The Beginning Of Life

A pastor friend came to visit me today and we got into a very lively discussion.

We discussed the question of when does life begin?  There are many more than just one point of view on this matter. Doctors and the United States Supreme Court give different answers. So, who is right? You probably have a viewpoint of your own also. Let’s ‘cut to the chase’,shall we? The question asked, “When does life begin? ” is not how the question should be posed. The question should be, “When was life begun’? Was it after the second trimester? later? When? If you are religious the answer might be…at conception. I’d like you to consider another option. Only life can bestow life. Life comes from life. Life can not and does not come from non-life. The answer is, and please follow me to the end of this answer, life came from life and so it has ever since Adam and Eve came together. From the moment the sperm, full of life, connected with the egg, also full of life, we find that Life is and has always been continuous. Yes, life is continuous. All life continues as an endless cycle. It began with the very first life forms and will continue until the last life form is born. When the first trees dropped their seed into the womb of the earth, it was then that the tree’s life continued in one seamless cycle. You are here because your mother and father were here before you and so life continues as one cycle after another. Yes, life is continuous and so the question of “When does life begin? is incorrect because it already exists, rather, we should ask “When was life begun? It was begun at creation. Now you know the truth of how you got here on planet earth. I asked Pastor Hal Steenson at 3ABM Television Network to comment on this article and I found his comments excellent and worthy of presenting them to you. Here is what Hal had to say:

“ This is great Roy I ask people to explain how long after we accept Jesus does it take to become a Christian? Then I share 1John:1-3 “Beloved now are we the sons of God–not after we have walked with him for 20 years. We certainly mature as we grow spiritually, however the second the Holy Spirit’s divine sperm penetrates our spirit, we are a new creation–no exceptions 1Cor 5:17. Likewise it is so in the natural. I then ask how long after a child is born, does it take them to become a human being? The answer is the same for the natural as it is for the spiritual, there is life the second the natural sperm penetrates the the female’s egg–not after any certain length of time.

Preach it Brother, Hal

I really love the simple and right to the heart of the matter Hal’s explanation goes. I hadn’t heard these examples before. A sermon in a nutshell. Indeed, well said Hal,  and thank you. For ‘As I See It’ Roy Lamont