Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station on Park Avenue and 42nd Street in New York City, New York was built in 1913. It has touched the lives of scores of millions of people.

Here unfolds the drama of tens of thousands of lives daily. They come from all walks of life and crisscross the city, state and country each and every day. This huge edifice has been the gathering place of service men and women for almost one hundred years. Here the tears and laughter of men and women have been seen and heard for generations. The tears of sorrow at departure and the squeals of laughter at the return of loved ones all taking place in this open theater for all to see. There is other high drama taking place here. Anxious parents traveling to distant cities to receive medical help for themselves or their loved ones. A thousand heartfelt stories taking place moment to moment. Love being pulled apart or challenged in unimaginable ways. Lovers parting, lovers reuniting and others coming and going to and from their daily routines. A million people and a million dramas unfolding every hour of every day and night. Who are these people? They are people like you and me. People with dreams, people with hope and yes, people filled with despair. This is a daily occurrence. Should a writer wish to record this activity of the human race by positioning himself or herself in a place to observe this daily activity one would see the entire history of the human race unfolding before their eyes. Eventually, the people of every country in the world would pass before them with a polyglot of languages, customs and dress. The USA and especially New York City proving that this country is indeed the ‘melting pot’ of the world. I have my own special memories of Grand Central Station. The official name is Grand Central Terminal, but Grand Central Station seems to be preferred by visitors and New Yorkers alike. I can remember when after enlisting in the US Navy I was ordered to meet at Grand Central Station to leave for ‘boot camp’. It was exciting for a seventeen year young man leaving home for the first time and going to who knew where. ‘Where’ turned out to be, after ‘boot camp’ the South Pacific and war. When you are that young you think you will live forever and bravery seems to be  more ignorance than courage. Still, while many did not return, for better or for worse, I did.

The United States Government provided me with the opportunity to go to college and that single event set into motion a series of events that like a row of dominoes caused one effect after another. One does not often realize that a single decision can cause unseen effects to follow. I chose to go into communications and broadcasting and that led to jobs in radio and then television. That led me to specific television stations in different markets and cities. In one of these cities I met and married a beautiful, wonderful and intelligent southern lady from the University of Alabama, who had earned two Masters Degrees, named Martha Jean. This led me to graduate school at the University of Alabama. After two children and a successful career in television broadcasting and a successful advertising agency in Miami Florida, life again changed for me when it was discovered my wife Martha Jean had a terminal illness which eventually took her life. I thought , at this time, that I would now be celibate for the rest of my life, I was mistaken. It seemed I would again be blessed with another beautiful woman. Linda entered my life and once again the sun seemed to shine and the dullness and gray pallor of each day was now filled with color and light again. I have known  many beautiful woman, but Linda was exceptionally beautiful. I was aware of her beauty and attracted by it but it was her inner beauty of character, integrity, humor and spiritual morality that captured me. We married and were in bliss for almost two years when it was discovered Linda had a terminal illness that eventually in five additional years also took her life. I was blessed to have two wonderful marriages and I have said that when in heaven I will be one of the few men there with a beautiful woman on each arm. If one looks carefully, one can follow the threads of life’s tapestry and see the mosaic that has unfolded. Little decisions also can and often do result in life changing events. Consider your life carefully. If you have a loved one remember to tell them every day, or at the very least often,  how much you love them. Look into their eyes and tell them why you love them. You think they know but it is vital you tell them anyway because the time may come when you can no longer take them into your arms and tell them how much you do love them. You will miss not being able able to kiss them and you will miss not having them close to you and you will miss them when you are alone at the table and alone in bed. Tell them now and tell them often.   Will I find another lasting love?  I can’t say, only God has the answer to that.

When I returned from the war I also came through Grand Central Station and my story is only one of those millions of similar stories.

For As I See It,

Roy Lamont


The Cunning Deception of Satan

The master of all evil is relentless in his desire to destroy God’s people.

It came as a shock to me while I was praying that I was praying incorrectly. How? When Satan can’t stop you from praying he will attempt to influence your prayer so that you pray amiss.

You have probably heard that if you give a man a fish you feed him for a meal but if you give him a fishing rod and teach him how to fish you provide for all his meals. Apply that same logic to prayer and you have a similar result. Satan influences us to pray for ‘things’. This seems proper because after all if we are lacking finances or if we are concerned over a certain situation we should pray about it. It is ‘things’ I am talking about. Praying for wealth is like praying for a fish, but, praying for faith and the ability to trust God for it is like being given the fishing rod and being taught how to fish. When we apply faith and trust to our circumstance we are delivered from that need forever. When we pray for a financial need we are praying for that one event, but when we pray for God to infuse our spirit by His Holy Spirit with hope, faith and trust we receive the means to have it forever, as long as we continue to maintain our faith, hope and trust. We must remember Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness  and all these “things” will be added unto you”. 

Jesus said we are to speak to that mountain…the problem in our life…and after praying put forth our faith that God having heard our prayer will, according to our faith, grant us our prayer.

There are two things God requires of us, first, pray to Him in the name of His Son Jesus and then…and this is vital…trust Him to deliver the blessings we seek. Once this becomes fixed in us we do not have to keep going back, time and again, asking for the same ‘thing’. God has given us all things through Christ Jesus and granted to us power over all the power of the enemy and, further, promised us that we shall by no means be hurt. When God makes a promise to us it is guaranteed. If we have to keep going back to God with the same prayer this gives Satan continued opportunity to intervene and may cause us to doubt. If we become impatient while waiting for God’s reply we open ourselves to further attacks from the enemy.

Think of it as …”last man standing”…you can’t win if you don’t get back up and Satan can’t win if you do. Pray for the essentials of faith, hope, trust and endurance.

That is a game changer and you are victorious.

And that is…..As I See It.

Roy Lamont

Keys to Invincibility

I am reluctant to say that 1 Corinthians known as ‘The Love Letter’ is more beautiful than any other book of the Holy Bible, but surely it ranks as choice among them.

In this beautiful book in the very last verse of chapter thirteen, 13:13, one finds these words, “….now abide faith, hope, charity (love), these three; but the greatest of these is charity (love). Understand that these three are actually a part of God’s very own divine nature and personality and as such, because God is eternal, these traits,  attributes and characteristics are also eternal.

As I , during my study and prayer time, was asking the Lord to enlighten me to these words of scripture I seem to have my spirit awaken and grasp hold of a new concept I had never had before. Now you may already have discovered this for yourself but to me it was a new revelation. It is so very powerful that if you who have never understood this before can take hold of this revelation it can and will change forever the power of your prayers.

The scripture constantly encourages us to have faith and to believe; Mark 11:22-24; therefore when we ask for faith and the ability to believe we are actually asking for a portion of Gods very own divine nature, power, ability and attributes. Can you see that if we are able to harness that unlimited power we are invincible and will have the same power God has ? God has made His very own power available to each of us who ask for it and believe on Him.

That is why God can guarantee that if we believe we will have the results we pray for. God would never tell us to do something that He had not already given us the power and ability to do. It’s all about trust and love. We have been given the ‘keys of heaven’ able to unlock every door and overcome every obstacle life that the enemy puts in our path. God is no respecter of persons, meaning He does not treat any one person or offer any one person any advantage He does not offer to all. In His infinite wisdom He had to have a way to give to those who are His and not to those  who are not His. How does He do this? He makes it mandatory that in order to receive you must believe that He is who He says He is and that if you believe that what you ask of Him in the name of His son Jesus, you will have what you desire. If you do not believe you will not get what you desire or ask for. God is separating the wheat from the tares.

When we ask of the Eternal anything in prayer believing that what we ask for in Jesus’ name, and believing without doubt, then we shall have what we ask for. When we understand that, we become partakers of His divine nature and attributes and we become more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. Until we receive our own immortal body and take on our own divine nature God makes His attributes available to us.

God’s power, God’s love, God’s faith, God’s hope are all available to us. He tells us to ask and it shall be given to us. God is the guarantor of His Word and is bound by His own Word to grant us our petitions. Because He can not fail we can not fail.

We are invincible. Glory to God.

And that…Is As I See It.

Roy Lamont

Let Love Consume the Incense

It was about 2:30 am this morning when I got up to put some more logs in the fireplace.

I sat for a few moments waiting for the new logs to catch a strong flame. I noticed how the flames greeted the new logs and wrapped themselves around the logs as if they were greeting an old friend. I thought that what I was witnessing was very true to life. New friends and/or new events entering our life and revitalizing it was the means by which our life continued to grow and added strength by the challenges it brought.

Not all logs caught fire immediately, but eventually the flames grew stronger and hotter and grasped hold of the log as it kissed and licked them until the new logs yielded to the embrace of the flames and joined them in a new life.

Life is a new daily adventure. I think it is wonderful that each day is only twenty-four hours long because for good or for bad we have a new opportunity to begin again and correct our mistakes. Life is renewed day by day and we are pardoned for our errors and we are given another chance at life.

I was watching a news program on television and the host was interviewing an elderly couple who were celebrating their seventieth wedding anniversary.

The couple seemed in remarkably good health, mentally alert and happy.

The host asked them what was the secret to this long, healthy and happy marriage. The woman said that they had come to understand that neither of them was perfect and that they had learned to forgive each other as often as necessary and to forget any and all real or imagined transgressions.

I believe that their good health and loving marriage was and is a direct result of their refusing to carry anger or resentment with them into their marriage.

They chose to enjoy life. This couple was wise enough to let their love for one another, as a flame, consume the anger and resentment that sometimes attempted to creep into their life and not let that anger or resentment consume their love for one another. This wisdom that has brought such joy , happiness and contentment to their life can only be a gift from God. Love, not nuclear power, is the most powerful force in existence. It was not nuclear power that has saved this world, it is the power of love. The scriptures tell us that God is Love; it is God’s love that brought mankind back from the brink of extinction.

Science has a great problem with understanding God even though the evidence exists all around them. For this, the scripture tells us, that they are without excuse. Scientists tell us that all around us exists forces they can only guess at that they call ‘dark energy’ and another called ‘dark matter’. They seem to understand Einstein’s theory of relativity E=MC/2 and that energy can be converted into matter and matter can be converted into energy; understanding also that nothing more can be created and nothing can be destroyed. As God is ‘love’ He is also ‘light’ and light is energy. This energy is infused into all creation. It is God who is omnipresent and Creator of all things. Scientists are amazed as they have come to understand that all that we can see in this entire universe, the stars, planets, comets and asteroids, everything, represents only about five percent of what is really out there. This means we do not see about ninety-five of what is there.

That is about the same percentage as to what scientists understand about God, if they believe in Him at all.

God does not need a physical universe to exist, as He existed before creation, it was made for us. His energy converted into matter and so this universe exists. This ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ may really be the very presence of God everywhere.

When we put our wrong attitude of anger and resentment on the flaming altar before God, He converts it to pure love, and as incense, it produces a savory odor rising up to Him. We are to praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Every commandment of God has been ordained for our good and compliance means joy, peace and blessings for us. Since He ‘wrote the book’ on life, I believe it is only wisdom for us to obey, don’t you?

For, As I See It,

Roy Lamont

Do You Worry ?

Can we be honest? Have we not often claimed to be trusting the Lord completely when in reality we have often worried as if we had no God? As I reflect over the past years I can remember having many problems. Yet, here I am. I must have survived all the calamitous circumstances of my life even though now I may not even be able to give you the content of those worries. One worry after another, one problem after another and yet having survived them all I discover that while I faltered along the way the Lord was always in charge helping me unseen and making provision for me.
Do you think your earthly father would think you really loved him and trusted him if each day you cried because you wanted evidence that you would have enough to eat tomorrow?  Would this not be insulting to him? Has he not provided for you all your life?  Surely, our heavenly Father is even more desirous of blessing us and providing us our daily needs.
Once, I was thinking , which would I rather have, a million dollars in the bank or the promise of the Lord to provide for my daily needs without the one million dollars in the bank? I had to think carefully about this one. After a while I realized that this is in fact a truth of life. It is one thing to say I trust the Lord for all my needs when I have a million dollars in the bank and another to say I do trust the Lord for all my daily needs without the million dollars in the bank. I am, even now, still learning to trust the Lord for all my needs. I am also learning that what the Lord provides for me is exactly what I need, whereas, if I were trusting on my riches to meet my needs, desire is more like it, I would no doubt make poor choices and selections for myself. Of course I would probably still worry and think, what if I were to lose my million dollars, what would I do?  It’s only something else to worry about because we can not put our trust in riches alone.
If only Adam and Eve had trusted the Lord for all their needs we would all have been better off. If we do as our ancestors did and decide to make our own decisions and control our own daily life then it is obvious we too will make the same mistakes and then run to the Lord to be ‘bailed out’ of our difficult predictament. Will we ever learn? The real problem is not will God meet our needs and help us in our problems but will we let Him help us. The only condition He has placed on our relationship and His being able to help us is that we trust Him completely. We must learn to walk by faith and not by sight alone.
Growing up and maturing spiritually is just as difficult as it is growing up physically. When we were learning to walk we took many falls but we learned to endure the falls and learn by them just as we must do to grow up spiritually. We endure the ‘falls’ and continue on as we strive to attain spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity means we walk and talk with God as a member of His divine family. He is our Father and our loving Forever Friend.
That is,  As I See It.
Roy Lamont