How Do You Build A House ?

How Do You Build A House?

The answer is….little by little and very carefully. Who will live there…you? Will the house you build see you through life’s storms and trials? What is the first essential step you must address? Why it’s the foundation of course. The foundation you lay down will be responsible for carrying the unseen and unexpected forces of life and nature; and from this house you will go on to build a life for yourself. How good a life depends on a number of things. Since this house is to be your shelter, fortress and palace of leisure it is of extreme importance you select only the best quality materials for this lifetime structure. Knowledge, wisdom and truth are as essential to success as water is to cement. It is the binding agent that allows you to proceed with a firm and solid foundation. There is a lot of knowledge in the world but not all of it is of value. You must discern what is good and what isn’t. How will you choose only the knowledge that is good and reject that knowledge which is of no value and even hurtful? You have to have a set of plans or call it a blueprint for your life. What you plan now and execute will determine what your life will be. Wisdom says if you are planning to build something then look for examples of other things that are similar to what you wish to build. Is it not wisdom to look at the builder and creator of all that is around you and even of those things you can not see and seek His advice and counsel? Fortunately for us He did leave a book of instructions that will guide you into building the perfect foundation for your life. In it you will find words of wisdom of how to have a healthy body, of how to acquire the wisdom you seek by talking to the supreme architect of this entire world and universe and even more importantly of how to exchange this worldly structure made of mortal material for a supremely better one made of spiritual material that will last forever. Your mind is where you acquire information and values. Perhaps it will be from the streets or even a college classroom where you will be taught. If your teacher is teaching you the wrong values then your values will probably be wrong.. This has a definite effect on your mind. What you consume, understand and accept as truth will determine your course of action. Just because someone is designated as a teacher does not necessarily mean that this teacher is teaching truth. If when having a house built your contractor left you the house blueprints showing everything regarding the electrical circuits, the heating system and everything else you need to know if and when you needed to make repairs would you not refer to the blueprints so that any repairs would be done correctly? The same principle applies to your body structure. You consult the master architect who created it. What blueprint did He leave for you? It’s called the Holy Bible. In it the Creator has left detailed plans for every contingency. You need only consult it and Him to have the body and life you desire. This is your body and this is your life. Choose godly wisdom and it will provide you with joy and eternal life. As I See It, this is Roy Lamont

What language does God Speak?

What language does God speak?

That God does speak is certain. “In the beginning God said…”

The question still remains…what is that language? If God speaks to us at all then we must possess the ability to understand His language. If we couldn’t understand it then how are we to comply? Does God speak to us in our native language? If so, then as the author of all languages, He speaks all languages fluently. There are times He speaks to us individually and He can also speak to us universally. I believe it is His universal language we will all speak in the Kingdom of God. One language, one understanding as it was before the Tower of Babel Gen. 11:9. No more misunderstanding, no more confusion and no more chaos. We will speak the word of The Word.

Alexander The Great realized that the more lands he conquered and the more  successful he became the greater the confusion in communication amongst his commanders and troops. Alexander developed what we know today as Koine Greek which is the common Greek spoken in the streets of Greece. It is a very precise language. All those conscripted into his army had to learn this new revised Greek language, and then when they did learn it no one had any difficulty in understanding one another.

If it is important to understand one another, how much more necessary is it to understand God? There is a word of caution here for those who believe that God speaks to them on various matters. Remember, too, that Satan hears your prayers and declarations as well as God and will often provide you with misinformation. Since you have prayed about the matter, or should have, you may think that what seems to be a response to your prayer is from God. It can actually be from Satan. Satan wants you to believe that he doesn’t exist so that you will not be expecting the plans he has for you. His plans will not be to bless you but to destroy you. It’s easier for him when you are not expecting his attack. If Satan hears your prayers, as well as God does, then how can you safely pray? Gabriel the archangel told Daniel that God heard his prayers the first time he prayed while the archangel Michael had to battle the power of the Prince over Persia for twenty-one days while Gabriel delivered Daniels message. Yes, Satan hears our prayers as well as God does. It is imperative then that you be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit of God as you pray so that you will have all the mighty angels of heaven to help you and that you will be able to discern which spirit is operating in you life.

Jesus countered all the attacks of Satan during His wilderness experience by quoting the Word of God to Satan. Jesus, as the author of scripture was able to thwart the assault against Him by Satan because he knew the scriptures and could quote it correctly. You can do no less. However, to do so you must have knowledge of the scriptures and understand that you are empowered by the Word and have authority by the Word to defend yourself and have victory over all the works of the enemy. “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you”. Luke 10:19. Yes, you are empowered by the very Word who is one with God Almighty. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 Whatever “word” you think you have received you must check it and recheck it with the scripture. If it agrees, all well and good but if it disagrees with the written word you must reject it.

You are almost there but not quite. You may know the Word and you may quote the Word correctly but to be effective you must believe the Word and that it will produce the results you desire. “ Therefore, I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them”. Mark 11:24. The enemy is powerless against such faith. When Jesus quoted the Word,  Satan finally had to leave. When you have developed such faith you too will be able to successfully operate in the gifts of the Spirit. It all comes down to trusting the Word.

The time is coming when we will all speak a wonderful new language which will be spoken in all of The Kingdom Of God. As The Kingdom of God is to be our new home it is imperative we know, understand and believe in the power of The Word. The language that God speaks is still the same as it was….”in the beginning God said”.

And that is…

As I See It

If God is Love….why is there so much suffering?

If God is Love……. why is there so much suffering?

This is the one issue that has caused millions of people to either reject or turn away from God.

It all comes down to ‘free will, our freedom of choice. When someone gets married they expect that they will be married to one another for life; that could be fifty or sixty years or even more. However, imagine living with someone you found  intolerable to be with and no divorce allowed.   You would think that was ‘hell’ on earth. A good reason for you to be very careful in selecting a mate you would have to be with for such an extended time. God is also very selective about who will spend the rest of eternity with Him.

When we make wrong choices,  by our free will, we must be willing to accept the consequences. This builds character in us and we have learned a life lesson. The Lord is watching what the results in us are. “The Lord is longsuffering and abundant in mercy, forgiving the iniquity and transgression; but He by no means clears the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation;. Numbers 14:18. I used to think that meant that God punished the children for three or four generations for the sins of their father. It really means that the sins of their father would affect them for three or four generations. If a father is a sluggard or an alcoholic his behavior on his children, his grandchildren and his great  grandchildren would cause them to suffer the consequences. Since God does not interfere with our choices He does not deliver us from their consequences. Again, another of life’s lessons. It is difficult for us to understand that when a loved one dies by accident or illness why God didn’t  intervene. If  He did  then He would be forced to intervene in all accidents and events because He …”is no respecter of persons”,  Acts 10:34; however, Solomon said, ….”but time and chance happeneth to them all’”. Ecclesiastes 9:11.  This means just what it says, accidents and unexpected events happen to all.   We must continue to trust God and grow in character and as we become more like Him we begin to develop the kind of relationship with Him  that He and Jesus have. We are made in their image and likeness and are destined to be with them for eternity. God is choosing  His family very carefully. We all have the same opportunity to be chosen but we must qualify for this glorious eternal life by our response to His call and by our continued trust in Him.

God has perfect character and to associate with Him we can have no less. God has written the perfect plan for us. We must learn the rules, study the material and grow in spiritual stature to join Him. Do we have to go through trials of fire? I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t. This is the result of a free will. God judges our faith and endurance by the hardships we go through and the depth of our love and trust for Him.“….”though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ”  1Peter 1:6-7.   People seem not to know that Satan is the current but temporary god of this world and for a limited period of time we are subjected to this evil power. 2 Cor. 4:4.  Satan delights in tormenting us but his days are numbered and we need to trust our God that the rewards to come are worth whatever trials we are subjected to, especially since they are for a very limited time. Our victory is assured and the rewards are ours for the rest of eternity.

God is not just love but also all wisdom.  Satan thinks he can turn humanity away from God by saying, “If God is love why does he not deliver you from that torment?”  Satan will discover that God is working out His perfect plan for mankind and by this plan God is separating the children of light from the children of darkness. To do what God has planned for us to do and to be able to do it, as we journey through all eternity with Him, we have to be taught, we must be like Him and must have His godly character and be trustworthy, and have His Spirit in us. God is not through with creation but has big plans for it as well as for us. We are part of His family that will go throughout this wonderful expanse of universe and help restore it as it was before the ‘fall’. We can only imagine how wonderful it will be to be with our loved ones again and have the joy and blessings of being with our Lord and God. We are the chosen few who will journey through eternity with Him and our loved ones. We have been chosen to experience eternal life without hatred and poverty and know the abundance and joy of God’s benevolence and love toward us. Joy that never ends, a life that never ends, and a love that continues to grow for one another and an even greater love for our Lord and God.  Amen !

And that is…As I See It

Roy Lamont


By definition, unquenchable. You can never get enough of what you are addicted to. That’s why you need it again and again and again.

You are a victim. Worse, you have become a slave. The only thing that matters is time. How long before your next ‘fix’. There can never be satisfaction enough for your craving and desire. Eventually you need more and more to get the same ‘high’ or exhilaration you once had. Finally, you will be pushed to the extreme limit where you overdose because the last ‘fix’ wasn’t good enough. If the overdose wasn’t enough to kill you the next one or the one after that will. It is not will it, but when will it kill you. It is as if a serpent has bitten you and there is no cure but a long lingering illness and finally death.

So is this is your life? Is this the promise of a better life? Usually the pain you suffer is multiplied and shared by those who love you. But you already know all of this. You have heard it a thousand times before. Doctors who may treat you may grant you a temporary reprieve but until you get to the root cause of your problem you will very likely fall back into your same habit for the same reasons you did before. Truth, when revealed does not guarantee you deliverance from your demons; you have to apply it to your life to be victorious.

By now you think you are too weak and too far gone for anyone to help you. However well intentioned help from mere mortals will not last. Long before your physical, mental or emotional problem manifested itself there was an underlying factor most often ignored and ridiculed. There is a physician known to millions for His miraculous cures. He has cured many worse off than you and has delivered them all. 

It is not so much a mindset but a spiritual attitude that makes it possible to be cured. What is the underlying factor or cause overlooked and ignored? Wrong thinking, wrong attitudes, wrong actions. In a word, Sin. Our problems come from a spiritual source and the principle source on earth is demonic. Revelation 12:9 says, ….”that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world”: it is this serpent who has bitten you, who has deceived you with promises of ecstasy and joy but instead with his lies and false ‘bait’ he has enslaved you. The great physician I referred to earlier is also the great Deliverer. You have to truly desire to be delivered from this old way of life and to be willing to change to receive a new life, free from sordidness, sorrow and suffering.

The choice has always been yours. Make it the right one this time. Turn to our Lord Jesus and agree to be willing to give up your old ways, in other words, repent and invite Jesus into your life and allow Him to be your Physician and Deliverer. Put your faith and trust into the one who has the power to give you a new and a far better life than the one you now have. The choice is and always has been still yours to make. Why not accept this free love gift now? It will last forever. What are you going to do????  Choose Life.

That is….As I See It.


Slaves and Chains

It seems there has always been a slave trade business. Regardless of how far back into history you go there has been slavery. The Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks and the Babylonians had it. Every powerful nation had them. Slaves. You bought them and you owned them, body, soul and spirit. They were yours; yours to do with them as you pleased. They represented wealth and power to their owners. In a sense slaves were only one step higher than the work animals, just barely. At times whole families were purchased. Many were born into slavery never knowing anything else. There was no concept of freedom, only to do your assigned duty no mater how odious the labor. You just did it. No choice, no debate. Many were forced to wear iron collars to which, when necessary, a chain could and would be attached. If anyone tried to help a slave escape or even helped to remove the iron collar they would suffer the most severe consequences that could include their own death.

What is slavery really? Slavery makes you a ‘thing’ and you are devoid of a will of your own. You are not allowed an opinion nor or you encouraged to think. Just do as you are told. Who would willingly give up one’s personal will and subjugate themselves to another persons will? To do so knowingly is sheer madness. Do you agree?

Yet today there are millions of people who are under the influence of unseen or unrecognized external powers. Slaves who are not aware that they are in reality ‘slaves’ to another. To whom you serve, they or it, is your master.

Many today are living a life of sheer desperation and anguish. They have failed to recognize they have forfeited their will to another person or thing. Addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex or anything that makes you think you can’t live without it has become your master.

Many people think there is little harm in doing this ‘little’thing’ that they do repeatedly and believe that it doesn’t harm them.  It’s called profanity.  Would you eat garbage from a garbage can? I doubt it.  Yet many think it is perfectly alright to ‘cuss’ and put into their mind mental garbage just as rotten as anything found in a garbage can.  I have always thought that profanity was the effort of a feeble mind trying to forcefully express itself.

When I was a youngster I thought it was manly to cuss, especially when I was in the navy.  Now I know better.  What kind of collar are you wearing? Whom are you serving? No one you say? This collar is invisible and can’t be seen except by the things you do.  You can not remove it nor can any one else. You may not have been born a slave but you may very well have become one by the things you have done or are doing now.

There is only one who has power over life and death and the power to release you from your iron collar and chains. You need only call on His name and He will hear you if you are sincere and wish to be free.  He’s available on a free hotline 24/7 Call Him, his name is Jesus and He loves you and is ready to help you if you will let him. What will you do?

Please, call on Him now while you can.

This is…As I See It