A Walk In The Park…

 The Fall season has arrived. The leaves are beginning to take on a variety of hues and teasing us with the promise of even better things to come.  

At a large nearby lake, that may measure five miles in circumference, one will see many joggers, some people walking their dog, some pushing their perambulators with delightful babes enjoying the ride while moms attempt to take off post pregnancy weight. Some are walking  while others are running. The air is getting less humid and the breeze off of the lake feels wonderful.

As I walk my dog, Zoe, I observe couples of all ages walking together except for a rare few where the husband is walking or jogging a few paces ahead. Is this to show what great strength and stamina he has? I’d rather walk or jog side by side with my wife, if I still had one, and help create wonderful memories that we would carry with us for the rest of our days. I watched one couple who appeared to be just a little past middle age as they walked together side by side talking and laughing.  I wonder if they realized what precious moments they were storing away and being indelibly etched into their memories?  Just as atoms are the structural foundation of matter, so are the moments we share with our loved ones. They become part of the substance of our life.  Memories that feed us morsels of joy bit by bit, being stored away for those future moments of loneliness, moments of need and which allow us to remember the best of times.

If you are blessed to have someone to share your life with, then be attentive to the moment at hand. It may never happen again nor can it be recalled in life except as a memory. Love life, love your living and love your wife, husband or sweetheart. Love is the very essence of life. You may exist without love but that is not living as you will never experience the thrill and joy of being in love and knowing that you are vibrantly alive. Staying in love requires that you nourish the relationship with words of assurance and comfort, words of love, thoughtful gestures and marital maintenance, That is an interesting word ‘maintenance’. Many men provide better maintenance to their vehicles than to their wife. I can’t fathom this conduct. The joy of a loyal and loving wife surpasses all riches.

It always pleases me to see elderly couples behaving as partners in life who are still relishing their relationship. Life can be beautiful at any age if you never lose your mutual respect and love for one another. It is worth the effort. I look forward to more walks in the park. Perhaps one day I’ll have someone to walk with me and Zoe. Until then I’ll keep recalling memories of my own.  

I’m Roy Lamont

and that is

As I See It.

Is Being ‘Saved’ The Same As Being ‘Born Again’ ?

I don’t know why there is so much confusion about this question. Perhaps it is because so many are quoting theologians, pastors and teachers who themselves are quoting other theologians , pastors and teachers, all of whom are for the most part incorrect. Most believe that being ‘saved’ is the same as being born again. The two are not the same.

Being saved (conceived)  is when you accept Jesus Christ as your savior and you are baptized and you receive the Spirit of God. This is only the first step in the process.This is when you are conceived by the Spirit of God just as a child is conceived and is carried for a period of time until some nine months later you are birthed into a new world environment. Perhaps a better phrase or question would be,  Have you been conceived by the Holy Spirit of God? 

So it is that when you continue in your salvation walk and obedience to God, then at His coming and at the resurrection you leave behind this flesh and blood mortal body and gain a new spiritual and immortal body. Unhindered by our old flesh and blood body, we will with our new spiritual body freely enter into another new world environment, the promised Kingdom. Paul encourages us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. It is an ungoing process.

Job 32:8 says, “There is a spirit in man”…. but this is a human spirit and not at all like the erroneous belief that man has an immortal soul. This spirit in man that Job speaks of gives a mans mind understanding and an intellect”. Moreover the bible makes it clear that immortality is not something we already have but Paul tell us that God alone has immortality. 1 Tim 6:13-16 Immortality is available only through our Lord Jesus. As King Solomon said in Eccl: “9:5 “For the living know they will die but the dead know nothing”. Solomon knew we would die because we are mortal. Consider that if you believe that you are both saved and born again in this world wouldn’t you have your spiritual body now at this time? Do you? No, not yet, but eventually if you continue in your obedience and devotion to God’s ways you will be assured of your new immortal body; but, it is still future and reserved for the moment of His coming and at the resurrection. You have not been given a spiritual body for this world at this time.  The spiritual body is for the coming and future Kingdom world. Without the spiritual body we could not enter the Kingdom. God has seen to it that those whose names  are found written  in the Book of Life do receive their spiritual and immortal body at His coming. If we had our spiritual body at this time we would be able to communicate with the spiritual world. As it is we can’t talk with our ministering spirits and angels.  We have a spirit of God within us but we do not have a spirit body at this time. Our salvation is made complete when we are resurrected and given our new spiritual and immortal body. Then at that time we are ‘born again’.

Somehow many believe that there is some inherent error or danger here or something sacrilegious if they were to understand and accept this truth. When is it ever wrong to grow in knowledge and wisdom of the Lord? Only the enemy Satan would desire to keep us ignorant. There were many disputes even in the early church over many issues so why should we think it would be different with us? Satan is always attempting to deceive us with his doctrines and lies. Look at how many fail to keep the Sabbath. We need to keep our spirit and our mind open to truth and not be so quick to deny it just because it has been a practice for centuries. The length of time a doctrine is practiced does not validate it as truth. We need to examine what is presented to us and compare it to the scripture. It takes a lot of courage to stand against an error our pastors, theologians, family and friends may have taught as truth in our churches. When we are right we must refuse to abandon our new discovered truth, whatever it may be. Courage to uphold the truth is much harder to defend against our own family and friends than against  the world. Most of what we hear is what I call ‘parrot’ talk. We hear these repeated errors as they have been told to others. Truth must come from the pages of the scriptures and supported by scripture. I wish I could say I thought of all this on my own but I didn’t. I learned from the scriptures and from men of God who have devoted their life to the Lord and to the study of His Word. Once having discovered these truths I had to make a spiritual readjustment of what I thought I knew and conform my beliefs to scripture. It is a decision that every Christian must one day face. Truth or tradition? Fact or fable? The final decision rests solely with us. Our free will decides. What will we do?

For me, that is, As I See It,

Roy Lamont

How Many Loves?

How many times can you genuinely fall in love?  How often have you fallen in love with someone before you settled on your final choice? How many were there?  Some believe that the relationships you had, and learned from, helped you to make your final choice. You were exposed to many personalities and various characteristics of those you dated. This helped you discern many differences and decide which personalities and characteristics were compatible with you and which were not. This information is best obtained before you enter marriage and not during marriage. Breaking a dating relationship is far easier than a heartbreaking divorce.

There are some who choose a marriage partner for the wrong reasons. Appearances should not be the only factor in your selection of a marriage partner. If ’looks’ is the primary reason you chose your spouse then you are in for a disappointing future.  Appearance is the one thing we know from the beginning that will fade and pass away. We should be looking for qualities that are lasting. One very important characteristic is personality. Is your future choice a happy person or one who is a pessimist? If that person is a pessimist then you are in for some very sad times. Their attitude will surely wear you down and tend to suck the joy out of your life.

Integrity of character and keeping your word is crucial to a successful marriage. When one’s word is given and assurances made then you have a solid basis for a happy marriage and a growing and mutual trust. Of course, there are other ‘trusts’ to be kept. The trust of fidelity is paramount to a long, joyous and successful marriage. A broken trust, even one which is forgiven, is as a cancer that has gone into remission but leaves one never free of the fear that it might return. Another vital component that must be a part of the marriage contract is a shared vital living faith. This world can be a very cruel and wicked place and without faith to remove the stormy ‘mountains’ it would be virtually impossible to endure the hardships of life. Faith is good. It is the hope of the soul and provides the victory we seek by allowing us the strength we need to overcome the obstacles of life. In all cases you must never be ‘unequally yoked’.

What if you were happily married and your spouse passed away? Is it possible to fall genuinely in love a second time? Even a third? I answer this, here, in just a moment.

This may shock you after all I have said but it is possible to marry someone you are not in love with and still have a happy marriage. All the values I have already mentioned still apply for a happy marriage. Yes, you can have a happy marriage without a deep love. You will miss a great deal of the blessings and joy of a love marriage but God allows for you to have a happy marriage by applying these same values and principles. You already apply most of these principles with the people you work with and your neighbors. You have learned to ‘get along’…and so you do.

Earlier I said I would answer the question , “How many loves can you have?

Let me answer for myself. My first wife, Martha Jean and the mother of my two children, passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s. I had thought after her passing away that I would remain celibate.                 It happened that in the second year after my wife Martha Jean had passed away I met Linda who allowed me to see rainbows and not clouds, to hear music again and not cacophony. The light she brought with her allowed the shadows to vanish. Yes, she was very, very beautiful. I admit that I was attracted to her beauty but it was her spiritual faith and integrity, her joyful nature, her personality and her genuine love of and for people, especially of little children that captured me. She was a ‘loving child of God’. How could I not love her? In less than two years of wedded joy we discovered that Linda had cancer and within five years my darling had passed over. Any one who has been in a hurricane and fought with the winds blasting away with immense and horrendous force knows how one feels when fighting cancer with everything you have. Everything changes, life changes, you are at war with cancer and you are fighting a supernatural enemy with prayer and all the faith you can muster. Finally, the battle is over. This time cancer had won this earthly battle but the war is not over. There is one last battle, and we win that one and we get a new and better body that is immortal and that will never die.

As I was walking down my lovely forested road the other day I thought of how much both of my ‘loves, Martha Jean and Linda’ would have enjoyed the view, the walk, the lovely weather and each other. I pictured both of them with me. We were holding hands. Each held my hand and my hands held each of them. I know my love for the one does not detract from the love I have for the other’. Neither the smile, nor the flame is diminished by sharing it. Can we hold the hands of our children and love both completely? Of course we can…and do. I think that if my two loves had ever met one another, they had so much in common, that they surely would have been close friends.     I often have thought, “how could I have been so blessed, twice?’ I know that many others have not been blessed even once. I have indeed been very blessed by a loving God.

Do I think that there may be a third love in my life? I am not looking, but then I wasn’t looking before either. This I know. We have the capacity to love again, and again and again. We were created to love and it is our nature to love. Our spirit is saturated with love and just as our good green earth is satisfied by the cool waters from heaven it also receives again and again it does not take much more rain to once again cause the earth to fill to overflowing with tears of joy,  as when a new love makes its appearance. Love is always so very close to the surface and our spirit is eagerly seeking expression.  I have almost had this third experience but fate or the will of God decided that it was not to be.  It is best to leave such matters in His hands and if there is to be another love to let Him choose.

Even now, after almost two years since Linda’s passing, the scent of her which still lingers on some of her clothing in the closet, that I have not yet been able to put away, brings tears to my eyes and a tightness in my throat. Many of the  love songs I hear on  CD’s or on radio and television also brings a tightness in my chest. I find myself emotionally responding to the love I see in others and am touched by the tenderness I see expressed by those in love. I respond to the emotion of love more than any other stimulus.  Pure love is a joyful experience. Is it no wonder we are encouraged to “Love one another”?

Our five senses are wonderful. With them we perceive the world around us. Surprisingly, however, we are actually limited by our five senses when we rely only on them for all the understanding of our world. It is our spirit that grants us the ability to transcend the limitations of this world and experience the far greater reality of creation that is all around us. Pure love lives in the spiritual realm. Physical love is confined to the physical world and to the physical senses where we experience only a minute portion of loves total reality. Pure spiritual love transcends the meager experience of this world and is exposed to the unlimited joy of an unlimited creation. An egg yolk can not fathom existence outside the shell and mankind without the spiritual essence of love can not experience the existence of love’s true nature found in God’s creation. An egg yolk is potentially a life yet to be, but is only a possibility of what is  to be and is of the physical world. Pure spiritual love, as a child in the womb, provides us with the power to propel us into the beautiful creation that God has prepared for us and is always within our reach. The scripture tells us, “God is love” and that we have been made in His image and likeness. We, too, are ‘love’ even as God is ‘love’ and that is both our spiritual nature and our destiny.

There may come a time when the personal love we had for someone who has passed away may be transformed into a general love for others in the way of service or as a caregiver. Let us be thankful for every opportunity to be a blessing to others in need and for having been chosen for this purpose. We who have mourned know how to give comfort to those in need of comfort. It is our new ‘calling’.

And that is,

As I See It,

Roy Lamont