Your First Love and Your Last Love

It is said, you never forget your first love. I don’t mean the ‘puppy love’ you had in the third grade, it’s the love you had as a young adult. That was a real awakening for you as you came of age . It was also very confusing. It was your first experience and the awakening of many of your emotions. You felt emotions and had thoughts you never had before. It was a veritable whirlwind experience and you felt as if you were on a roller coaster ride of emotions. You may even have lost your appetite for food and sleep for a period of time. All you could think about was this very wonderful person that now filled your thoughts daily and your nights were spent dreaming of this new-found love. What joy…what agony, what confusion,  even fear were now your constant companions. Then one day it all came to an end and depending which end of the relationship you were on you either felt relief because you had discovered that there were others out there that you could choose from or you were in the depth of despair because you felt as if your world had imploded. Still, if this latter situation was your circumstance you managed to survive it, and perhaps after a while you also came to realize that the world had not ended for you. Regardless of how it ended for you, it being your first real encounter, you have always remembered that episodic period of your life.  Yes, you survived it and since then you have probably had many with whom you have shared your love. We live and experience life in its many facets and grow wise, or should have.This is life…and life moves on.

What of the very last love of your life?  Notice I didn’t say the last person in your life but the last love. Let us hope that the last love of your life and the last person in your life are the same. I proceed with the  assumption they are. How fortunate and blessed you are.  Having already made most of the mistakes people make when young and now in a new and lasting personal relationship you should be wiser and and have learned to be much more compatible. Now you are not afraid to show affection to one another openly, especially in front of your children. Think of the good impression your children will have of you as their ‘loving’ parents.  This is the impression children should have of parents and family life, not that of bickering  and quarrelling. Having someone to share the quiet time of your life, someone to hold and to cuddle with and to laugh together; these are golden moments you have to look forward to but can also be shared now while you are together. Many think there will always be a tomorrow. Sometimes tomorrow never comes. The truly wise will make the life for themself that they desire. Someone will not come along and say to you, “what can I do to make you happy today”? No, it is for you to determine that the happiness you yearn for is for the most part really within your power. You  create the world you wish to live in and you choose who will live in that world with you.  Many keep waiting for something good to happen to them but it is you who must make these good things happen. It begins with your attitude, and the strength of your desire to make it happen. Yes, you can…yes, you can make it happen. You only need to determine that it is your choice to live, to love and to laugh as you wish.  This is the world you live in and you have the choice of what kind of  world it is to be.  Live, laugh and love as if this is your last day on earth and make this last day as memorable as possible. The result is that you will create for yourself a life of joy filled with love and laughter.

You are the ‘potter’ and the clay of life is in your hands. Oh, if you would only try it…it works….it really works.

That is,

As I See It

Roy Lamont

A Falling Leaf

It’s autumn, and the days are mostly bright and sunny. My mailbox is about one-hundred yards from my home and the road runs under a canopy of trees with their heads filled with perhaps millions of leaves.  As I walked Zoe, my Cocker Spaniel dog, down the road to pick up the mail I saw the shadow of a leaf falling to earth. Almost instantaneously the leaf  joined its shadow and once again they became one. It lay there in a semi-curled position. As it lay there I wondered if it knew it was dying.  It had already changed color and had cycled from a young tender green leaf that clung to the branch of life and daily drank in the sun.  The chill of autumn had taken its toll,  and deprived of  its source of nourishment  it had grown weak. A passing breeze brushing against the  frail leaf severed it from its branch and it slowly glided down to earth in lazy circles. Perhaps for a moment it could see its last impression on this earth….it’s very own shadow with which  it now merged and lay together. Did anyone notice it? Did the tree from which it fell notice it? Probably no more than we notice one of our hairs falling from our head. The deciduous tree in a growing state of nudity prepares for the elemental challenge it will soon confront,  and as it has so many times before, prepares for a long winter slumber. I think it  knows that when the melting snows have gone it will again awaken to the sound of the song birds of  spring and once more drink in the spring rain, embrace the warm sunlight as a greeting from a close friend and begin to bud forth as it has all the years of its life. The cycle begins, ends, and promises to begin again. This is the life cycle of the tree and in some ways it parallels our own life. Let us hope that we will be able to do the same with just as much dignity and confidence that we too are only going to sleep and will awaken again to a new and better world.

I’m Roy Lamont, and that is,  As I See It

Do You Believe In The Stars?

I have a question for all scientists and astronomers. Can something come from nothing? Energy can produce matter and matter can be converted back into energy. Scientists tell us that nothing more can be created and nothing can be destroyed, it can only change into something else; as coal in a fire or furnace can be converted into ashes. The coal is gone but ashes remain. If we are in agreement that something can not come from nothing then I have another question for you. We see in the universe intricate design and marvelous law and order. Who fashioned the laws that govern our universe and all within it from the design of a human eye, the circulatory system of the heart, the many thousands diverse forms of animal life or the perfect rotation of heavenly bodies all functioning in such splendid and precise order? We all recognize this as law and order and intelligence which brings me to this question. Where did intelligence, law and order come from? It could not come from nothing and if there is intelligent design in the universe then there has to be a greater intellect and power that brought it forth as it could not come from nothing.

If a scientist says to me, “Look at those beautiful stars”, and I reply, “I don’t believe there are any real stars”, the scientist would say , “They are right before your eyes, what do you mean you don’t believe in stars?” I would then reply , “ Saying I don’t believe in those stars is the same as you saying , there is no creator of this universe”. It is all right there before our eyes. Some scientists have partial knowledge but lack wisdom and true understanding. They have, for the most part, allowed false assumptions of the universe to blind them from the greater truth. How sad that often pride is allowed to deceive us and makes us the fools we do not wish to be.

Going to great universities is only the beginning of our education and does not stop there.  Once newly discovered truth is presented to us we must be willing to change what we formerly believed and correct our erroneous beliefs. I’ll bet there were people on earth who refused to believe the earth was round even after Christopher Columbus’ discovery. Pride is the enemy of all.

I’m Roy Lamont

and that is

As I See It

Are There Animals In Heaven?

I have often been asked if there will be animals in heaven. If you have ever had an animal that you loved dearly, be it a dog, a cat, a horse, a rabbit or a bird perhaps that same thought has crossed your mind. Let us examine the facts or evidence.

There is no doubt that animals have existed as companions to mankind since the very beginning of creation. Man was given dominion over all the animals on land, over the birds of the air and over all creatures in the waters. How has man conducted himself in his treatment of animals?  Not very well if you look at his overall treatment toward animals over the centuries. Unfortunately horses were not only used as beasts of burden and for transportation but were also used as weapons of war. The horses were outfitted with armour, often with projecting knives or spears to impale the enemy. Of course it didn’t take the opposing forces long to figure out that a rider without a horse was at a great disadvantage. This made the horse an object of their attack. I would imagine that over the centuries millions of horses have been slain on the battlefields.

Those were barbaric times you say? Let’s look at the twentieth and twenty-first  centuries.  Horses are still used in war all over the world and many countries have a police force who use horses to control riots and for any reason that helps them in the performance of their duties. What about the food you eat? Are you a  meat-eater? It has often been reported that many slaughter-houses use methods that are just as vicious and barbaric as during wartime.

What has all this to do with the question of are there animals in heaven? Before giving you a direct answer to that question let me first make reference to the Holy Bible where we find numerous references to sacrifices made during religious ceremonies. The poor common people  sacrificed doves, quail, turtle-dove and the wealthier people  sacrificed a goat, a bullock, a ram, sheep or a lamb. The one animal which was regarded as the most innocent was the lamb. When sacrificed at the altar it had to be a young and unblemished lamb without spot. The young unblemished lamb was representative of our coming Messiah, the Lord Jesus, who was to be sacrificed even as the lamb was.

Now we have the lamb who was sacrificed as an atonement for sin until the real ‘lamb’ the Lord Jesus, our Messiah,  came and was made the final sacrifice for all sin for all time. Jesus as the perfect lamb atoned for our sin. I believe that the lamb’s death could very well also be representative of  all animals who over the centuries have suffered at the hands of mankind. While this thought is my own, it seems valid enough.  Just as God is no respecter of persons it may also be true that He feels the same about all of His beautiful animal creations.  Innocent of any sin yet they were sacrificed. But where does it say in the scripture that animals are in heaven or will be in heaven? In Revelation 19:14 we find these words, “And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean”. In another scripture, 2 Kings 2:11 as Elijah and Elisha were speaking, chariots of fire appeared pulled by horses of fire which separated them and took Elijah up into the heavens. If there are horses in heaven  why not other animals? Does it not say that the lion will lie down with the lamb? I believe that God who made such beautiful creatures has a place for them in heaven just as He has reserved a place in heaven for those of us who love Him and call Him Lord.  Remember, heaven will eventually be here on planet earth. Our loving God is a creator…not a destroyer.

And  that is

As I See It.

Roy Lamont