Time Is A Vehicle

Time is a vehicle which has already arrived at it’s destination. Time is faster than light. Time is everywhere. It is behind us, it is with us and is ahead of us. We are surrounded by time. The future is fluid and we are in the mix.

I have gazed into an audience of adults and have also gazed into an audience of young adults, as I delivered a lecture or sermon. I have often wondered if the young ever thought of themselves as future  “middle-aged or as senior citizens.” I can remember thinking when I was a lot younger, as many of you probably have, that I was strong and was going to live forever. The young are so optimistic and idealistic. If I have learned anything I have learned that the only thing seemingly faster than light is the future rushing toward you. You awaken in the morning watching the sun rising in the east and before you realize it, it is noon and the sun is overhead and you are ‘middle-aged. Trying to grasp the rapidity of the passing of time you are once again surprised, perhaps shocked is a better word, that it is now twilight time and the sun is setting and you are now what you never thought you would be…a senior citizen.

Life is so much shorter than we thought. How did we lose track of time and allow it to move us along so rapidly? It seems we are skiing down the mountain with the wind at our back with an exceedingly steep slope before us and find ourself caught up with the dynamics of  the force of gravity and time whizzing past us at an enormous rate of speed. Our life is passing us by. We were just youngsters when we started down the slope and as we come to the bottom of our descent we are out of breath and almost out of life. We have become the elder, panting and shaken senior citizen we never thought we would be. Is this the end? No, it is not the end of our journey but just the beginning.  Beginning of what?

Let us think about the vastness of this universe. We can think about its immensity but understanding  it is simply beyond our comprehension. A bird may easily fly through the sky but it has no concept of the distance from it’s starting point to the moon, much less to the next planet or next star system; and we haven’t even left our own galaxy. The difference between their understanding and ours as regards the universe is not much different.

I believe it is not with our intellect that we understand creation but it is with our human spirit. Yes, with our spirit. It alone has been created to have the God-like abilities necessary to comprehend the things that are beyond the capability of the limited human mind. The Holy Bible tells us that “God is Spirit”. It is this Spirit of God which communicates with us. It is with His Spirit communicating with our human spirit and not with our limited human intellect or mind that we gain understanding. Spirit to spirit. It is with our powerful God-given spirit that we interpret and receive understanding to our human mind. Our mind does not speak the language of God and so it remains for our spirit to impart this knowledge to our understanding. Our human intellect is sufficient for this earthly existence but it is not sufficient for our coming spiritual existence in the new earth and new life we are going to experience once our Lord returns to earth and transforms it back to it former glorious perfection. There is much we have to do to prepare for this long-awaited event which will prepare us for this eternal journey. The journey we have been hoping for and expecting is about to begin… and it is coming at the speed of light.

That is, As I See It.

Roy Lamont

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