What language does God Speak?

What language does God speak?

That God does speak is certain. “In the beginning God said…”

The question still remains…what is that language? If God speaks to us at all then we must possess the ability to understand His language. If we couldn’t understand it then how are we to comply? Does God speak to us in our native language? If so, then as the author of all languages, He speaks all languages fluently. There are times He speaks to us individually and He can also speak to us universally. I believe it is His universal language we will all speak in the Kingdom of God. One language, one understanding as it was before the Tower of Babel Gen. 11:9. No more misunderstanding, no more confusion and no more chaos. We will speak the word of The Word.

Alexander The Great realized that the more lands he conquered and the more  successful he became the greater the confusion in communication amongst his commanders and troops. Alexander developed what we know today as Koine Greek which is the common Greek spoken in the streets of Greece. It is a very precise language. All those conscripted into his army had to learn this new revised Greek language, and then when they did learn it no one had any difficulty in understanding one another.

If it is important to understand one another, how much more necessary is it to understand God? There is a word of caution here for those who believe that God speaks to them on various matters. Remember, too, that Satan hears your prayers and declarations as well as God and will often provide you with misinformation. Since you have prayed about the matter, or should have, you may think that what seems to be a response to your prayer is from God. It can actually be from Satan. Satan wants you to believe that he doesn’t exist so that you will not be expecting the plans he has for you. His plans will not be to bless you but to destroy you. It’s easier for him when you are not expecting his attack. If Satan hears your prayers, as well as God does, then how can you safely pray? Gabriel the archangel told Daniel that God heard his prayers the first time he prayed while the archangel Michael had to battle the power of the Prince over Persia for twenty-one days while Gabriel delivered Daniels message. Yes, Satan hears our prayers as well as God does. It is imperative then that you be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit of God as you pray so that you will have all the mighty angels of heaven to help you and that you will be able to discern which spirit is operating in you life.

Jesus countered all the attacks of Satan during His wilderness experience by quoting the Word of God to Satan. Jesus, as the author of scripture was able to thwart the assault against Him by Satan because he knew the scriptures and could quote it correctly. You can do no less. However, to do so you must have knowledge of the scriptures and understand that you are empowered by the Word and have authority by the Word to defend yourself and have victory over all the works of the enemy. “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you”. Luke 10:19. Yes, you are empowered by the very Word who is one with God Almighty. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 Whatever “word” you think you have received you must check it and recheck it with the scripture. If it agrees, all well and good but if it disagrees with the written word you must reject it.

You are almost there but not quite. You may know the Word and you may quote the Word correctly but to be effective you must believe the Word and that it will produce the results you desire. “ Therefore, I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them”. Mark 11:24. The enemy is powerless against such faith. When Jesus quoted the Word,  Satan finally had to leave. When you have developed such faith you too will be able to successfully operate in the gifts of the Spirit. It all comes down to trusting the Word.

The time is coming when we will all speak a wonderful new language which will be spoken in all of The Kingdom Of God. As The Kingdom of God is to be our new home it is imperative we know, understand and believe in the power of The Word. The language that God speaks is still the same as it was….”in the beginning God said”.

And that is…

As I See It

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