Do You Believe In The Stars?

I have a question for all scientists and astronomers. Can something come from nothing? Energy can produce matter and matter can be converted back into energy. Scientists tell us that nothing more can be created and nothing can be destroyed, it can only change into something else; as coal in a fire or furnace can be converted into ashes. The coal is gone but ashes remain. If we are in agreement that something can not come from nothing then I have another question for you. We see in the universe intricate design and marvelous law and order. Who fashioned the laws that govern our universe and all within it from the design of a human eye, the circulatory system of the heart, the many thousands diverse forms of animal life or the perfect rotation of heavenly bodies all functioning in such splendid and precise order? We all recognize this as law and order and intelligence which brings me to this question. Where did intelligence, law and order come from? It could not come from nothing and if there is intelligent design in the universe then there has to be a greater intellect and power that brought it forth as it could not come from nothing.

If a scientist says to me, “Look at those beautiful stars”, and I reply, “I don’t believe there are any real stars”, the scientist would say , “They are right before your eyes, what do you mean you don’t believe in stars?” I would then reply , “ Saying I don’t believe in those stars is the same as you saying , there is no creator of this universe”. It is all right there before our eyes. Some scientists have partial knowledge but lack wisdom and true understanding. They have, for the most part, allowed false assumptions of the universe to blind them from the greater truth. How sad that often pride is allowed to deceive us and makes us the fools we do not wish to be.

Going to great universities is only the beginning of our education and does not stop there.  Once newly discovered truth is presented to us we must be willing to change what we formerly believed and correct our erroneous beliefs. I’ll bet there were people on earth who refused to believe the earth was round even after Christopher Columbus’ discovery. Pride is the enemy of all.

I’m Roy Lamont

and that is

As I See It

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