My Grandfather’s Watch

My grandfather owned a beautiful gold watch, and on occasions he would take it out and show it to his many grandchildren.  He would remove the back of the watch for us to see and we were amazed and would marvel at the intricacies of all the wheels spinning around.  It reminds me of the human body with all it’s many parts all working together.  We have a heart,  lungs, a liver, and these too, all working together.  What was the watch doing? For what purpose were those little wheels spinning around? The little wheels were spinning and perfectly synchronized to do one thing.  That we might look at the front of the watch to determine the correct time.

Now let’s look at the human body again.  It too has many intricate parts all perfectly synchronized and working together. I ask again, for what purpose?  It’s purpose is to provide for and care for the human mind.  There in the mind we find our thinking, our will and where we are marvelously made vastly superior to all other creatures on earth. The watch tells time and gives us this information and the mind thinks and informs us of our circumstances, warns us if there is danger, and if there is danger, it provides us with information on how to deal with it.

Descartes, the philosopher, said “cogito, ergo sum, I think, therefore I am.  Now then, what does man think and why and for what purpose does he think?  Because man can think he is able to ask the question, “Who amI? And where did I come from”?  This quest for self discovery leads to the conclusion that he is not self created but must have been created by a power far greater than himself.  Only an awesome God could have this ability and power. The scripture says, ‘for His pleasure were we created’, and that we are just a little lower than the angels in heaven.  How are the angels superior to us? They have spirit bodies which do not die while we have a physical body made of flesh and blood which is susceptible to death.  However, we will not keep this flesh and blood body forever.

Only when we are born again into the Kingdom of God will we receive our spirit body and then become superior to the angels. The scripture informs us that we will judge the angels. This is such a marvelous and awesome transition, going from flesh and blood to full spirit.  As the scripture also reveals, flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of God.  Therefore, as you can see, without a spirit body we can’t enter into the kingdom of God.

This information has been hidden since creation began. Yet, in Genesis 1:26 it tells us very plainly that we are made in the image and likeness of God.  Do you understand what was just said?  We are made in the exact image and likeness of God. What is God?  He is spirit and He is divine. Are you beginning to see the picture?  We are to become exactly like God, divine beings created to help in administering the government of God on every far flung star system in creation.  Truly, we will go where no man has gone before.  We will be very busy as we will rule over angels to help us tending this universe even as Adam and Eve were to tend their own Eden in the Garden of Paradise.

Main stream religion has focused on the messenger and dismissed His message.  True, Jesus brought a message that man had never heard before, the message of His Father’s kingdom and that we would inherit it.  Equally important is that He, Jesus, was the way to that life.

We’re talking about an existence that has no end. Where trillions of years will pass and we are still at the beginning of our journey into forever and forever.  Jesus is the keeper of the Book of Life and your name must be in it.

This is one trip you don’t want to miss.  Get it straight now. There is only one who can get you there and His name is Jesus, God. He promises that if you call to Him He will hear.  He is waiting.  What are you waiting for?  Do it now.  Now.

That is…As I See It.

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