Is Existence Possible Without Self-Awareness?

Is there existence without awareness? The answer is yes. Self awareness presupposes existence; however, existence …”is”…but does not require intelligence nor self awareness; ie, rocks, trees, plants and inanimate objects,etc. Inanimate objects and conscious beings can inhabit the same existence. The animate is aware it exists while the inanimate has no understanding that it exists because it lacks self awareness.. Is self awareness a faculty of the mind or of the spirit? Is intelligence a faculty of the mind or of the spirit? I tend to think that intelligence is of the mind while awareness or self consciousness is of the spirit. There can be no knowledge of existence without self awareness. The philosopher Descartes said, “Cogito, ergo sum”, ‘I think, therefore, I am’. The human being without self awareness can not be said to possess intelligence. That we do have self awareness is perhaps the single most important factor in our existence. Only with self awareness coupled with intelligence can we appreciate that we are alive and conscious of all that is around us. It is frightening to contemplate how close we came to ‘not being’. What would it matter if there was a beautiful sunset or a magnificent roaring waterfall if we could not see them and from my perspective share with someone we love? Existence matters only if we are aware of it and are a part of it.  There are only two vital statistics that matter. Non-existence and existence. You who are reading this are in the latter category. Be thankful you are. Every event that happens in your life matters only because you exist and are aware of these events. Without self-awareness, would a tornado , hurricane, war, famine or a birth, wedding, or a vacation in paradise have any meaning or significence to you? Of course not. To you, it would never have happened, because, for good or bad, you didn’t exist. The amazing fact is that you are so loved by the Lord that He thought this magnificent universe would lack perfection without you. You are so very loved…and so very blessed. This is true for each of you reading this. That pleases me very much and….

That is, As I See It

Roy Lamont