The Joy of June

It is amazing what you can see with your eyes closed and what you can hear when you are not listening.

I was sitting on the deck with my eyes closed only moments ago resting after some time in my studies. I realized I was enjoying a very pleasant summer day with a soft North Carolina breeze bathing me with warmth as I was lying on my deck recliner chair. I could hear several species of song birds having a social conversation. I don’t believe they thought for a moment that I was eavesdropping. Thoughts raced through my mind as I thought this is one of the first times that I felt any real joy since my wife ‘passed on’ in November of 2010. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “I see what you mean”. It means I understand what you are saying. While my eyes were closed I saw, understood, that just as a year is made up of twelve months and a day of twenty-four hours, that joy or happiness is made up of small particles or parcels of time. It seems I had allowed myself to designate these few moments on the deck under a warm June sun to be moments of complete joy. What an amazing discovery. Joy and happiness was mine for the asking. I have been given this gift of determining the moment of joy I needed. Why not? My gift of imagination gives me the power to create for myself whether I choose to live in an environment of joy or an environment of misery. If the choice is mine why would I choose anything but Joy? Still, this gift is misused by so many who choose otherwise. People seem to be constantly aware of what they perceive as their ‘needs’ which creates a negative environment and so little time appreciating and enjoying the many unseen or unrecognized joy and blessings that are all around them. If they realized what they have not allowed themselves to see and hear they would quickly stop this destructive habit and enter into a new world hitherto not seen, experienced nor enjoyed by them. Treasure all around them, but  they are as a blind man standing on a gold mine and totally unaware of the truth and blessing all around him. It seems mankind had blinded itself to the truth because  its focus is always on the wrong  and negative things of life. Our focus should be on those things that are true, that are noble, pure, lovely. and praiseworthy.

Simply put, we are and become what we allow ourselves to think and that is what we become; and that becomes  the substance of our life. A joyous or frightening thing to contemplate.   Perception is reality’.
Anyway, that for me is,
As I See It.
Roy Lamont

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