Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow Never Comes

…..and it never will….unless you understand why your tomorrow hasn’t already come.

A Nascar auto mechanic is very meticulous about everything regarding his auto engine. He even listens
to the sound the engine makes and if it isn’t performing as he thinks it should he continues to look for the flaws until he finds the reason and gets the engine to purr as sweetly as he thinks it should.
Now if your life isn’t clicking on all cylinders as sweetly as you think it should perhaps you should be examining your life more carefully. Some things belong and some things don’t belong. You would only use a high grade quality oil in your motor engine and fine tune it periodically. Certainly you would never put sugar in your gas tank to sweeten it up. Somethings just don’t belong.

Let’s look at life. Is yours sweetly humming along or are you having malfunctions and detours all along the way? Are your thoughts happy ones or are they ‘dark’ thoughts? Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, so your life reflects your thoughts and attitudes. Let’s look at another example. An artist looking at a blank canvas knows that what is put on the canvas will reflect his/her thoughts, attitude and talent. You, as the ‘creator,’ have free will to choose what you will put on canvas or in your life. Some paint colors are indelible and will remain for life evens as some choices made in life are irreversible and will remain for life. Somethings belong and some things don’t.
The allure, attraction and the gratification for the immediate moment is the bait that has captured many a poor fish. Once hooked, it’s over. Whether you realize it or not you are to a great extent a ‘creator’ of your own life and your future. You plan what goes in and what comes out. Every choice you make produces an outcome.
You are the sum and product of every decision you ever made, for good or for bad. Once you underrstand this and are truly willing to change your life for the better you are on your way to a better future. Poor decisions made your life a bad one, and good decisions can change your life to a better one. It begins just as soon as you start making good decisions. It may very well be that you don’t know how to make good decisions. Suppose you wanted to be a good cook or chef, what would you do? You would either read cookbooks from quality chefs and perhaps even apprentice yourself to a professional chef and learn all the ‘right’ things to do. It is the same whether you want to be an electrician, plumber, carpenter, or if you want to go into the professional field of medicine, science or the arts. You learn to differentiate between that which advances your dream and that which detours you or even leads to disaster. These careers are great for earning a living but they don’t teach you how to live a happy, joyous, fulfilling life. That gift of a joyous life comes not just from your intellect but from your spirit. Just as you body and mind needs to be fed with good food and good information your spirit needs to be fed also in order to flourish and provide you the joyous and happy life you seek. The untimate book on life has not been written by phychologists, philosophers or stargazers but was inspired by God and given to holy men over many centuries and compiled into one book called “The Holy Bible.” Some will scoff and say I’ve heard all that before and besides the bible is too hard to understand. If you approach the bible as a sceptic wanting to disprove it you you will learn very little. If you are truly seeking truth and a better life you will learn more than you ever imagined. Since you are capable of free will and can choose what you will, why not choose that which is good and will only produce ‘good’ in your life? Start reading the wisdom and counsel of many of the wisest men in all history and give yourself the life you are looking for…today, because if you don’t, tomorrow never comes.

For “As I See It”,
I am, Roy Lamont

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