Sorry! Faith Alone Is Not Enough!

“What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? If a brother or a sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, ‘Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,’ but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus also faith by itself , if it does not have works, is dead…..for as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. James 2:14-17, 26.

It is one thing to know the word and another thing to do it. Many know the scriptures well enough to quote it but few are there who can be consistent in obeying it. “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves, James 1:22. Many, indeed, are deceived because they confuse knowing the word and even having faith in it but fail to perform and to do it.

True, we must absolutely have faith, but it must have a framework to hang on. Just as ‘works’ by itself is most often not enough as it too must be joined by faith to produce the promises of God. It’s God’s formula that will always produce the desired effects. As it says in a popular song, “You can’t have one without the other”.

A young person who dreams of being a great sports star must put forth the discipline, effort and hard work it takes to achieve excellence. It is just as true for a young person who desires to be a great academic in any special field of study to also put forth the necessary work ethic and work as studiously as possible in order to achieve his or her dream. All dreaming and no work discipline is all to no avail. It won’t work and remains just a dream.

Mankind has developed a fierce hunger for the things of this world and not for the things of God. It has chosen, and desires, the easy way to acquire the things it wants.

“Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life. And there are few who find it. Matthew 7:14.

I remember an acquaintance I once knew who was in ‘sales’. He gave his staff the following piece of advice. ‘Plan your work and work your plan”. It is all too apparent that most young people of this generation expect life to just give them the things they want without having to work for them. Is this from too permissive and overindulgent parents who unwittingly contribute to this attitude of…”give me, give me, give me, I deserve it”?

This current age has brought with it the specter of horrors never experienced by the world before. The young people today, and many people of middle age are ill prepared to provide for themselves in the terrifying world to come.

When their cell phones, Ipods and laptops no longer work because the electrical grids across the nation may no longer work, what will they do? How will they live? Preparation is everything. Whether it is for normal day to day living or for human survival during times of chaos and world disruption one must be prepared. The only way you can properly prepare for local or national calamities is to recognize the danger before it happens and be prepared. If you live in a tornado or hurricane prone zone you prepare with shelter and having as much of the necessary supplies as you can acquire.

Living in the world we have today with wars, rumors of wars and with earthquakes and all kinds of illness and disease rampant everywhere you need to have a different kind of survival manual. You need to be informed of what is coming and prepare for it. Your life and the life of your loved ones will depend on it. This book is the true survival manual with all the information you need for you and your family to survive. Strange that you have almost certainly heard of it but may not have given it a second thought.

Now more than ever, you need to read it, study it and know it. Time is running out.

This book is The Holy Bible. Don’t wait. Read it now, while you still can.

I have faith in it. My works? I wrote this article to warn you. Carpe Diem.

And that is,

As I See It

Roy Lamont

Flash: The Ten Commandments Have Been Stolen !

As I was watching the news this morning I became aware that there was no good news being reported. It seems mankind is obsessed with negative reporting of life on planet earth. Doom and gloom is everywhere and there is no good news. Surely, there must be something good happening in the world. If there is, it is not being reported by the media. The media feels that bad news gets attention. We have become so weakened, intellectually and spiritually that our brains are slowly being impaired; and just as one who falls asleep, we are not aware of this mind crippling impairment and our resistance  is nil. We are slowly being converted into ‘sheep’ or lemurs following the piper. It appears that not only America but the entire world is experiencing this same effect.

The news flash is that the Ten Commandments have been stolen. I’m sorry to confirm that they have. This ‘heist’ was not done overnight but over a period of years. It has been so subtle as to go unnoticed. Even worse is that hardly anyone knows it and, worst yet, no one seems to care.

Let’s review what we do know; perhaps we may discover how this happened.

1. “I am the Lord your God and you shall have no other Gods before me.” Anytime you choose your job, your ballgame, television, especially yourself  over or before God you are placing them all before God and you are worshiping ‘other gods’.  Notice the words “no other Gods” above, that means anything and everything with no exceptions.

2. “ You shall not make for yourself an idol or graven image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them, for I the Lord am a jealous God.” Do you carry a crucifix ? Do you have a collection of angels? do you have little statues of anyone or anything in heaven? If yes, you have other gods. Oh, oh.

3. “You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain” This is, perhaps, the most violated commandment of all. We hear it so much everyday of our life that we seem to no longer be aware that this violation has taken place.  Jesus said, it is what comes out of a man that defiles him, not what goes in. We will give an account of every word that comes out of our mouth. What comes out of yours? Would you repeat it in the presence of our Lord Jesus?

4. “Remember To Keep Holy The Sabbath” Most main stream Christians violate this commandment every week. The only commandment that begins with “Remember” is the one we are told to forget, as another has been chosen for us, by ‘man’, not by God. Man has chosen the day most of Christendom will honor and worship. If your birthday falls on a certain day and you have celebrated this special day for years would you like someone to declare you will now celebrate your birthday on a different day one of their choosing and not yours? Time and God determines your birthday and not man. So it is that God has choosen the seventh day, the Sabbath’, as His chosen day of  Rest. Man does not have, nor has he ever had, the authority to cancel one word of Gods Commandments.

5. “Honor Your father and mother” Today’s children have proven to be the most disobedient and disrespectful generation of children in memory. Notice that this commandment even comes before ‘thou shall not murder’. What does that tell you?  The first four commandments relate to God and the rest of them to mankind. Notice that reference to ‘father and mother’ represents human authority, even as the first four commandments refer to God’s almighty authority. This is not a choice.

6. “You shall not murder” Our prisons are filled to overflowing with those who have committed murder and our streets are wild with rioters and looters and murderers. Where there is not the love of God there can not be love for mankind. We are commanded to love one another even as He loves us. Without the love of God we are little more than animals with a vicious carnal nature.

7. “You Shall Not Commit adultery” One can hardly turn on television and not be confronted with scenes of promiscuity and flagrant adultery in almost all television programs. Why is it that most parents are not talking with their children about sex? Sex is a gift from God. Yet, most parents are reluctant to talk candidly with their children. The schools have taken over this prerogative and teaching the children the world’s way about sex. They learn how to use condoms and that all kinds of sex is permissible. Television tells them the rest. What are you telling them?

8. “You Shall Not Steal” Almost everyone engaged in rioting are also engaged in destruction of property and in looting. There is all kinds of theft. One can steal ideas, taking false credit for something you didn’t do as well as taking things that don’t belong to you.  This is becoming more prevalent as our economy weakens, our morals collapse and faith in God wanes. The scriptures tell us that things are going to get worse. Are you prepared?

9. “You Shall Not Lie” This has become so commonplace today that hardly anyone remembers that it is a sin to lie and to bear false witness against our neighbor. Violation of this commandment is in direct opposition to the “Spirit of Truth”.When you choose to lie, you are choosing the ‘father of lies’ instead of the Spirit of Truth’ and without the Spirit of Truth’ you can never find God. This then means without the Spirit of Truth to lead you and bring you closer to God you are lost. Do resemble the father of lies or do you resemble the Spirit of Truth?  Do you really know who your father is?

10. “You Shall Not Covet” How many understand this to mean you should not take from your neighbor what is his…, wife, anything belonging to him? Many envy and desire to have what their neighbor has. One must ‘keep up with the Jones’. People strive for things they do not need and place themselves and their family under undue pressure and because of this false need actually deny their family the real necessities of nurturing parents. ‘Kids’ must have IPods, IPads and all the rest. There is a cost to pay.  Both parents probably have to work and that means the children are deprived of the counsel and wisdom of loving parents. Teaching children  overindulgence is not love…it is folly… and even death.

Yes, over time we have all lost our spiritual and moral virginity. We have over indulged and have become abusers of ourselves. We have placed our own desires and wants above our desire for our Lord. We have become idols to ourselves and have denied the Lord our God. We have, for the most part, become a part of the world instead of being apart from the world.

We are told that the Ten Commandments were put on the cross of Jesus and done away with at that time. Satan loves for you to believe that lie. We are expected to believe that what was permanently written in stone was to be forgotten.  As to  being put on the cross of Jesus,  this  never was taught by Jesus or His Apostles. It was man’s ordinances and rituals which were done away with and not the Ten Commandments. Are we to believe that if the Ten Commandments were done away with that it is now permissible to lie, murder, covet and worship other gods because the Ten Commandments no longer exist? Isn’t that sheer lunacy?

The Ten Commandments have been stolen from us and we are responsible for letting it happen. The only book of life that guarantees us true happiness is rejected by many. Do you remember the biblical story of Esau and Jacob? For a measly bowl of lentil soup Esau gave up his birthright. How many today are driven by the spirit of Esau for the trivial desires of this world and have lost the treasures of the Kingdom to come? Satan continues to deceive today even as he deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden. The lies continue and will continue until Satan himself is thrown in to the Lake of Fire and put to death. Yes, Satan will die. Then, and only then will truth prevail. Our God wins and we win…. if we are on the winning side. Which side are you on?

Anyway, that is….

As I See It. Roy Lamont

Living In An Alternate Universe?

Are You Living In An Alternate Universe?

Science tells us we can not create anything new and we can not destroy anything already created. There is only a change from one state to another. Matter may become energy and energy may become matter. Nothing more, nothing less.

Scientists tell us there is what is called ‘portals, gateways or wormholes’ to alternate dimensions. It is believed that with sufficient energy mankind may one day be able to transit from this universe that we currently inhabit to another or alternate universe or even to other universes which they now call multiverses. It may be very similar to the one we are now living in. We may also exist in that universe but perhaps with noticeable differences. In that world we may be in a different profession with a different family and other very different circumstances. If this is true how did this come to be? Is it really true and possible? If you believe the scientists, it is.

Would your life be different than it is now if you had made a different decision somewhere back in your life? Let’s consider some different possibilities. Do you remember deciding to go to a party somewhere and you met a woman or man who then became your wife or husband? That may have been a ‘portal or gateway to a different world for you.  With that decision you just left the world you were in and stepped into another world or dimension with totally different causes and effects. Every decision you have ever made has had a definite effect on you and in your world.

I can remember applying for a job at a radio station in another far away city and being hired for that position as an announcer. This change  brought a woman into my life that became my wife and then brought two children into our life and so the cause and effect continues. Every decision, no matter how minor it may seem at the moment, can produce gigantic proportional changes in this life. There are many ‘portals and gateways’ in our life and all produce a different and lasting effect in our life. Some decisions may be very minor that produce almost no visible change. You may decide to have coffee instead of tea for breakfast and that produces an almost zero consequence while deciding to have that extra cocktail one evening may lead to a dependency on alcohol. The decision that you hardly noticed can be a major turning point in your life. We are far too casual in our decisions in life. Not that we should be paranoid in this matter but it is wisdom to consider carefully decisions that we make as they can and often do have far reaching consequences. 

There are times when you are not the cause that initiates the action or decision. Sometimes you experience the effect as when someone enters your life. It is as if there was a knock at the door of your home or heart and there stands someone totally beautiful in appearance and spirit and you open the doorway to your home or heart and welcome them in. They enter and you are aware of their strong persona. You are looking at the face of love. Your life has changed and will not be the same again. It seems as if they have been there only a brief time before you realize they are gone. Was this a dream or was it imagination? Whatever it was, it is gone. They, or you, have stepped into another dimension. You are now alone. Heartbreak is the effect you experience and still no real understanding of how all these things have happened. Loneliness is now your companion. Which world, universe or reality are you in now? Things change and will continue to change. Time and chance happen to all. Ecclesiastes 9:11.

As we are not all wise and all knowing and can not predict the outcome of our decisions we need to carefully consider where we can find answers to our questions before we make a life altering decision.

Even scientists are often in disagreement regarding their findings and opinions. What does it all mean? Are there any answers we can trust? Science text books are changed frequently and have to be revised because as new knowledge is discovered they find that their former opinions and beliefs were wrong. The one source that I personally rely on is the Holy Bible. Many centuries before modern science discovered that the earth hung in the sky it was told to us in the Book of Job 26:7 and in Isaiah 40:22 we are told that the earth was round. These have not had to be rewritten because they were true then and they are still true today. It seems to me that the preponderance of truth is found in the bible and not just in scientific textbooks.

I don’t know about you but if seemingly minor decisions can cause such monumental changes and effects in my life I will go with the perfect track record of the Holy Bible to guide me. My life depends on it.  So does yours.  

Well, for me, that is….

As I See It.

Roy Lamont

Does Prayer Really Work?

Expectation……is the road to ‘faith’

Why bother to pray if you’re going to doubt that your prayer will be answered? Mark 11:22-26.

I suspect that many who do pray are really ‘doubters’ and don’t expect a positive answer to their prayer.

There are so many people praying and so many doubters among them, and therefore, so few answered prayers. This leads to the ‘domino effect’ you pray, you doubt, no answer to your prayer. That is like building a fire in the fireplace and then expecting spontaneous combustion to take place. You have to put the small flame of faith to the wood before it can produce the effect you desire. When you put the small flame of faith to the woodpile you can then expect the results you desire. Even a small bit of faith the size of a small mustard seed can produce a huge roaring fire. Please notice that there is also something else you must do besides having faith; that is to forgive any grievance you may have with another person or your prayer will not be answered. That is the ‘price’ required for your prayer. He who can answer your prayers also makes the rules.

Whether one realizes it or not one goes through life with many challenges, Some we are not even aware of and some we choose to ignore and others we either choose or have them thrust upon us and then we have to deal with that challenge.

Concerning our physical health, we often find that the things we chose to ignore, as when being cautioned not to smoke or not to overindulge in food or drink, is often the medical condition we thought we could ignore or perhaps put off till another more convenient time; before it can becomes a life threatening challenge. Now, life is different as you no longer have a choice in the matter. Now, you are forced to deal with it. If you are forced to deal with it, it means that you are already on the losing end and some drastic changes have to be made. After trying every medical protocol some decide it may be time for prayer. If prayer was your last resort and not your first thought you may fall into the category known as doubters’. This reduces your ratio for success even lower. Still, we worship a merciful God and instead of justice He offers  mercy and answers your prayer. Why mercy? Only He knows. It could be because He is a God of love as well. It could be that you, rejoicing in your blessing, may even go about telling others how great is our God and greatly to be praised.

Does God really exist? The evidence that He does is all around us. Look up to the stars some evening and see the majestic work of His hands. All this and all that we can not see is our inheritance. We as the children of Almighty God are destined to take our place with Him and become part of His divine family and assist Him in the kingdom to come. This kingdom is even now being prepared for us by our Lord Jesus and we will rule with Him in administering His Kingdom throughout this magnificent universe.

Our finite minds can not possibly comprehend the magnitude of this universe but be assured we will become acquainted with it at that time. We shall, indeed, go where no man has ever gone before. We shall go where only angels have gone before. This will be a new exciting chapter in our eternal life.

This is both a challenge and a journey that I am looking forward to, aren’t you?

And that is,

As I See It.

Roy Lamont

Memories…….Bitter Sweet

As I was walking Zoe, my Cocker Spaniel this morning I realized how often we have taken these walks together; sometime just the two of us and other times with other canine and feline members of our family. Joyous times shared together and creating memories that we were not yet aware of. At one time we had as many as eight dogs, one cat and one rabbit. Guess who was the Commander in Chief? It was Marcus Aurelius our solid black cat who was a scientific marvel since he had solid jade green teeth. Even our dentist wanted to write Marcus up for the dental association magazine. We would often take our walks and hike up the mountain road with our dearly loved family members. Marcus would actually lead us up the mountain paths. He was without doubt their leader. This was quite remarkable when you consider the mix of breeds we had. Among them we had an Akita and a gentle pit bull called ‘Saber’ that was only the size of a tennis ball when we got him. It was Marcus who snuggled with Saber each night and Saber actually believed that Marcus was his ‘alpha’ daddy. All of our family members got along beautifully. Over the years each one reached their full life span and entered into their long sleep with copious tears from their human family. I’m sure this passing was also well noted by the other family members; .We all in our own way said our farewells. Each has been buried on our property with a funeral service and prayers. There is only Zoe left at this time. All have departed, including Martha Jean and Linda, my former wives who are now both deceased and whose ashes have been scattered over our beautiful mountain property that they all loved so much.. I was twice blessed beyond what I deserved. I have always marveled at the way our brain, made of flesh and blood, can store away the events of our life that we call memory. I don’t understand how it can recall our thoughts of the past but it can and it does. At times it can recall with such clarity that it seems as though the event happened as recently as yesterday. I sometimes think this is life’s way of carrying the things it chooses to carry and just dips into itself and pulls them out to enjoy again. Just as we reach into our pockets to pull out something we desire. In the physical sense we use pockets and in the emotional and intellectual sense we have our memories. I can easily understand pockets but I can not understand memories however, I am thankful for pockets and memories alike as they are both necessary to life.

I can easily remember the crunching sound of fresh falling snow under our feet as we walked and see the pristine clean snow reveal our footprints as we walked and laughed and shouted with joy as we all were enjoying our outdoor adventure. There was very little snow this morning as Zoe and I walked. No sound of snow being compressed under foot and no footprints to be seen. It was quiet during this early morning hour and Zoe and I walked alone in silence. Perhaps, she too was remembering happier days. As I walked along familiar paths with so many memories, I pass the places where so many of my four legged family members are now asleep and at rest. I strongly believe, perhaps I should say, I know, I will see my family members again. How do I know?…..because the bible tells me so. Think of the scripture passages referring to animals. The lamb will lie down with the lion and angels have been seen on horseback in many scripture verses. While I have not been around simians, chimpanzees, gorillas or orangutangs, who seem to possess so many human traits, I believe that God gave us dogs to teach us how to love and forgive one another. I also firmly believe that a person who has not loved an animal has some part of his spirit that has failed to mature and to function properly. If we can not love the least among us how can we love in truth and spirit?

Walking the mountain paths during the winter has it delights and walking those same paths in the spring has it special delights as well. The sight of newly blossoming buds tightly packed and struggling to burst forth in a panorama of beauty and with a scent to almost overwhelm the senses is the very promise of a new life. That which seemed dead has returned and brings with it new hope, and new life is all around us.. This new life and new cycle is giving evidence that death is temporary and that life is enduring and eternal.

Pleasant memories are a source of help for those difficult times when we have all had to endure moments of sorrow, a time when we have had to reach out for that lifeline to get us past the lonliness and pain.   It remains to me a comfort to know that there are paths I have not yet walked and things I have not yet done, but I know I will do them again with my entire family and even with new friends I have yet to meet. Perhaps you will be one of them, I hope so.

Anyway, that is,

As I See It.

Roy Lamont