The First Commandment – Perhaps Not What You Think!

Contrary to popular belief the First Commandment was not a part of the of the Ten Commandments as found in Exodus 20:1-17 NIV. To be correct the very first command is found in Genesis 1:3, and God said, “let there be light” and  the very first commandment given to man was in Genesis 2:16-17 NIV , ….And the Lord God commanded the man, “you are free to eat from any tree in the garden, but you must not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.”

Now, what really happened in this garden? Is the event, regarding the “fruit”, that transpired  allegorical and that there is a deep and significant spiritual meaning here? It seems strange that Eve is not surprised at the appearance of the serpent. Was he already known to her? She also does not consider it unusual that the serpent can speak. Is it possible that all creatures had the ability of speech prior to the ‘Fall’ of man?

The important question is what is the nature of the ’fruit’ of this tree of knowledge of good and evil? What is it that Satan truly wanted? What is it that Satan would gain from Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit of this tree?  He would gain control of Adam and Eve’s mind and establish control of his kingdom on earth.  By exercising their own will and disobeying the command of God they became slaves and obedient to Satan.

Where once they were led by the Spirit of God to guide them they were now led by their carnal mind which Satan was able to control. The spiritual umbilical cord that tied them to the power of almighty God was now severed and Adam and Eve were birthed and cast out into the physical world with only their mind to guide them. They were now led by,  and under the control of  the god of this world.  “The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace; the sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God’s law nor can it do so. Rom.8:6-8

Whoever or whatever influences and controls the mind controls the individual. Satan had to get Adam and Eve to willingly choose to use their carnal mind rather than rely on their God inspired spirit. He succeeded.

Life is a learning experience. Most everyone has found that learning from experience can have painful consequences. How often have you, after making a mistake, wished that you had listened to the wise counsel you may have received? There are countless millions who have wished they had not done what they did. “If”… that fateful word…if only I had not decided to do what I did. The joy of obedience is you learn from  mistakes of other people’s  experience or wisdom. All advice is to be tested for its wisdom and accuracy. If it’s source is reliable the advice is sure to produce the good result you desire. Too often, however, one seeks what  is desired and not the advice that is prudent.

The young and the inexperienced often seek the results they find the most gratifying and which they think they want, and so miss the result that would really benefit them. Much pain is self-inflicted. This happens because decisions may be based on emotions which often leads to painful results. There must be a code by which you live. Most people never develop a code for their life . A sea-captain of a ship or boat would never think of sailing until he had assurance that his vessel has been checked out from bow to stern, had been adequately stored with food, fuel, a map and a definite destination. Many make no preparation for their life. In this journey of a lifetime the sooner you make your plans the better. There is a crucial role for parents. Parents must instruct the children as to the dangers that may be found on this journey. A proper education which includes the classical studies, now not often found in our schools,  should be certified by the parents that the children are learning the necessary basics such as math, reading, spelling, history, geography and all of the scholastic curriculum necessary.  They must also see to it that they are doing their part in teaching their children the principles of life as found in the Holy Scriptures. There must be a moral compass for the children and ourselves as surely as a sea-captain must have a ship’s compass to guide him and his ship through all the adversities in life and at sea. Unless the parents are themselves properly equipped to do this for their children they will be left to the wildest elements of life. Some parents may feel they are unable to teach bible principles. This is the reason that the entire family should belong to a church that adheres to total biblical truths. This world is not getting kinder or more gentle. It is increasingly becoming more violent and immoral. The wicked are flourishing and the churches seem to be losing their voice and their influence. If wisdom had prevailed and the raging infernal had been dealt with sooner,  guaranteed survival, both physical and spiritual would be ours now. It all depends on what you do now. It is not too late to make a course correction. Yes, it may take some time to turn around or repent but the sooner you begin the better for you and your loved ones. The events that are happening now in our lifetime tell of troublesome times ahead. No one needs to perish if sound and proper corrective measures are taken now. This carnal fleshly body of ours has always had a termination date. We can live with that. Our spirit is really the important part of us. We don’t want that terminated but want it to have a ‘no expiration’ date on it.  What we don’t know is when our life could be unexpectedly extinguished. Just yesterday the USA and even the whole world heard the shocking news of the horrendous killing and wounding of dozens of people as they attended a midnight movie premier. Those who perished and those who were wounded never for a moment thought they might come to the sudden end of their life that very night. Yet it happened.

The event was unexpected and some were unprepared, and now it is all over for them. How about you? While you live and breathe take this opportunity to review your life and you goals. Is it what you want it to be if your life was to be called for this very day? It is wisdom to reassess what you are doing with your life while you can.

We still need to obey the very first commandment God gave to eat of the tree of life. We do that by obeying the full version of ‘The Ten Commandments’ and allow that to be our compass.  The author of those commandments is the Word, our Lord Jesus.

As for me, that is

“As I See It”

Roy Lamont

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