Knock, Knock….Who’s There?

Questions and Answers

The last man alive in the world was alone in his room. There was a knock on the door. Do you have an answer to that mystery?  Notice the operative word is ‘man’. Could it be a woman? an angel? or perhaps a devil? Some questions may have more than one answer but they can only have one ‘truth’.

Over the years I’ve noticed that life is a great deal like that. There are often more questions than answers and as I’ve said, sometimes more answers that we can imagine. It all depends on the questions…..and it also depends on the answers. Why is this? Is there more than one truth? It is a fact that truth can not contradict itself or else one or the other is not true. One can have a different understanding or even another perspective, but whatever you believe you can not entertain a conflict of truth. Where am I going with this? What is not ‘truth’ will only lead to chaos and confusion. Everything we do depends on the accuracy of the information we have. Why is it that several witnesses can observe an incident or happening and have different opinions as to what transpired? Why can many people read the same book and come away with divergent interpretations ? I have just asked several questions and there may be several different answers. First, one must have the correct interpretation of what was read or observed,  Second, One must maintain an open mind regarding the message or information being written about. Third, one must be of sufficient intellectual ability to come away with an accurate understanding of the information. Fourth, one must also conduct a critical analysis of the material and determine if the source is valid or not. If one determines the substance of the information comes from a valid or unimpeachable source and the conclusions provided are in fact accurate, then one must conclude that the information is ‘truth’. Some think that truth is constantly changing and can not be trusted. Please do not confuse theory or opinion with ‘truth’. Theories and opinions do change frequently. Scientists often have to change, revise or retract their theories and opinions as they discover what they think is new truth. They may be looking for truth but are blind to it because they are not know nor are they looking for the source of all truth. They may really be looking to validate what they think,  is, may be,  or is possible. What they do not see or understand is that they, as ‘mankind’, are living in a universe not made my man, they live in a universe made by God. Until mankind acknowledges this and understands this they will always be blind to the ‘truth’. This is a pity because this is such a grand and  beautiful universe to behold. Perhaps what they are lacking, because of personal pride,  is the willingness to admit they are in the presence of an awesome creator and have only to be willing to pray to Him to be shown the truth and be given the answers they are seeking. 2nd Chronicles 7:14 Truth does not change, nor does it have to be retracted or revised. It stands.

And that is… As I See It

Cycles, Windmills and Pendulums

Cycles, Windmills and Pendulums It seemed to me when I was a child I was always waiting for the next season. When it was spring I was anticipating the summer when school was out and I could play outdoors from morning until night. When It was autumn I was eagerly expecting winter and the holidays that came with it. I finally came to realize that the times and the seasons didn’t come any faster because I wished it would but it inexorably came at the same pace as it always had. It was my anticipation and desire for it that made the difference. I saw that even in nature there are cycles, and that the planets circled around our sun and the wind pushed the windmills around and around, over and over again. I learned in science class that the planets, the stars and everything in the heavens traveled a path around our universe. Things come and things go. So it is with life. Joyous times come and times of adversity come also. Happily I also learned that there seems to be a law of nature that says of the difficult times, ‘this too shall pass’ away.

I became aware that the world really didn’t seem to change much whatever happened to me. The world and life have a plan or routine of it’s own. It is my perception of events that makes all the difference. When I understood that life is a series of events that play out in a random manner I began to focus on my attitude and especially my perception of these events. If I became a member of the ‘oh, pity me club’ I was sure to entertain and keep company with misery. However, if I remembered that the current situation was just another brief cycle, just another short season or just another swing of the pendulum that would soon change and that I could influence my circumstances my life did seem to change for the better. Think back into your past. Can you remember when you were going through some very difficult times in your life? When you didn’t know how your problem could be resolved? Can you remember when you couldn’t see a way out of your situation? I’m sure you can. Here it is, perhaps years later and until I mentioned it you had all but forgotten that entire episode. You survived and you made it through that horrific trial. Think of it. You survived when at the time you may have thought it was just about over for you. But here you are. You are a survivor. You made it and you know what? you’ll make it again because you are still a survivor. What was is over and past. It is now the present and you can affect your future by what and how you think today. Your future is in the making. You hold much of the future in your hands, or perhaps I should say you hold much of your future in your mind and thoughts. If you don’t like the way yesterday was you can create a new future for yourself. It is all in the mind, your mind. It all consists in what and how you think. Positive thoughts will attract positive results. This isn’t an easy thing to do because negative attitudes come easily to you while you have to exert a constant effort to project a positive attitude upon yourself. There would be no unhappy people in the world if it were easy. At first it may even feel silly to think you can actually change your life for the better. But you can. It is not the circumstances you need to change, some circumstances can not be changed but your response to them can and this response will change your attititude and perception of the events. The most powerful force you can project is prayer to the only one who can bring about the change that is best for you. This is what makes all the difference.

I must decide when I awake in the morning if I am to be the master of my day or if the circumstances of the day will master me. I choose to be the master. Happiness is like the air we breathe. We can breathe deeply of happiness or we can be shallow breathers and endure the consequences. No one is given more hours in a day than is given to me, no one is given more sunshine than is given to me and no one can take away my joy unless I allow it to be taken from me. Often perception is reality. We must learn how to select from all that is provided to us in life and choose only the things that will enrich us, bless us, ennoble us and develop in us a generous and loving spirit. Life is, as I’ve said, a cycle. All of nature is a cycle; planets circling in a prescribed pattern. Our heart circulates our blood and the air in our lungs is in a constant state of circulation. Tides come in and tides go out, the sun rises and the sun sets, the moon rises and the moon sets. All of this is repeated daily. So too, our life is a series of events that change from moment to moment. We have the power of imagination to envision our future as we would have it to be and we have the gift of hope that all that happens is in some way for the better. It is this ‘better’ way that we must persist in expecting and continue to hope for. This life is really a dress rehearsal for the real life to come. We have the power of choice. Practice positive expectation, endure to the end and you will be victorious. I don’t think that there is a better time to start than right now. This is your moment of decision and your moment to seize this opportunity before it is gone.  What will you do with it?

and that is… As I See It.

What Has Love Got To Do With It ?

What Has Love Got To Do With It?

1 John 4:8   Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is Love. Deuteronomy 6:5   says “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength”.

God does not get anything from you loving Him, but, you get everything from Him loving you.  Genesis 1:26 says “Let us make man in our image and likeness.” Have you ever really thought about the marvelous truth of that statement? It says, “…in His image and likeness”.  Are we really like Him? Yes, and no. We are like him, now in the flesh, as in resemblance, but then later at the ‘Resurrection’  like Him in spirit. We trade in our mortal physical body for a splendid and better immortal one. One that is just as His is. We have now become members of His family. We have become the sons and daughters of the Eternal Almighty One. Gone forever is this physical body subject to illness, pain and death. we receive a new immortal body like as our Lords and this new splendid body is now impervious to illness, pain and death. We put on immortality and we are also putting on our new spiritual and …..divine body exactly as our Lord Jesus has and has promised to us; truly death is far from us.  1Corinthians 15:55.

Now that you have achieved immortality and have unending  billions upon billions of years before you, how will you spend your time? Things could get pretty boring after awhile without something to keep you busy. You will be kept busy as the Lord will have you who are destined to be kings and priests to rule over the entire creation and to care for it even as He had Adam and Eve tend and care for the Garden in Eden.

Have you looked into the night skies and seen that faint and distant soft misty haze of light? That is part of this fantastic Milky Way Galaxy of ours containing several hundred billion other stars. As if this doesn’t stagger your ability to imagine how big that is, consider this, there are several hundred billion other galaxies out there each containing several hundred billion other stars. If our own solar system is average in the number of planets circling it then there have to be trillions of planets out there that may need our loving touch as the Lord enlists our aid in completing His wonderour universe. One thing is sure, we will not be bored as there will be plenty for us to do. It won’t be all work and no play as our Lord has already decreed and specified a period of work and a period of rest. Even  now, we have a period of work and we still have enough time left over in the day to enjoy other activities and pursuits, all this while we are in the company of our Lord and all those we have ever loved and cared for. We will never tire nor cease from laughing and experiencing joy as we have never known it before. It is difficult to realize that we will never be afraid of anything again, we will never feel pain again, we will never cry for sorrow again but only tears of joy and laughter will fall from our eyes. We as humans have never know this kind of existence, therefore, it is difficult for us to comprehend the freedom from all that is part of this current human life and to fully imagine what joy awaits us in our resurrected life. Philippians 3:12-14. …”I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers, I do not yet consider myself  to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do. Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

Let us look again at the question, “What has love got to do with it”? You should love God not only because He says you should but because His love for you makes your future and eternal  life one of great lasting joy. You couldn’t do better for yourself if you were to plan your own future because you do not possess nor understand God’s great  and unimaginable love for you nor do you possess His ability and experience with  that little thing we call creation. Look around you to see examples of His creative genius and you will understand. So, if you would be God-like then you must be like God…and love…love…love.

There is something you have to do before you can inherit all this. You must be His heirs by belonging  to His family; and you become members of His family by confessing Jesus as your Lord and Savior and that you repent of your sins  and become converted and are baptised in His name. If you don’t know how to do this you’ll find all the instructions in His book called “The Holy Bible”. It is available almost everywhere including your local bookstore and also  your local library. I hope this has helped and that you are encouraged to take this journey because it will begin sooner than you think. Ready?

For……. As I See It, I am

Roy Lamont

What Is Memory?

I don’t know how I came to be thinking about memory but the more I thought about it the more I realized how little is known about it. How does it work? How does our memory, whatever it is, recall events of the past? What if our memory stopped working? .We have all probably heard stories about people who have had amnesia. Simple or complex amnesia is not total amnesia. They may forget who they are and most everything about themselves and they may forget their names and the people in their lives, where they went to school and most everything else about themselves but they usually still retain certain skills they acquired in life. They may one day discover they can play the piano but can not remember ever having learned to play or taking lessons. Some things are retained and many things are forgotten but you never quite lose your total memory. You learned to walk and speak a language and even after losing most of your memory you can still do many of these things. If it were possible to suffer total memory loss we would be as helpless as a baby and be totally defenseless and at peril for our life. I believe every sentient being created has memory. One can only imagine the horror of memory loss as it would affect you should you by accident or mental disease, such as Alzheimers disease, become such a victim. My wife had this terrible disease and I saw a woman with two Masters Degrees, a vibrant public speaker and outstanding artist slowly fade away and finally not remembering she had a husband and in the end losing her battle for life.  Memory is as essential to human and animal existence as the very air we breath. A tree or plant does not have memory as we have it. They are rooted to the ground and certainly they are not going anywhere. It’s very existence and mode of living has been encoded in it’s DNA.

The human and animal kingdom all have this gift of memory and yet we know almost nothing, or at least very little, about it. Memory has to be recalled and interpreted. This means another faculty has to be called upon. What will we call it? Reasoning? Intellect? What determines what we do with what we have recalled? It is all done so spontaneously we do not even think about it. Now there’s another faculty I didn’t mention, ‘thinking’. There is so much going on that we can not totally comprehend the magnitude of it. There is a seamless integration of many working faculties that is done in nanoseconds making it beyond our comprehension. Suffice it to say that we are very fortunate not to have to consciously make all these millions of calculations and decisions every second. There would be no time for anything else. Fortunatly our brain seems to be on automatic.

Look around you and see this wonderous world, and think, because you can, of the sweet and precious memories you have. In the end our memories determine who we are. Our memories make us ‘time travelers’ able to revisit the past time and time again.

It is because of the past that we can imagine the future.

It is no wonder that King David said, “I will (praise) give thanks to you God for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.

Psalm 139:14.

And that is…

As I See It

Roy Lamont

To See Or Not To See…That Is The Question !

To See Or Not To See, That Is The Question!

Sight is one of the most important and useful gifts that we as humans have.

True, we don’t see as well as some other creatures do but none the less it is a marvelous gift. Virtually all of us have been sighted from birth. Just how do we see? Let us pretend we are walking along a city street and we look across the street and there we see a building that has a sign on it that reads…”Restaurant” How did we perceive that sign? We didn’t run into it, we didn’t feel it and we didn’t touch it. How then did we know it was there? The scientific answer is that light waves reflecting off of the building and sign traveled to our eyes and put this message on our retina and then we knew and ‘saw’ the building and sign. Actually we didn’t see the building and sign about one hundred feet away from us but we saw it about two inches behind our eyelids. Strange but true. Without light waves reflecting off of and from the building we would never know it was there, even though it is there whether we perceived it or not. The knowledge of it being there is not negated by the fact that we did not see it. It is still there just the same.

That is a scientific fact and now there is a spiritual fact to comprehend. Just as we cannot see with our eyes an object that does not reflect light so it is that we can not comprehend and know matters pertaining to the spiritual realm without the Spirit of God revealing it to us. Without the Spirit of God to illuminate our understanding we are as a man blind from birth trying to understand color. It can not be done as there is no basis for comparison.

(See December 2011 Archive entry – Death, Colors and Trigonometry) It is God’s Holy Spirit speaking to our human spirit that defines and explains all spiritual matters and truth. This truth is found in the Holy Bible. It is not a book to be read without first going before the Lord and asking His blessings upon you and to open His truths to your understanding. It is a book that has never had to be revised but only reprinted.

Just as we can not see our physical world without light so it is that we can not understand the spiritual world without the Spirit of God. He’s the one who has given us both light and spirit. With His Spirit we can live in both the physical and spiritual world. Without His spirit we are blind in both.

I don’t know about you but I do not want someone to lead me by the arm in the physical world because I am blind and I don’t want someone else to have to lead me around in the spiritual world either, as the blind leading the blind. God has made it possible for me to have both physical sight and spiritual insight.

I’ll take both, thank you God..

Anyway, that is as I see it.

Roy Lamont