Why Do We Lie?

Why Do We Lie?

A lie is an attempt to change reality to a new and different reality. This lie is a weak substitute for the awesome and unimaginable power of God who is also the God of Truth.

Satan has never been a creator, and he is the ‘father of lies’. He can only deceive and conjure up illusions. He has always wanted to have the creative ability of God and his covetousness for this power, because of his unbounded pride, has been the cause  of much evil. As the God of ‘truth’ God does not and can not lie. As the ‘father of lies, Satan can do little else. There’s more.

God is also the essence of love. Satan is consumed by his hatred for God and all of God’s creation, especially humans whom God has made in His own image and likeness and given us power and authority over all angels. Can you imagine how Satan feels about that?

It appears that this covetousness for more power, and his hatred for God has totally warped the sensibilities of Satan and caused him to have spiritual and psychological dementia. Satan has sinned and violated all of the Ten Commandments because of his dementia.

What do we learn from this? We learn that violating the Ten Commandments will cause sin and produce spiritual and psychological dementia. Satan is always thinking of evil. If people would only heed Philippians 4:8 …..”Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is admirable…..if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about these things”…most mental institutions and divorce courts would see a complete diminution of patients and litigants.

Because of ‘original sin’ and this acquired carnal nature man has been unable to live a godly life and thus is unable to do so. That is the reason we lie. Man must have the ‘Spirit of God’ and the mind of Christ to be able to live a life that would guarantee a glorious and joyous life by the changing of this carnal nature. With this new nature we would not wish to lie.

Unfortunately, because of our carnal nature which is contrary to the nature of God, man can not and does not choose to obey God and therefore the dementia is getting worse. It is incurable in the natural as the only cure for this is spiritual and must be provided to us by God through His Holy Spirit..

Just as the physical child resembles one or both of the parents so does the spiritual child resemble his father, either Satan or God. Because of this old carnal nature of ours we have been given an opportunity to have a new nature, one provided to us by our merciful and loving God.

Not to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to have a new nature and experience a joyous and eternal life is….. insanity….but that is exactly what Satan wants, isn’t it?  What will you do? Prayer for help from God is a good way to start.

For “As I See It”, I am

Roy Lamont

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