Your First Love and Your Last Love

It is said, you never forget your first love. I don’t mean the ‘puppy love’ you had in the third grade, it’s the love you had as a young adult. That was a real awakening for you as you came of age . It was also very confusing. It was your first experience and the awakening of many of your emotions. You felt emotions and had thoughts you never had before. It was a veritable whirlwind experience and you felt as if you were on a roller coaster ride of emotions. You may even have lost your appetite for food and sleep for a period of time. All you could think about was this very wonderful person that now filled your thoughts daily and your nights were spent dreaming of this new-found love. What joy…what agony, what confusion,  even fear were now your constant companions. Then one day it all came to an end and depending which end of the relationship you were on you either felt relief because you had discovered that there were others out there that you could choose from or you were in the depth of despair because you felt as if your world had imploded. Still, if this latter situation was your circumstance you managed to survive it, and perhaps after a while you also came to realize that the world had not ended for you. Regardless of how it ended for you, it being your first real encounter, you have always remembered that episodic period of your life.  Yes, you survived it and since then you have probably had many with whom you have shared your love. We live and experience life in its many facets and grow wise, or should have.This is life…and life moves on.

What of the very last love of your life?  Notice I didn’t say the last person in your life but the last love. Let us hope that the last love of your life and the last person in your life are the same. I proceed with the  assumption they are. How fortunate and blessed you are.  Having already made most of the mistakes people make when young and now in a new and lasting personal relationship you should be wiser and and have learned to be much more compatible. Now you are not afraid to show affection to one another openly, especially in front of your children. Think of the good impression your children will have of you as their ‘loving’ parents.  This is the impression children should have of parents and family life, not that of bickering  and quarrelling. Having someone to share the quiet time of your life, someone to hold and to cuddle with and to laugh together; these are golden moments you have to look forward to but can also be shared now while you are together. Many think there will always be a tomorrow. Sometimes tomorrow never comes. The truly wise will make the life for themself that they desire. Someone will not come along and say to you, “what can I do to make you happy today”? No, it is for you to determine that the happiness you yearn for is for the most part really within your power. You  create the world you wish to live in and you choose who will live in that world with you.  Many keep waiting for something good to happen to them but it is you who must make these good things happen. It begins with your attitude, and the strength of your desire to make it happen. Yes, you can…yes, you can make it happen. You only need to determine that it is your choice to live, to love and to laugh as you wish.  This is the world you live in and you have the choice of what kind of  world it is to be.  Live, laugh and love as if this is your last day on earth and make this last day as memorable as possible. The result is that you will create for yourself a life of joy filled with love and laughter.

You are the ‘potter’ and the clay of life is in your hands. Oh, if you would only try it…it works….it really works.

That is,

As I See It

Roy Lamont

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