Do You Worry ?

Can we be honest? Have we not often claimed to be trusting the Lord completely when in reality we have often worried as if we had no God? As I reflect over the past years I can remember having many problems. Yet, here I am. I must have survived all the calamitous circumstances of my life even though now I may not even be able to give you the content of those worries. One worry after another, one problem after another and yet having survived them all I discover that while I faltered along the way the Lord was always in charge helping me unseen and making provision for me.
Do you think your earthly father would think you really loved him and trusted him if each day you cried because you wanted evidence that you would have enough to eat tomorrow?  Would this not be insulting to him? Has he not provided for you all your life?  Surely, our heavenly Father is even more desirous of blessing us and providing us our daily needs.
Once, I was thinking , which would I rather have, a million dollars in the bank or the promise of the Lord to provide for my daily needs without the one million dollars in the bank? I had to think carefully about this one. After a while I realized that this is in fact a truth of life. It is one thing to say I trust the Lord for all my needs when I have a million dollars in the bank and another to say I do trust the Lord for all my daily needs without the million dollars in the bank. I am, even now, still learning to trust the Lord for all my needs. I am also learning that what the Lord provides for me is exactly what I need, whereas, if I were trusting on my riches to meet my needs, desire is more like it, I would no doubt make poor choices and selections for myself. Of course I would probably still worry and think, what if I were to lose my million dollars, what would I do?  It’s only something else to worry about because we can not put our trust in riches alone.
If only Adam and Eve had trusted the Lord for all their needs we would all have been better off. If we do as our ancestors did and decide to make our own decisions and control our own daily life then it is obvious we too will make the same mistakes and then run to the Lord to be ‘bailed out’ of our difficult predictament. Will we ever learn? The real problem is not will God meet our needs and help us in our problems but will we let Him help us. The only condition He has placed on our relationship and His being able to help us is that we trust Him completely. We must learn to walk by faith and not by sight alone.
Growing up and maturing spiritually is just as difficult as it is growing up physically. When we were learning to walk we took many falls but we learned to endure the falls and learn by them just as we must do to grow up spiritually. We endure the ‘falls’ and continue on as we strive to attain spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity means we walk and talk with God as a member of His divine family. He is our Father and our loving Forever Friend.
That is,  As I See It.
Roy Lamont

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