By definition, unquenchable. You can never get enough of what you are addicted to. That’s why you need it again and again and again.

You are a victim. Worse, you have become a slave. The only thing that matters is time. How long before your next ‘fix’. There can never be satisfaction enough for your craving and desire. Eventually you need more and more to get the same ‘high’ or exhilaration you once had. Finally, you will be pushed to the extreme limit where you overdose because the last ‘fix’ wasn’t good enough. If the overdose wasn’t enough to kill you the next one or the one after that will. It is not will it, but when will it kill you. It is as if a serpent has bitten you and there is no cure but a long lingering illness and finally death.

So is this is your life? Is this the promise of a better life? Usually the pain you suffer is multiplied and shared by those who love you. But you already know all of this. You have heard it a thousand times before. Doctors who may treat you may grant you a temporary reprieve but until you get to the root cause of your problem you will very likely fall back into your same habit for the same reasons you did before. Truth, when revealed does not guarantee you deliverance from your demons; you have to apply it to your life to be victorious.

By now you think you are too weak and too far gone for anyone to help you. However well intentioned help from mere mortals will not last. Long before your physical, mental or emotional problem manifested itself there was an underlying factor most often ignored and ridiculed. There is a physician known to millions for His miraculous cures. He has cured many worse off than you and has delivered them all. 

It is not so much a mindset but a spiritual attitude that makes it possible to be cured. What is the underlying factor or cause overlooked and ignored? Wrong thinking, wrong attitudes, wrong actions. In a word, Sin. Our problems come from a spiritual source and the principle source on earth is demonic. Revelation 12:9 says, ….”that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world”: it is this serpent who has bitten you, who has deceived you with promises of ecstasy and joy but instead with his lies and false ‘bait’ he has enslaved you. The great physician I referred to earlier is also the great Deliverer. You have to truly desire to be delivered from this old way of life and to be willing to change to receive a new life, free from sordidness, sorrow and suffering.

The choice has always been yours. Make it the right one this time. Turn to our Lord Jesus and agree to be willing to give up your old ways, in other words, repent and invite Jesus into your life and allow Him to be your Physician and Deliverer. Put your faith and trust into the one who has the power to give you a new and a far better life than the one you now have. The choice is and always has been still yours to make. Why not accept this free love gift now? It will last forever. What are you going to do????  Choose Life.

That is….As I See It.


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