The Joy of June

It is amazing what you can see with your eyes closed and what you can hear when you are not listening.

I was sitting on the deck with my eyes closed only moments ago resting after some time in my studies. I realized I was enjoying a very pleasant summer day with a soft North Carolina breeze bathing me with warmth as I was lying on my deck recliner chair. I could hear several species of song birds having a social conversation. I don’t believe they thought for a moment that I was eavesdropping. Thoughts raced through my mind as I thought this is one of the first times that I felt any real joy since my wife ‘passed on’ in November of 2010. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “I see what you mean”. It means I understand what you are saying. While my eyes were closed I saw, understood, that just as a year is made up of twelve months and a day of twenty-four hours, that joy or happiness is made up of small particles or parcels of time. It seems I had allowed myself to designate these few moments on the deck under a warm June sun to be moments of complete joy. What an amazing discovery. Joy and happiness was mine for the asking. I have been given this gift of determining the moment of joy I needed. Why not? My gift of imagination gives me the power to create for myself whether I choose to live in an environment of joy or an environment of misery. If the choice is mine why would I choose anything but Joy? Still, this gift is misused by so many who choose otherwise. People seem to be constantly aware of what they perceive as their ‘needs’ which creates a negative environment and so little time appreciating and enjoying the many unseen or unrecognized joy and blessings that are all around them. If they realized what they have not allowed themselves to see and hear they would quickly stop this destructive habit and enter into a new world hitherto not seen, experienced nor enjoyed by them. Treasure all around them, but  they are as a blind man standing on a gold mine and totally unaware of the truth and blessing all around him. It seems mankind had blinded itself to the truth because  its focus is always on the wrong  and negative things of life. Our focus should be on those things that are true, that are noble, pure, lovely. and praiseworthy.

Simply put, we are and become what we allow ourselves to think and that is what we become; and that becomes  the substance of our life. A joyous or frightening thing to contemplate.   Perception is reality’.
Anyway, that for me is,
As I See It.
Roy Lamont

The Thrill and Joy of Imagination

This is a message for those who teach our children and also for those who teach adults. There are some who teach with great skill, and they are too few in number. There are some who teach with great imagination and they too are few in number. Then there are those who teach only because it is their job. There are, sorry to say, too many of them in the classrooms.  What can and should be done to make learning an enjoyable experience?  I suggest that we add creativity and enthusiasm to  spark the desire and imagination of students of all ages.
Teaching must have relevancy, It must show how the application of this new knowledge can elevate the student to great success in whatever field of endeavor the student chooses. If the student has chosen the field of the physical sciences the importance of calculus or trigonometry must be shown to be relevant to a transport vehicle being capable of exceeding escape velocity of the earth and then plotting a stellar navigation course to reach the farthest planets.
Surely, a music teacher would not just teach the names of the different notes on a score sheet without showing how each note when married to another note and still to other notes gives rise to sound and music which finally evolves into something as beautiful as a symphony or concerto. There needs to be a practical, spiritual or even just a personal joyful application which harmonizes knowledge to the end product or desired achievement. Teaching can be challenging and the rewards to the student can be pure joy when properly presented. The teacher begins the process and the student concludes the operation. Thus teaching and learning are inseparable. A thing a beauty to be enjoyed for a lifetime.
A partnership much like a painter who creates a masterpiece to be shared and enjoyed by all who view it.
Knowledge is to the mind what the spirit is to the soul. One is incomplete without the other and so the circle is complete.
For As I See It,
I am,
Roy Lamont

The Number of Hairs on Your Head

As I was sitting on my deck at about 3500 feet and looking at the beautiful mountains all around me I saw how full the foliage was on all the thousands of trees that surround me. I wondered how many leaves there were on all these trees.

I imagined that there must be millions of them. To think this cycle continues year after year is beyond comprehension. If God knows the number of hairs we have on our head he must also know the answer to how many leaves there are on all these trees. Is this really too big a task for God? Even with my human limited reasoning capacity I concluded that it was not too big a task for God. The human race has been given the prodigious computational power of the computer and the computer is capable of billions of calculations per second. Where did the knowledge to invent this marvelous device come from? It surely came from a superior mind.

It can only have come from the mind of God. If the computer can retain billions of bits of information and recall it in a billionth of a second, God, who is the source of all knowledge who inspired many human minds with the idea and information regarding the computer, therefore making Him the true the inventor of the computer, can surely keep an accurate record of even the smallest details of His creation. We don’t know how God does it but imagine if you will the following scenario. In a flashback of time we travel back to join Christopher Columbus aboard his ship as he is on his way to the new land. We show Christopher Columbus our laptop computer which works by solar power; and demonstrate the workings of this marvelous device. He doesn’t know how it works but as we ‘Google’ up information about his time period  he is amazed at how we can know such things. Christopher Columbus doesn’t know how we did it but he agrees that the information is correct. He has encountered a superior intellect, albeit, an artificial one. The invention is not greater than it creator.

This thought gave rise to still another thought; that is, does God know the exact number of everything in the universe? The number of stars, galaxies and even the number of atoms there are? Yes, of course He does and why not? He created them. If the physical computer can compute in the trillions, the Spiritual, which is superior to the physical and it’s Creator  He can surely maintain an accurate record of everything created. The laboratory scientist must keep an accurate record of every detail regarding the project in progress.Is God less disciplined than a laboratory scientist ? Certainly not. Nothing escapes His knowledge and understanding. All things are known to Him because He is omniscience, omnipotent and omnipresent. There is none like Him, None.

This all powerful God is both loved and hated by many millions. There is a war now going on that is being waged in the heavens and will soon continue and be seen and fought here on earth. When this war finally explodes in full force here on earth it will catch millions of people unprepared. In preparation for this cosmic battle, forces of both ‘good and evil’ are even now beginning to polarize as never before. Today there are scoffers who deny that there is a God and who ridicule those who affirm a spiritual belief in God. The scripture speaks of this and even likens conditions here on earth during these last days as being exactly as it was in the days of Noah. Remember, there were scoffers at that time who also laughed and ridiculed Noah. It must have been unbelievable to them to see the rains come and the doors of the ark being closed. It was too late for them. All their wailing and screaming was to no avail as they saw their only hope sailing away from them. Now there were no more people ridiculing and laughing in derision at Noah. They had a lifetime of warning and still they choose to reject the message that would have saved them. This same sad story is being repeated today in millions of lives, in thousands of places, millions of times. As it was in the days of Noah, there will again be wailing and screaming by those who have missed the boat. Too late, too late.

If you were in the water in the middle of the ocean and some boat sailed by and threw you a life preserver would you not grab hold of it? Unless you were insane or intent on committing suicide, which is the same, you would surely reach out for the life preserver.

Before that dreadful day arrives, before your boat sails without you, you still have a chance to be a passenger aboard this ‘life boat’ but you must make your decision soon. God has the passenger list and when this boat sails your name must be on this list. God has a boat able to accommodate all the passengers necessary. He is, as you know, omniscient. He knows exactly how many passengers His ship will carry. As to the port of call?

Why, it’s heaven bound.

For As I See It,

I am,

Roy Lamont

Sport Champion

Most people are sports fans, at least to varying degrees. Sports are offered from spring to early winter. There are all kinds of sports. Baseball, football, basket ball, golf(ball…why not?), track , auto racing, horse racing, tennis etc.

Let’s talk about team sports. This would certainly include basketball, football and baseball. People can get very emotional about ‘their team’. In particular let us look at football but the comments I am about to make apply to all team sports. There are rivalries that go back over a century and they seem to get more intense as the years pass on. Was there ever a time when people would go to an sporting event and go to see how two well prepared teams would fare against one another? Are there any people remaining who go to enjoy seeing how well a performance of excellence is given? It seems to me that if one appreciates how well a game is played that should be rewarding. Suppose for instance you went to a tennis match, a fencing competition, chess match, or even to hear an orchestra perform a musical masterpiece, here you would applaud the individual as the single performer or soloist. I believe it should be the same when attending, for instance, a college football game. It seems unkind and unreasonable to be cheering loudly for your team and then booing loudly for the opposing team. In states where the are both a university system and also a state system I believe that the residents of those states should be proud that their state might have two wonderful football teams. It saddens me to hear derogatory marks about the opposing team. Every person on each team is giving his or her best and they should be given their due credit and appreciation for their performance. Where has all the civility and kindness gone? Why is this rivalry encouraged? Why has our country and culture seem to have spiraled down to such base emotions? We have allowed the society we live in to form our moral thinking and society seems to have corrupted our morals as well. Living in a land of plenty we should be a happier culture and people but we are not happy. Our spirit is anemic and on the verge of expiring. We need to awaken within us the spirit of love….love to one another.  We all have our favorite teams, but if we go just to see our team win and if they should lose then we feel we have lost our joy and our peace. However, if we go wishing to see an excellent performance by both teams then we are rewarded by being able to appreciate the excellent performance of the victorious team.  We often deny ourself the joy that is there for the taking because of our mental attitude. We must put on the garment of praise and overcome the spirit of heaviness. Now we are truly a Sport Champion.
Joy is not only where you find it but often where you decide to make it..

For As I See It, I am, Roy Lamont