masquerading as ministers of light diluting the message of the gospel.  If we don’t know the truth how can we discern the big lie? It remains the primary objective of the devil to continue to deceive us. We also need to pray to receive the gift of ‘discerning of spirits’  be found among us. Many ministers are the star of the service rather than Jesus Christ.  We need less  televangelist performers and more messengers of Christ bringing us the unadulterated truth and power of the “gospel.’ We do not have to pay our way to salvation, healing and santification.

The message of ‘salvation’ is also a call to enlist in the army of God and to prepare for battle, not for the entertainment business.

For As I See It,

I am,

Roy Lamont


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Error Is The Rejection Of Truth

Error Is The Rejection Of Truth

There are so many unanswered questions in this world that it would be difficult to pick a starting point. What do you wonder about? Where would you begin,  With the external world that is all around you and extends to the outer reaches of the universe or would you begin with you? What about you? What do you wish to know about yourself?  How you came to be? What does the future know about you that you don’t? I suppose your age would have a great deal to do with the type of questions you will ask.

If you were a teenager you might be interested in the person you will meet and love and marry. You might wonder about the career you will choose and how successful you will be. If you were in your twenties or thirties your thoughts and questions might be different. If you are now married you might be concerned about finances and how to provide for a good education for your children. As you approach your fifties and sixties your thoughts might reflect your mortality. What lies ahead for you? You have an empty nest and there is just the two of you. Perhaps now for the first time you begin to consider the external factors of life. What is beyond the natural horizon? How did the universe come to be? Was it created or did it just ‘pop’ into existence? Could it just always have existed and that there never was a time that it didn’t exist? There will always be more questions than we can answer with our finite human minds. If a finite mind can not answer these crucial questions does it require a mind that is not finite?
What would, and where would we find or acquire such a mind? A finite mind would differ greatly from an infinite mind. There is a clue here.
If a finite mind is of the natural realm then our search should lead us to look elsewhere. Where is elsewhere’? It seems we must abandon the search in the natural realm and seek answers from the supernatural or as it is also known, the ‘spiritual’. We should know that our finite minds can never comprehend the totality of the matter. When all things point in a certain direction then we must be willing to accept the information  and come to some conclusion. It is said you can never prove a negative; however, we have plenty of positives to determine the truth. Would it not be sheer folly to know we have a finite mind and attempt to understand the infinite?
Can a teacup be expected to hold and contain the ocean?
Why then can we not be sensible and rational and accept what is often so obvious? Could it be pride? Can a ‘fixed mind’ or a ‘closed mind’ prove to be our undoing? Science is a matter of discovery not evidence of how it came to be. It does appear that science may wish to think itself as ‘god’ and refuses to abdicate that position. One may hold onto a doctrine, belief, theory or scientific position but that does not constitute validity or truth. A true seeker of truth has to be willing to accept evidence as presented and accept the truth even though it may differ with what was expected. Science does not have all answers to all things. It is seeking for what it does not know. Truth does not need to explain it’s existence. It is and it always has been. It can never change. It already knows what it knows. Truth has established it’s own identity and needs to seek no farther. When a scientist discovers the truth and rejects it and continues to seek beyond truth it can only lead to that which is not truth; therefore all that is not truth is error.
As it says in the song , “you gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold them”. When truth is finally discovered and comprehended you have to receive it and accept it. Most scientists are willing to accept many theories, though unproven, and hold on to them as though it was a proven fact while rejecting the truth of scriptural prophesy which has been proven by it’s accuracy countless times by historians. If there is an argument about scientific theory and scriptural truth, then the argument should be between scientists and historians who are uncovering archeological finds that confirm scripture as written while books on science are being revised constantly. The Holy Bible needs no revision and remains unchanged. It is a wise man who rejects vanity and embraces the truth.
Truth doesn’t need to change….error must.

For “As I See It’
Iam, Roy Lamont

Mind Versus Spirit

Suppose you were in a prison, and have been all of your life, and did not know it? Impossible you say?
What kind of a prison would that be and how could it operate and exist that way? Remember the saying,
“Iron Bars Do Not a Prison Make”? You may be in an invisible jail that totally surrounds you and is undetectible by your limited human senses. That is frightening to contemplate. Could it be true? Could it?
It would mean you are imprisoned and  don’t know for how long, what the charges are and if you will ever get out. Unfortunately, all seem to die in prison never even suspecting they have been in prison.
This prison is real, as real as any iron jail or compound. You will never excape from this jail because as you are unaware you are in jail you will make no effort to escape. Your physical body is the captive of your mind.
You may have heard that ‘perception is reality.’ This is very true. The person who believes as he/she does is doing so because his/her mind is directing him/her to behave in a certain way. Sometimes this is good as when you are motivated to perform a heroic act in saving someone’s life and a bad thing if you are being directed to irrationally take someone’s life. You live in a circumscribed life and world that governs your every action and rules your daily life. Invisible restraints that are stronger than iron or steel bars. It is always the mind with it’s thoughts and beliefs that govern your actions. Think ‘suicide bomber’, Jihad or whatever other ideology you wish. You are ruled, governed and motivated by the thoughts of your mind. I’ve heard it said that no one who commits an immoral act be it murder, theft, rape or any other barbarous act, does so without believing there is a good and justifiable reason for it. Few, if any at all, will admit to doing it just for the sheer pleasure of it. Evil always seeks to justify and validate it’s deeds, no matter how heinous. It is only when you recognize that it is your own personal human nature that is your own personal jailer that you can begin to understand that you have been a prisoner and then make plans to escape. How diabolic is it that you could have been made a prisoner and never have known about it? If you don’t know that you are a prisoner, why would you try to make plans to escape? Where did the revelation that you are a prisoner come from? not from your mind which is your jailer. Here is where the deception continues. Your mind will now deceive you and declare that you are not a prisoner and explains that you are free to do whatever you wish. Really? You may do whatever you wish except discover the truth. A deception or lie that you have believed all of your life is not an easy thing to cast away.
War has been declared between your old nature ruled by your mind, and your human spirit yearning to be free.
Most are born a captive and have died a captive never knowing that they have served out a life sentence in prison.
If you do not believe that there is a constant real war going on in the heavenlies then you will profit little or nothing from the information that follows which tells how to be set free from your invisible prison. If you have begun to suspect that something in your life does not seem right and that the things you wish for seldom seem to happen in a way that blesses you then you will want to read and understand the information that follows. It is the key that will unlock the kingdom of heaven for you.

You have been created with a body and a human nature. Human nature by reason of sin, yes sin, hold on a minute and hear me out before your carnal human nature continues to deceive you, has lost the ability to discern good from evil. The devil lied to Eve in the ‘Garden of Eden’ when he said, ‘”then you will know good and evil” Gen 3:5
The deception is that while Adam and Eve would know ‘good and evil’ they would lack the power to deny evil and choose only the good. Deceptive, and cunning. Their mind and spirit effectively cut off from the truth of the Spirit of God was doomed to eventual failure and to the temptation of the flesh and evil. This battle began long before you were born and has had thousands of years to develope it’s power. Very few have been able to overcome this demonic deception and be set free. Yes, free. How is it done?  It begns when you ask for Jesus Christ to come into your life bringing with Him the power of the Holy Spirit of God and empower you to victory. You need the Spirit of God to take over this battle for you and bring you out of this prison to victory. It is only when you come out of the blind and bitter darkness of that tomb into the sunshine that you will realize where you have been and destined to spend the rest of your life. You have to die to your old carnal nature and allow the Holy Spirit of God to lead and instruct you. Being able to say, “no” to your carnal desires and disciplining yourself adds strength to your spirit and encourages you to continue to fight this battle that may rage in you. Your human spirit growns in strength just as your physical muscles grow when challenged and tested. You will succeed.
You have already tried it your way, and may have only achieved failure and unhappiness, so why not try another way? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Unless you are content to remaining deceived and are enjoying your prison life why not take a moment right here and now and ask for the Lord Jesus to come into your life with His Holy Spirit and start making those changes in in your life right now? Need help? May I suggest you say the following brief prayer or something of your own such as, “Dear Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins and ask foregivness and that you please come into my life and make those changes that will grant me the right to the keys of the kingdom and have my name written in the Book of Life.. I ask this in your name, Lord Jesus, amen.”
If you are sincere and faithfully continue, God has promised that he will receive you into His own.
This may be a difficult battle but….. you will win in the end.

For As I See It,

I am,
Roy Lamont