Knock, Knock….Who’s There?

Questions and Answers

The last man alive in the world was alone in his room. There was a knock on the door. Do you have an answer to that mystery?  Notice the operative word is ‘man’. Could it be a woman? an angel? or perhaps a devil? Some questions may have more than one answer but they can only have one ‘truth’.

Over the years I’ve noticed that life is a great deal like that. There are often more questions than answers and as I’ve said, sometimes more answers that we can imagine. It all depends on the questions…..and it also depends on the answers. Why is this? Is there more than one truth? It is a fact that truth can not contradict itself or else one or the other is not true. One can have a different understanding or even another perspective, but whatever you believe you can not entertain a conflict of truth. Where am I going with this? What is not ‘truth’ will only lead to chaos and confusion. Everything we do depends on the accuracy of the information we have. Why is it that several witnesses can observe an incident or happening and have different opinions as to what transpired? Why can many people read the same book and come away with divergent interpretations ? I have just asked several questions and there may be several different answers. First, one must have the correct interpretation of what was read or observed,  Second, One must maintain an open mind regarding the message or information being written about. Third, one must be of sufficient intellectual ability to come away with an accurate understanding of the information. Fourth, one must also conduct a critical analysis of the material and determine if the source is valid or not. If one determines the substance of the information comes from a valid or unimpeachable source and the conclusions provided are in fact accurate, then one must conclude that the information is ‘truth’. Some think that truth is constantly changing and can not be trusted. Please do not confuse theory or opinion with ‘truth’. Theories and opinions do change frequently. Scientists often have to change, revise or retract their theories and opinions as they discover what they think is new truth. They may be looking for truth but are blind to it because they are not know nor are they looking for the source of all truth. They may really be looking to validate what they think,  is, may be,  or is possible. What they do not see or understand is that they, as ‘mankind’, are living in a universe not made my man, they live in a universe made by God. Until mankind acknowledges this and understands this they will always be blind to the ‘truth’. This is a pity because this is such a grand and  beautiful universe to behold. Perhaps what they are lacking, because of personal pride,  is the willingness to admit they are in the presence of an awesome creator and have only to be willing to pray to Him to be shown the truth and be given the answers they are seeking. 2nd Chronicles 7:14 Truth does not change, nor does it have to be retracted or revised. It stands.

And that is… As I See It

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