A Falling Leaf

It’s autumn, and the days are mostly bright and sunny. My mailbox is about one-hundred yards from my home and the road runs under a canopy of trees with their heads filled with perhaps millions of leaves.  As I walked Zoe, my Cocker Spaniel dog, down the road to pick up the mail I saw the shadow of a leaf falling to earth. Almost instantaneously the leaf  joined its shadow and once again they became one. It lay there in a semi-curled position. As it lay there I wondered if it knew it was dying.  It had already changed color and had cycled from a young tender green leaf that clung to the branch of life and daily drank in the sun.  The chill of autumn had taken its toll,  and deprived of  its source of nourishment  it had grown weak. A passing breeze brushing against the  frail leaf severed it from its branch and it slowly glided down to earth in lazy circles. Perhaps for a moment it could see its last impression on this earth….it’s very own shadow with which  it now merged and lay together. Did anyone notice it? Did the tree from which it fell notice it? Probably no more than we notice one of our hairs falling from our head. The deciduous tree in a growing state of nudity prepares for the elemental challenge it will soon confront,  and as it has so many times before, prepares for a long winter slumber. I think it  knows that when the melting snows have gone it will again awaken to the sound of the song birds of  spring and once more drink in the spring rain, embrace the warm sunlight as a greeting from a close friend and begin to bud forth as it has all the years of its life. The cycle begins, ends, and promises to begin again. This is the life cycle of the tree and in some ways it parallels our own life. Let us hope that we will be able to do the same with just as much dignity and confidence that we too are only going to sleep and will awaken again to a new and better world.

I’m Roy Lamont, and that is,  As I See It

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