Let Love Consume the Incense

It was about 2:30 am this morning when I got up to put some more logs in the fireplace.

I sat for a few moments waiting for the new logs to catch a strong flame. I noticed how the flames greeted the new logs and wrapped themselves around the logs as if they were greeting an old friend. I thought that what I was witnessing was very true to life. New friends and/or new events entering our life and revitalizing it was the means by which our life continued to grow and added strength by the challenges it brought.

Not all logs caught fire immediately, but eventually the flames grew stronger and hotter and grasped hold of the log as it kissed and licked them until the new logs yielded to the embrace of the flames and joined them in a new life.

Life is a new daily adventure. I think it is wonderful that each day is only twenty-four hours long because for good or for bad we have a new opportunity to begin again and correct our mistakes. Life is renewed day by day and we are pardoned for our errors and we are given another chance at life.

I was watching a news program on television and the host was interviewing an elderly couple who were celebrating their seventieth wedding anniversary.

The couple seemed in remarkably good health, mentally alert and happy.

The host asked them what was the secret to this long, healthy and happy marriage. The woman said that they had come to understand that neither of them was perfect and that they had learned to forgive each other as often as necessary and to forget any and all real or imagined transgressions.

I believe that their good health and loving marriage was and is a direct result of their refusing to carry anger or resentment with them into their marriage.

They chose to enjoy life. This couple was wise enough to let their love for one another, as a flame, consume the anger and resentment that sometimes attempted to creep into their life and not let that anger or resentment consume their love for one another. This wisdom that has brought such joy , happiness and contentment to their life can only be a gift from God. Love, not nuclear power, is the most powerful force in existence. It was not nuclear power that has saved this world, it is the power of love. The scriptures tell us that God is Love; it is God’s love that brought mankind back from the brink of extinction.

Science has a great problem with understanding God even though the evidence exists all around them. For this, the scripture tells us, that they are without excuse. Scientists tell us that all around us exists forces they can only guess at that they call ‘dark energy’ and another called ‘dark matter’. They seem to understand Einstein’s theory of relativity E=MC/2 and that energy can be converted into matter and matter can be converted into energy; understanding also that nothing more can be created and nothing can be destroyed. As God is ‘love’ He is also ‘light’ and light is energy. This energy is infused into all creation. It is God who is omnipresent and Creator of all things. Scientists are amazed as they have come to understand that all that we can see in this entire universe, the stars, planets, comets and asteroids, everything, represents only about five percent of what is really out there. This means we do not see about ninety-five of what is there.

That is about the same percentage as to what scientists understand about God, if they believe in Him at all.

God does not need a physical universe to exist, as He existed before creation, it was made for us. His energy converted into matter and so this universe exists. This ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ may really be the very presence of God everywhere.

When we put our wrong attitude of anger and resentment on the flaming altar before God, He converts it to pure love, and as incense, it produces a savory odor rising up to Him. We are to praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Every commandment of God has been ordained for our good and compliance means joy, peace and blessings for us. Since He ‘wrote the book’ on life, I believe it is only wisdom for us to obey, don’t you?

For, As I See It,

Roy Lamont

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