It’s magic, or is it? Surely it’s misdirection and illusion. We applaud and cheer as we watch stage magicians attempt, almost always successfully, to deceive us with feats of legerdemain. We think we are actually witnessing magic. We see elephants or women disappear on stage whisked out of sight in an instant. Where did they go? They appear as if by magic somewhere else on stage. When the performer is on stage we know it is a show and what we see is not real, but what if the performer is not on stage when performing? Suppose what we see, hear or experience is happening during our everyday existence? What if we are being manipulated and controlled by some force beyond our conscious awareness? This would certainly be a frightening circumstance. The truth is we are being controlled and manipulated. I am not speaking about advertising for some product or service on television, radio or the internet. I am not speaking about some government lobbyist trying to convince us to vote one way or another. No, this control is far more sinister. It is actually controlling the way we think, how we think and what we think about. If we as individuals are not the sole possessors of our will and allow some other force to direct our daily life then we are not the free individual or people we think we are. We are human slaves to the power that controls us. It is difficult to consider a lie as being what it is… a lie, when for so long we  have believed that the lie is true. This is chaotic and deadly. This subject will undoubtedly be a problem to many and cause many to voice conflicting opinions. Even those who will benefit from the truth will find it difficult to accept, not because they don’t want to accept the truth but because it is so contrary to what they have been told all their life. The lie they believe is the only thing they think to be true. It is difficult to uproot a belief that is so strongly ingrained in the mind. To understand what I am about to tell you we have to go back to the beginning…..the very beginning. The man and his wife were both naked and they felt no shame. Genesis 2:25 If at the beginning we are told that there is no shame in our nakedness how did we get to the place where we now feel shame and guilt when we consider our body and that of another? Flesh is flesh. When we shake hands with someone or look upon the face isn’t that flesh the same flesh all over the rest of the body? If flesh is evil then why are we not all covered up from head to toe? Is a baby at the breast committing evil? What folly have we been entertaining with our thoughts? It is God who has given us the ability to reproduce. He encouraged Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. We confuse the rightful use of our body on the marriage bed with its unlawful use outside of the marriage bed; or as the British say,”on the wrong side of the sheets”. Why has man come to reject this beautiful gift from our God? Did God create something evil? Of Course not. Why does man harbor such a vile and disrespectful opinion of God’s beautiful gift to us? These are a lot of questions and ones that the enemy does not wish for us to contemplate. Remember the magician on stage? He wishes us to focus on what he is doing on the one hand while with the other hand he is deceiving  us. The enemy has always wanted us to see evil in what God has created for us. He got Eve to doubt God’s inherent goodness. It is not that we should desire to look upon the naked body of the opposite gender but that if and when it should happen we should not see it as something wicked and evil but only as the beautiful creation it is, a thing of beauty fashioned by the omnipotent power of God.  The naked body was never the real issue, as the real issue is the control of our mind. When the mind is controlled you control the whole body. It is the mind and the  thinking ability of man  Satan wishes to control. When he controls your thinking he controls you. Because Satan wants adoration and praise from you he will keep you from adoring and praising God by his many distractions.  As the master magician he will keep your focus on the misuse of sex. He will use sex as a tool to disrupt and destroy your marriage by using pornography and encouraging you to engage in extra marital affairs. No normal woman who has to work in the home or outside the home can find the time to look so alluring one hundred percent of the time. The women in pornographic movies are mere tools for the pleasure of men. They are never seen as nurturing mothers who are lovingly raising their children and providing them with a wholesome family life. I have never heard a sermon on the joy and happiness of wholesome sex that is the right of every happily married couple. This should rightfully be done during an adult class and not during the general service where very young children could be in attendance. The clergy seem to run away from this subject like a plague. Because of this, a whole  new industry has become available. It is called “Sex Therapist”. This secular course provides an opportunity for Satan to continue to corrupt this gift from God to his own interpretation. Where is the wisdom of the church in this matter? Parents are for the most part reluctant to discuss this matter with their children and so again the opportunity exists for Satan to be the instructor and having his street minions do the teaching for him. In the church family the elderly women should be teaching the younger women and the elderly men should be teaching the younger men. Of course, only those with wisdom and experience in this matter should be chosen to teach this subject. Of these there are too few. We need bold, courageous, compassionate  teachers with wisdom. When we become new creatures in Christ how should we consider the naked body? Truthfully now, do you still not still feel a little uncomfortable ? It is very difficult to let go of beliefs we have had ingrained into us all of our life. Here again, we must be encouraged to…’put on the mind of Christ…we must renew our mind. The enemy is not only a deceiving magician but he is also the ‘father of lies’. Yes, it is time we gave God our thanks for all the wonderful gifts He has given us. God has given us marriage, monogamy and wholesome sex while the enemy has given us ‘one night stands’ or a living together relationship and sexual perversion.  God has given us love and the enemy has given us lust. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then surely sexual behavior and conduct is in the eye of the beholder. It is all in the mind. As long as mankind persists  in operating with a carnal mind instead of putting on the mind of Christ we will always be doing the will of the enemy instead of doing the will of God. What passes for love in this present age is most often nothing  more than lust. We must control our mind and thoughts and not let the enemy take control of it.  It is there we make the crucial decision of whom we will follow and obey; do we follow God or the enemy?  We don’t think that we are really following Satan, we think that we  are only doing our own thing. Just as Satan showed Jesus all the wonders of the world that he (Satan) could deliver, we must reply exactly as Jesus did…resist with the power of the Word. However,  to do this we must know what the Word says. To do that we must spend time with the Word and be taught by it and be nourished by it. Jesus said…”man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God”, Matthew 4:4. We have the power to do this. It won’t be easy and it won’t happen in a brief period of time but it will happen when we persist and resist the enemy. God wants us to love one another,  not lust for one another. There is a big difference. We must be alert  for that magician Satan and his lies and deceptions which are intended to capture us. It is right for a man to honor his wife with all of his love and for the wife to honor her husband with all of her love. None of it to be held in reserve. Love begins with and is sustained by little things. I remember a song that was entitled , “Little Things Mean A Lot”. They still do. Little things such as courtesy, thoughtfulness,  remembering  birthdays and anniversaries, and laughing together because laughter is good medicine to marriage and to life. It is not that we do not know to do the little things. It is that  we have allowed ourselves to be distracted and controlled by the world we live in.  We have often  become a part of this carnal world instead of having come apart from it. It is the little and necessary things of life that is the strength of our foundation. Without them the entire structure of our life can fall apart. Those are the little things. How about the really big things? Do you have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus?  What is your life worth? What do you wish it to be? Do you pray together on a regular basis?Would you choose for your life to be a happy and an enduring one? Then you must recapture your mind and examine your options. You must submit your mind and will to God who has always loved you and desires only the very best for you or will you allow yourself  to be once again enslaved by the enemy who has only hatred and loathing for you ? These are questions that must be answered. If you do not answer them they will be answered for you by default. In that case the verdict is already in and you will be found guilty……or worse. I think the clergy, along with the salvation message, should include a message on how to live our life on a daily basis which should include in detail how we are to honor one another. It is not enough to say….”love one another” it is imperative the people are instructed on how to love one another. Husbands and wives must be taught how to demonstrate this love to one another and as parents they must be responsible for the rearing and teaching their children love and respect and that loving the Lord God with all of our heart and all of our mind is our first and most important duty as Christians, and also as parents and  human beings. This world is a battlefield and we are in the line of fire daily. The enemy is looking for trophies. I hope you are not one of them.

Little children usually sign their letters with xoxoxoxo which means love, hugs and kisses. So then this entry to you is also signed, xoxoxoxo. For As I See It, I am, Roy Lamont

Why Do We Lie?

Why Do We Lie?

A lie is an attempt to change reality to a new and different reality. This lie is a weak substitute for the awesome and unimaginable power of God who is also the God of Truth.

Satan has never been a creator, and he is the ‘father of lies’. He can only deceive and conjure up illusions. He has always wanted to have the creative ability of God and his covetousness for this power, because of his unbounded pride, has been the cause  of much evil. As the God of ‘truth’ God does not and can not lie. As the ‘father of lies, Satan can do little else. There’s more.

God is also the essence of love. Satan is consumed by his hatred for God and all of God’s creation, especially humans whom God has made in His own image and likeness and given us power and authority over all angels. Can you imagine how Satan feels about that?

It appears that this covetousness for more power, and his hatred for God has totally warped the sensibilities of Satan and caused him to have spiritual and psychological dementia. Satan has sinned and violated all of the Ten Commandments because of his dementia.

What do we learn from this? We learn that violating the Ten Commandments will cause sin and produce spiritual and psychological dementia. Satan is always thinking of evil. If people would only heed Philippians 4:8 …..”Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is admirable…..if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about these things”…most mental institutions and divorce courts would see a complete diminution of patients and litigants.

Because of ‘original sin’ and this acquired carnal nature man has been unable to live a godly life and thus is unable to do so. That is the reason we lie. Man must have the ‘Spirit of God’ and the mind of Christ to be able to live a life that would guarantee a glorious and joyous life by the changing of this carnal nature. With this new nature we would not wish to lie.

Unfortunately, because of our carnal nature which is contrary to the nature of God, man can not and does not choose to obey God and therefore the dementia is getting worse. It is incurable in the natural as the only cure for this is spiritual and must be provided to us by God through His Holy Spirit..

Just as the physical child resembles one or both of the parents so does the spiritual child resemble his father, either Satan or God. Because of this old carnal nature of ours we have been given an opportunity to have a new nature, one provided to us by our merciful and loving God.

Not to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to have a new nature and experience a joyous and eternal life is….. insanity….but that is exactly what Satan wants, isn’t it?  What will you do? Prayer for help from God is a good way to start.

For “As I See It”, I am

Roy Lamont