How Do You Move Mountains?

With ‘faith’ you can move mountains. What mountains? The physical mountains? Perhaps, but I believe the mountains most humans encounter are the personal, emotional and unexpected challenges and problems that are encountered daily. Some problems can seem as huge as Mt. Everest and just as daunting and terrifying.

Still, for every mountain there is a measure of faith which has been given to all of us. Although it may not seem so at the time, for every problem there is an appropriate response. Determining the correct response and how to address that problem is critical to the success of overcoming the problem.

There is an external response and there is an internal response. Think of it as a natural response versus a spiritual response. A major difference is how you respond to the issue at hand. If this issue requires an internal response then one needs to consider one’s own attitude and whether there is sin involved. If there is sin involved then one must cease and repent of the sin and confess this to God and ask for forgiveness. Sin is as a dye or coloring agent that, when put into the clearest body of water, will stain and color it so that one can no longer see clearly and know the truth. Perception becomes reality. It is most difficult to go counter to one’s own thoughts, beliefs and understanding when the truth is hidden by this deceptive thinking. Confession of sin will eradicate the confusion and when sin has been confessed and forgiveness is granted by our Lord Jesus, it is then that one can see the error and understand the problem. When the problem is understood and the truth revealed then corrective measures can be taken.

Our course of action will depend on our will. Our own free will given to us at our conception by God. ‘Free will’ implies just that, we make the choice. Not even God will violate that gift and that restriction applies to Satan also. Satan will greatly influence us and adress our weakness but only ‘we’ can decide to whom we give our obedience and to whom we ‘willingly’ submit. It is always our choice. The excuse that ‘the devil made we do it’ was, is and always will be invalid. We are made in God’s image and likeness and we share that gift of a free will with Him. Because it is our free will we are responsible for our actions and the consequences.

Faith is understanding ‘truth’ and applying it to your life. Faith is effective.

What if the circumstance, this challenge, this mountain is an external one? Here again, one must examine the matter to determine if personal sin is involved or if the matter is truly external. Not all things that happen are the cause of sin or fault.

Ecclesiastes 9:11. “The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealthy nor to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.”

Sometimes ‘things’ just happen. When the unexpected does happen remember that there is a remedy and solution for virtually all of these things. That is the glory of and the power of prayer. For prayer to work one must believe in the power behind the prayer. If you do not have faith, and if you do not believe that there is an awesome power behind the prayer that infuses into that prayer the power to change events and perform miracles then you are left to your own resources. Most often that means failure. If you have a fire to light and you have a match you must trust the power of the match and strike it. Determine what is necessary to overcome this matter and proceed to apply the remedy. Most often people try to solve the problem in the natural realm when in fact the answer is found in the spiritual realm. Even if the cause was not a spiritual one but from natural causes the remedy and successful conclusion to the matter still comes from the spiritual. One should pray for wisdom as to how to address the matter. Most often when the problem is with another person there is a tendency to pray against the other person or persons when in reality one should pray for them. It should be noted that ‘love’ when given to others usually produces remarkable changes. If the other person does not change God may change your heart so that the situation no longer bothers you. You have been relieved of the pain and that is surely a good thing. It may take some time for your prayers and the power of the Holy Spirit of God to bless and change the hearts involved but eventually when love is applied and added to prayer it has a synergistic effect and works miracles. ‘Faith’ is in good company as it is always found with ‘Hope’ and ‘Love’. These three are eternal. Why these three? Faith, Hope and Love?

They are the very essence of the nature of God. The very same characteristics we are to develop in this life if we are to fellowship with God throughout all eternity.

God who is omniscient has offered these gifts to all but only those who truly love Him and serve Him can use these gifts effectively. All things are possible but only to those who operate in faith and trust and love God.

Faith is knowing that God said it works and when applied to your life it will work for you.

Amazing, absolutely amazing…and true.

As for me, that is,

As I See It

Roy Lamont

Is There a Difference Between Truth and Knowledge?

It’s a simple enough question. I have far more questions than I have answers and so I am on a constant quest to learn more and grow in spiritual wisdom.

Let’s look at what knowledge is.  Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s explanation is, “the fact or condition of knowing something”. There are a number of other explanations but the above explanation will do as well as any. We may have information of a statement made by some person. That is knowledge and a fact; but, is it truth? We don’t know because that person may be telling a lie.  Much of the information we have from the field of science has often had to be corrected as new information is acquired. So then, knowledge is simply information we have but of and by itself does not guarantee its validity and accuracy.

Truth can not ever be wrong. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”. John 16:14.  In Genesis 3 we are told of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Some think of this as an allegory. ‘An allegory is something that has a hidden spiritual meaning and that transcends the literal sense  of a sacred text’. So then was there really a literal tree or was this an allegory? Was it not the lie that was meant to deceive Adam and Eve?  It may have been purely a verbal deception to defeat and demote Adam and Eve as the rightful rulers of this world. The first deception was for Adam and Eve to have mentally accepted as truth the lie of Satan. It is by our free will, which is in our mind, that we accept or deny Jesus. We choose the one we will obey. The fruit offered Adam and Eve was knowledge…which was a lie and was devoid of all truth. Adam and Eve believed Satan and came under the curse;  just as when we believe on Jesus we are delivered from the curse.  Believing that  Jesus is the Son of God and that by His shed blood, His death,  His resurrection and by our baptism we become heirs to The Kingdom of God.

When Jesus said ” I am the vine, you are the branches”,  John 15:5,  did He literally mean that we are trees?  Of course not.  When the scripture says, ” Ye shall know them by their fruit”  does it mean we are fruit trees?  Again, no.     Jesus and the bible often quote allegories and metaphors. We must be able to distinguish when it is an allegory or metaphor and when it is literal. God always makes perfect sense. Knowledge is just information. Wisdom is how well we understand the knowledge we have. We are not all ‘theologians’  just because we can quote the bible, but we are wise when we understand what the scripture is saying. Understanding  and truth is what is profitable and not just quoting scripture that is crucial and profitable for us.  Even a fool can read or quote the scriptures, but his understanding is greatly suspect.

There is always something new to learn from reading the Bible regardless of how many times we read it. It is an unending source of knowledge and wisdom for all who will devote both time and a willingness to learn and also to unlearn previous doctrines and concepts that may now be shown to be incorrect and untrue. You don’t read the Bible to prove yourself right, but you read the Bible with an open mind and submissive spirit willing to learn, receive and understand new revelations from God.  Jesus referred to us as little children. Let us keep the curiosity and faith of little children and trust Him. Yes, there is a difference between knowledge and truth. And now you know the truth.

For “As I See It”, I am

Roy Lamont