The First Commandment – Perhaps Not What You Think!

Contrary to popular belief the First Commandment was not a part of the of the Ten Commandments as found in Exodus 20:1-17 NIV. To be correct the very first command is found in Genesis 1:3, and God said, “let there be light” and  the very first commandment given to man was in Genesis 2:16-17 NIV , ….And the Lord God commanded the man, “you are free to eat from any tree in the garden, but you must not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.”

Now, what really happened in this garden? Is the event, regarding the “fruit”, that transpired  allegorical and that there is a deep and significant spiritual meaning here? It seems strange that Eve is not surprised at the appearance of the serpent. Was he already known to her? She also does not consider it unusual that the serpent can speak. Is it possible that all creatures had the ability of speech prior to the ‘Fall’ of man?

The important question is what is the nature of the ’fruit’ of this tree of knowledge of good and evil? What is it that Satan truly wanted? What is it that Satan would gain from Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit of this tree?  He would gain control of Adam and Eve’s mind and establish control of his kingdom on earth.  By exercising their own will and disobeying the command of God they became slaves and obedient to Satan.

Where once they were led by the Spirit of God to guide them they were now led by their carnal mind which Satan was able to control. The spiritual umbilical cord that tied them to the power of almighty God was now severed and Adam and Eve were birthed and cast out into the physical world with only their mind to guide them. They were now led by,  and under the control of  the god of this world.  “The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace; the sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God’s law nor can it do so. Rom.8:6-8

Whoever or whatever influences and controls the mind controls the individual. Satan had to get Adam and Eve to willingly choose to use their carnal mind rather than rely on their God inspired spirit. He succeeded.

Life is a learning experience. Most everyone has found that learning from experience can have painful consequences. How often have you, after making a mistake, wished that you had listened to the wise counsel you may have received? There are countless millions who have wished they had not done what they did. “If”… that fateful word…if only I had not decided to do what I did. The joy of obedience is you learn from  mistakes of other people’s  experience or wisdom. All advice is to be tested for its wisdom and accuracy. If it’s source is reliable the advice is sure to produce the good result you desire. Too often, however, one seeks what  is desired and not the advice that is prudent.

The young and the inexperienced often seek the results they find the most gratifying and which they think they want, and so miss the result that would really benefit them. Much pain is self-inflicted. This happens because decisions may be based on emotions which often leads to painful results. There must be a code by which you live. Most people never develop a code for their life . A sea-captain of a ship or boat would never think of sailing until he had assurance that his vessel has been checked out from bow to stern, had been adequately stored with food, fuel, a map and a definite destination. Many make no preparation for their life. In this journey of a lifetime the sooner you make your plans the better. There is a crucial role for parents. Parents must instruct the children as to the dangers that may be found on this journey. A proper education which includes the classical studies, now not often found in our schools,  should be certified by the parents that the children are learning the necessary basics such as math, reading, spelling, history, geography and all of the scholastic curriculum necessary.  They must also see to it that they are doing their part in teaching their children the principles of life as found in the Holy Scriptures. There must be a moral compass for the children and ourselves as surely as a sea-captain must have a ship’s compass to guide him and his ship through all the adversities in life and at sea. Unless the parents are themselves properly equipped to do this for their children they will be left to the wildest elements of life. Some parents may feel they are unable to teach bible principles. This is the reason that the entire family should belong to a church that adheres to total biblical truths. This world is not getting kinder or more gentle. It is increasingly becoming more violent and immoral. The wicked are flourishing and the churches seem to be losing their voice and their influence. If wisdom had prevailed and the raging infernal had been dealt with sooner,  guaranteed survival, both physical and spiritual would be ours now. It all depends on what you do now. It is not too late to make a course correction. Yes, it may take some time to turn around or repent but the sooner you begin the better for you and your loved ones. The events that are happening now in our lifetime tell of troublesome times ahead. No one needs to perish if sound and proper corrective measures are taken now. This carnal fleshly body of ours has always had a termination date. We can live with that. Our spirit is really the important part of us. We don’t want that terminated but want it to have a ‘no expiration’ date on it.  What we don’t know is when our life could be unexpectedly extinguished. Just yesterday the USA and even the whole world heard the shocking news of the horrendous killing and wounding of dozens of people as they attended a midnight movie premier. Those who perished and those who were wounded never for a moment thought they might come to the sudden end of their life that very night. Yet it happened.

The event was unexpected and some were unprepared, and now it is all over for them. How about you? While you live and breathe take this opportunity to review your life and you goals. Is it what you want it to be if your life was to be called for this very day? It is wisdom to reassess what you are doing with your life while you can.

We still need to obey the very first commandment God gave to eat of the tree of life. We do that by obeying the full version of ‘The Ten Commandments’ and allow that to be our compass.  The author of those commandments is the Word, our Lord Jesus.

As for me, that is

“As I See It”

Roy Lamont

Portals of Death, Time and Hell

Jul18 by roylamont

Portals of Death, Time and Hell

Science and theology have been on a polarized collision course almost from the very beginning of recorded history. What is death? Time? Hell? These are thought provoking words with as many different interpretations as there are those who raise the question. Is there an answer? Yes, many. Can they all be true? Not if they are in conflict or in opposition to one another. There can only be one truth, and perhaps various aspects of that truth but all aspects must agree in the basic principles of that truth. One truth can not contradict the other truth or one of them can not be the truth.

What is a ‘portal’? A simple explanation is a ‘doorway,’ a ‘passage way’, a ‘gateway’, a ‘wormhole’ or ‘entryway’ to the otherside. There is the portal of death through which all who have deceased have passed through. There is also the portal of time. Scientists  theorize that it is possible to travel back into time. Some think that with the proliferation of “UFO” sightings and other unexplained phenomenon that UFO’s may be real. Many believe they have experienced a personal encounter with extra terrestrials. There are many differing descriptions of them. The question is, are they real or a figment of one’s imagination? Some believe these creatures are from somewhere in our own galaxy while others think they may even come from other galaxies. The most credible evidence seems to be that, if they exist at all, they  may come from a parallel dimension of time and that they come and go through these ’portals’ into our world. All these possibilities  are staggering to the mind. Which is true? Are any true?  What about ‘hell’? Is it a portal or perhaps a gate? In the scriptures this portal is referred to as a gate through which the demons of hell may pass but they will not prevail against us..   Matthew 16:18.

Could this unseen dimension be the abode of aliens? So close and yet so far? Whoever ‘they are’ they may possess the necessary knowledge to pass through this gate into our dimension or world. This of course is pure speculation or conjecture. However, one may infer from much scriptural reading that many things are possible in this spectacular world of ours.

What then do we understand? We don’t have all the answers at this time but soon all this and more will be revealed to us.  This we do know, if aliens exist at all, then our God has to be their creator also. This being true it follows that He has a plan for them as well as for us. We are told that we will judge the angels, so even if aliens are fallen angels, we will be their judge as well. It is to us that has been given dominion over all things. God rules this universe and all of creation and it is we humans that have been created in His image and likeness. It is we who are destined to rule this vast universe. With this grand and awesome power comes responsibility, and that requires wisdom and maturity on all matters secular and spiritual. Spiritual maturity and wisdom can only come from the grand, omnipotent, and omniscient Spirit of God.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God hovered over the waters. And God said, “Let there be light”….. and there was light. Then…. it all began.

That is,

As I See It.

Roy Lamont

The Rain Came

The rain came…..and stayed. At least it seemed so. For several weeks it has rained intermittently, day after day. The clouds, of course, were ‘hung over’ as an overindulging party-goer who comes and stays too long and having an over extended capacity has to let lose of its excess in the form of rain. It is then that you realize how much you miss the sun and its dazzling light. Light that transforms the shadows of life into acceptable, if not bearable, conditions. It is not the sun itself but is its life-giving power, that soul blessing and heart warming light that makes all you perceive as a desirable and joyous condition of life.

We have been created to function in the light; otherwise, we would not need these optic marvels. Even if we had no eyes there would still need to be a light source so that other sentient beings, plant and flora could exist. There would still be a need to nourish our body and therefore a need for plants and vegetables to supply our need. The fact of the matter is we have been given eyes to see with and therefore light becomes essential to our existence.

Now, there’s an interesting word…’existence’. What is the purpose of our existence? What are we to accomplish? Could this planet go on existing without us? Are we essential to the existence of this planet? Do we exist for the good of this planet or does the planet exist for our good?  Could it be either way….or both?   That question may not be as difficult as it sounds. We are told we have been given dominion over all the earth; over things that fly, that creep on the earth and all fish in the sea.

This planet might be able to exist without us.  What is certain is that we could not exist without this planet. If this planet could exist without us then to what purpose? To what glorious achievement? It surely would be a questionable existence.

So then, it appears that the planet was made for man and not man for the planet. Oh, oh. that raises another question. If this planet was created for us  then by whom was it created? We are back to square one. Here we are and we can’t explain who we are, where we came from and who created us. More questions than we can answer by our finite minds. You know the saying, when all logic by the mind fails then, ‘think outside the box’. The answer comes not from the mind but by inspiration of the spirit. Our minds are inside the box, our spirit lives outside the box and soars to heights undreamed of by the finite mind. Dare we think that there is someone greater than we? Is this the impossible dream? Are we so imprisoned my our miniscule mind that we behave as ‘flatlanders’, those two dimensional creatures who inhabit only length and width and can’t conceive of height? Our mind when nurtured by our spirit can conceive of what appears to be impossible to the restricted carnal and finite mind of mere mortal man. Mankind has been gifted with the awesome power of imagination. We do not see now our full potential with this temporary body of flesh, but when we have received our new spirit body we will be able to complete all tasks set before us. Unimagined feats of power that are ours to have and enjoy for His glory.

We are, with proper inspiration by His Spirit and our spirit, able to develop and produce magnificent creations of our own for the joy and enlightenment of all mankind.

While we have been created mortal and of flesh, we are destined to be immortal spirit beings with unlimited potential. We are told that “for His purpose were we created”.

We are, indeed, a marvelous creation of an almighty God. There is none like us, or at least none better than us, as we have been made in His image and likeness…..forever.

I like that…..very much.

As for me, that is,

As I See It”

Roy Lamont

End The Pain…With Love

Who at sometime in their life has not contemplated the nature of ‘love’?

Love can have a dual nature. It can be the most exquisite delirium of joy or it can be the abyss of soul searing pain. Why this duality? Why this seemingly polar variance? To understand this, if indeed it can be understood by mortal man, we must understand it’s basic principle. What is it? How does it work?

We have seen depictions of a cartoonist’s drawing of Cupid with his bow and quiver of arrows. The arrow is dispatched at some unwary object and when the arrow, supposedly of love, reaches the target that target is instantly consumed by the overwhelming passion of love. Love can be as an arrow in search of a target. Love can certainly be an overwhelming emotion. So much for mythology. What we should be interested in is not why does it happen, there can be many reasons for that, but how does it happen? There can be no life without love. Love is the very essense of life and the vital force of life is love. The two are inseparable. This can be clearly understood when one considers the pain one feels at the death of a spouse. You continue to love but there is no response. This unfulfilled response is pain. When you first fell in love there was a response and the result was one of pure joy because the love was returned. Love is as a circle that continues to replenish itself by giving and receiving. This may well be the reason God loves us. His very nature demands it. He must have His love returned by His creation or He suffers pain even as we do. Love by it’s very nature must be shared. God and The Word, Adam and Eve, and yes, you and me. Love can only produce fruit of joy when shared. Another reason to forgive each other.

Love is the very gift of Life. God is love…God is life and that love and life is His eternal gift that He shares with us. We have our very existence because He first loved us.

As Mark Davidson says in his excellent new book “Breaking The Seal”, He loves us as His Bride. The Bridegroom is coming soon. We are about to learn a new, vibrant, passionate and enduring love as we have never known before. We are told to love one another even as He loves us…and now we know why.

Life without love and without joy is an existence of pain and torment. A life filled with a pure, responsive and passionate love will be an eternity of joy. Yes, love shared is definitely the better choice.

For…”As I See It”…I am,

Roy Lamont

Self Discovery

One day I caught myself. There I was acting in a way I thought was quite normal. Then, as if I were outside myself looking at myself I saw someone I didn’t recognize. Not that I didn’t look like me but I wasn’t behaving as I thought I should be. What a shock. There I was, exposing my carnal nature. I was seeing a part of me that I didn’t like or approve of. It can get confusing at times deciding which ‘me’ I am. When I am fully conscious that it is I who is thinking then I am sure who I am. When I have been thinking without conscious awareness that I am thinking, I sometimes find myself thinking thoughts that I take issue with. When I realize I have been ‘free wheeling” thinking’ I say, “whoa there” !!!. Where did that thought come from? Sure enough it may have  come from my inner base carnal nature which is always trying to surface and gain control of my thoughts. Unless I maintain control of this carnal or fleshly nature it will surface at the most unexpected times, often with very embarrassing consequences. It is only with daily checking of my attitude and the true personal desires of my spiritual self that I can expect any victory. It seems that we have all been given a personal conscience that has been preset to alert us when we are veering off course. We become uncomfortable and begin to establish reasons why we did what we did or have done. Here now is the moment of truth. Who is in control of the moral compass of our thoughts and of our mind? Who have we decided we are? The good guy or the bad guy? Never do  we knowingly choose the bad guy. We think we are doing the right thing and that we always choose to be the good guy. The reason we think that is because it would be abhorrent to think otherwise. No one ever thinks he or she does ‘evil’ or wrong for the sake or joy of doing evil or wrong. We always assign a valid reason for what we do or plan to do. As an example, when we are harboring resentment or anger against someone for whatever perceived offense that we think someone has perpetrated against us we desire to be avenged. When this attitude or thinking mode invades our mind like a malicious virus it will surely affect and infect the entire mind and spirit. As the mind goes so goes the entire body,and there also goes your life without you ever again knowing a moment of peace or a moment of joy. The recipient of your anger and resentment, is probably unaware of your resentment so suffers not a bit, while you endure days and nights of anguish and unhappiness. Is this what you wish for yourself? Surely not. You should wish to be rid of this moral malevalent virus just as quickly as you would a physical virus. The former is even more painful, wicked and longer lasting than the latter. The remedy of forgivness often feels more repulsive than we think we can tolerate. Our carnal nature does not want us to forgive. It wants revenge. Still, if you wish for joy and peace and sanity to return to your life you need to ‘take your medicine’ and thereafter guard your mind and attitude more carefully. If I were to pluck a hot coal from the barbecue grill and attempt to put it in your hand you would quickly withdraw your hand knowing full well the consequences of you taking hold of the hot coal. You know the pain and suffering you would have. You can heal from physical pain and you would eventually even forget the pain of the event as memory of physical pain would fade away but the memory of emotional pain and anger does not heal in the same way that physical pain heals nor does it fade away. The pain of anger and resentment remains as fresh as a new wound and is with you always. If you want to be free of this horrible pain you must learn to forgive, not so much for their sake, but for yours. It would be better for you to talk to the other person and speak the truth that you have felt offended and seek an explanation. After the explanation you may be relieved to find that the offense was unintended and you can once again have joy and peace return to your life. However, it would actually be better if you forgave the person the offense before discovering the truth and allowed both your mind and your spirit to have grown. This can only happen by prayer and your true willingness to change and forgive by asking for the power of the Holy Spirit of God to grant you a changed heart. Then one day when you are not expecting it you may just catch yourself behaving in a way that will surprise you. You’ll think, “ Say, that was a very good thing I just did. I like that…and myself…again.”

For As I See It,

I am,

Roy Lamont