Counterfeit: What Does It Mean?

Webster’s dictionary says…”to imitate with intent to deceive.”

In the world of art, sculpture, architecture or design, a proficient art forger can make what appears to be the original of an art masterpiece. The copy is so good that it may deceive even the very best of art connoisseurs.  No matter how good a copy of the original it is still not the work of ‘the master’.

In the world of the supernatural our Creator reigns supreme. All that He does is an original work. It was in the Garden of Eden that Satan offered Eve the opportunity to acquire knowledge equal to that of God if she would eat of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Up to this time by obeying God and remaining loyal to God, Adam and Eve would always be led of the Holy Spirit of God and were assured of always receiving the very best of God’s wonderful provisions. By disobedience to God they forfeited all that God had blessed them with and so lost their dominion over all things on earth to Satan.

In the world of the natural, the world we live in, we encounter counterfeit promises that tempt us with all kinds of pleasures. Things that promise us great wealth, great power, and political and social power to force others to submit to our will. Everything to our benefit, everything for us, us, us, always us.

There is another power and spirit who now rules this earth; the power and spirit of the Antichrist. He, too, can perform miracles. His influence has deceived many into thinking they are having their own way, that it is their own will carrying out their personal desires when in fact they are but pawns led by the cunning and deception of the enemy Satan.. The price they will eventually pay is that of a broken body, a sick mind, a destroyed family and marriage and often physical death as well as eternal death.

Romans 6:23 tells us that “the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Eternal life is a gift of God but the counterfeit that Satan offers is eternal death. The fish that took the bait thought it was the real thing just as it is the lure and bait of Satan who catches you as you swallow his lies hook,line and sinker. You have been taken, you have been caught. This counterfeit of truth is an art form perfected by Satan who deceives, not just you, but the whole world. Rev. 12:9

What is true?  What isn’t?  How can you tell the difference? Without the Holy Spirit of God you can’t. Without repentance and without being converted you can’t have the power of the Holy Spirit of God to deliver you from the power of Satan. The human carnal mind does not accept the authority of God and will not submit to His laws. The carnal mind of man does not understand God nor does it want to. It is the enemy of God.  It will not obey God.

As we move closer to ‘the time of the end’ we need to make preparation now for ourselves and our loved ones. This planet is on a journey even as Noah’s Ark was. All who are not on board or those whose name is not written in “The Book of Life’ or passenger list,  will certainly perish as did all the people on earth when the rains came and Noah closed the door to the ark. For years they had ridiculed Noah, but now, can you imagine their terror when they realized they had been deceived by Satan and now their life and salvation was sailing away without them?

Is your name in God’s ‘Book of Life’? How much time do you have? Do you know what will happen tomorrow? All the more reason to attend to this most important matter now because what you do now, and what you decide now will determine what your eternity will be.

Life or death? The choice is yours. Deuteronomy 30:19

All things considered, this is.

As I See It.

Death, Colors, and Trigonometry

Are you able to describe ‘color’?  Please, stop here for a moment and try to describe, aloud to yourself, color as you might to a person blind since birth.  It is impossible because the blind person has no basis for comparison or understanding.

So it is in trying to explain spiritual matters to someone who has only a natural mind.  One can not perceive nor understand the spirit world unless he or she is given that power by our Creator. In Romans 8:6-8 the scripture says,  “For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God……So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God”.  Unless you are able perceive the demonic forces in the spiritual world with its unseen and unsuspected dangers you will not be able to cope with it successfully.

Does all this sound foolish to you?  Do you say that subsonic and supersonic sounds do not exist because you can not hear them or that calculus and trigonometry do not exist because you do not understand them?  You may dismiss them as unnecessary but the world you live in would not exist without them and that means you would not exist without them. That you do exist is living proof that there is a world you may not perceive nor understand.  Is it not to your eternal advantage to be certain of the facts and not rely on the opinion of someone else however sincere they may be?  It is the ‘truth’ that sets you free, not theory or opinion.

This is the only life you have, treat it kindly and lovingly as it has to last you…. forever.  There is a book that has all the answers and it will prepare you for your final examination.

It is called, “The Holy Bible”. Read it….please.

This is the truth…

As I See It


I love anniversaries. There are so many kinds. Perhaps the most familiar is the wedding anniversary. Then there is the anniversary of a birthday or that first date and so many other ‘firsts’. How many do you celebrate? How do you celebrate them? Let’s see how many we can think of that could be celebrated, if only remembered. Events that carry special significance. That first kiss is certainly important. Wouldn’t this be an excellent opportunity to write a love note to your spouse to let it be known that you still cherish the memory of that moment? The ‘honeymoon’ is certainly a memorable occasion. Wouldn’t it be thoughtful to arrange to have the same honeymoon breakfast on your anniversary? You did have breakfast didn’t you? Well, dinner perhaps?

Why do all this? because all these special moments become the memories you will carry with you and will be there for your silver, golden and perhaps even your diamond anniversary. These special remembered moments help you glide into these wonderful years. These are not secrets but guidelines to help you achieve a joyous happy marriage. Your spouse is your most treasured possession and needs to be your prime, that means ‘first’, concern.

Take the time to communicate with one another. Sit close together and yes, hold hands. There is something so special of taking the hand of the one you love and gently messaging it. While you’re at it, a body message would feel great for both of you. The gentle touch of the palm of your hand touching the skin of your spouse and slowly and gently rubbing away the stress and aches of the day. Joyous moments such as this are etched into the memory and give seed to an even deeper love for one another. You are both provider and healer to one another.

You are creating your own private world. A world where appreciation abounds for all the little things done for one another. What kind of world have you created? Do you enjoy living in it?

If yes, you are mightily blessed. If not, you will find solace in seeking counsel and advice from the Bible and from prayer.  A mighty powerful tool so greatly overlooked by so many who are struggling.

Anyway, that is “As I See It”.

Music….is Spirit and Life

Can you hear it? The music that is all around you? No? Listen again. It is everywhere. Can you hear the birds as they sing their love call to one another? Can you hear their call to slumber as the sun begins its decent over the horizon? Can you hear the wind sing a lullaby as it sends it breath through the forests as musical woodwinds and through the tree tops for its melodies? It is there all around you but you have to listen for it.

Our Creator is always present in His creation if we will only listen to His heart of love for us as He serenades us with His love songs. Then there is the sound of the crickets, the meadowlark, the night birds and cicadas as they sing the night away. This is music to be found in an already existing nature. Then there is the music found in that mysterious domain of the mind. Composers inspired by the beauty in nature, the passion of love or sadly in the tragedy of lost love fill the pages of their musical score sheets with tears as well as melody.

How do you listen to music? What is the volume level? Where do you listen to music? Some listen while in the car or as background accompaniment while they work. I do those things as well. However,  when I really wish to make it a personal and passionate experience it has to be done in a special way. It is when I know I will not be disturbed or when it one of those very special moments that I share with my loved one that I will sit in my recliner chair, if alone, or in our love seat sofa holding hands, and listening to the music of our choice. Sometimes it will be the romantic sonatas and music of Chopin, Verdi, or Rachmaninoff. It may even be the popular love songs of the 30′s, or 40′s as Sinatra, Como or Crosby serenade us.

If the music is exuberant or ‘molto vivace’ then I wish for the music to be in the higher volume range for my entire body to resonate with it and be bathed with the rhythm, tempo and force of the music; becoming one with the orchestral score as I, or we, become an additional human instrument whose heart and breath is joined to the music.

It is joy and bliss as the music and my loved one and I are merged into one new creation. The music reaches its conclusion as we reach our moment of joy for the music and the love we have for each other.

Music is our Creators spiritual and audible expression of His love for us. When we are absorbed by the music we are absorbed by His love for us and we become one with our Creator. Love is more beautiful than we ever thought possible and the best part is that His love for us lasts forever even as our love does for one another.

Enjoy the music, enjoy the love.

This is…As I See It.

??? A Reason to Hate ???

Is there ever a good reason to hate? (Is there ever a good reason to poison yourself?)

People can do awful things to others.  We have all heard stories of how people can be mean and cruel to one another.  What makes people mean and cruel?  Is there a difference between people who seem to enjoy doing cruel things to others and people who believe they are justified in retaliating for a perceived ‘wrong’?

The result seems to be the same. You hurt someone else because you have been hurt. Two ‘wrongs’ never make a ‘right’. Let me explain. If you had a contagious disease and you spread it to others does it make your symptoms any less? Does it relieve your agony?  The truth is of course it doesn’t.  You still have the same disease and in addition eventually you will have added guilt to your problem.

Somewhere, somehow we have come to believe that if we have been hurt we have the right to hurt back. There are times when in our perceived hurt by another,  we hurt back only to discover that we may have misunderstood the situation or that it was really someone else who did the hurt and now we are guilty of having hurt someone who was innocent.  We have become no better than the one who really did hurt us.

Does any good come of retaliating with hurt for hurt?  We have become ‘angry’.  What is anger?  It is not only a sin but is a very real condition of the emotion that is self destructive. The more you are angry or hate, whether you feel justified or not, the more ‘you’ suffer. Yes, you suffer. Think of this anger you are carrying as a hot coal in the pit of your stomach. Who is it hurting?  Is it hurting the object of your anger, who may not even be aware of your anger toward him/her, or is it burning and hurting you?  Who is reliving the nightmare of that episode again and again, you or the other person? YOU are living the nightmare over and over again.  You are in the process of a self destruct mode that will eventually ruin you health and could even lead to an early death.  In the holy scriptures we are told again and again to forgive again and again, over and over again. Why? Actually forgiving others is more for your benefit than theirs. You release the anger and get rid of that burning lump of coal in the pit of your stomach. It is for your benefit to forgive more than for the object of your hatred and anger. You are being healed not just of the burning sensation but of other health problems that may be associated with that hatred, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, sleeplessness and perhaps many other illnesses that you may have developed.

There is a scripture in Romans 12:20 that I never could understand because it sounded contradictory to what I believed the scripture meant to convey.  It says, “Therefore, if your enemy is hungry feed him; if he is thirsty give him a drink; for in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head”.

I couldn’t understand this scripture that seems to tell us to do good and all of a sudden it seems to tell us to do something to hurt our enemy.  It seemed to me a definite contradiction.  However, when you know ‘the rest of the story’ you will understand.  Let me explain what this scripture is saying.  In the Middle East there is vast lands and expanses of desert.  Keep in mind there was no coal nor wood to keep a fire going during the very cold nights on the desert.  How did the people keep a fire going to cook with and to keep warm ?  They gathered camel dung and dried it during the day and used it as fuel to keep a fire going in their metal pots which they carried on their head when they traveled.  Now when the nomad tribes moved about from one place to another in the desert they had to carry their fire with them.  Women using head wraps and utensils of metal on their head carried this fire from camp to camp and thus insured the life and safety of the people. These burning coals were literally a matter of life and death. So when you gave someone a burning coal for their head you were actually providing them the means to life and not death.  You are  blessing them and so it will also be when you forgive them. You are blessing yourself and them. That is God’s way. Everyone is a winner.

Again we face the issue of forgiveness.  It is, as I’ve said, more of a blessing to you than to your perceived enemy.  The quickest way to put out the coal of fire in your stomach is to forgive the other person.

Anger is your enemy as surely as any plague is your enemy. It will ruin your life and destroy anyone who gets in your way.  Do you think you can hate someone very intensely and then show love and kindness to your family?  I do not believe you can both love and hate at the same time.  If you feed one you destroy the other. You can not hate anyone without destroying your relationship with God.  The scripture says, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.  You can not serve God and Mammon”. Matthew 6:24

We live a life of daily decisions.  Some decisions will affect us for the rest of our life; the choice of a spouse, the job we choose, the city we move to and many other decisions that may at the time seem rather simple but may have far reaching results and effects.  Since decisions can be so very important and life changing we should be sure we know all the facts and be absolutely sure we carry every matter before the Lord and pray for His guidance. He wants the best for us and knows what is best for us.  Knowing that He knows everything about everything isn’t it wise to consult Him?

If you are leading the perfect life and have everything that makes you happy…I don’t believe you exist.

Life is not like that and hasn’t been since Adam and Eve. God has made us some great and marvelous promises.  If you don’t know what they are you can’t claim them.  If you want to know what and where they are I can tell you. They are found in The Holy Bible and they were placed there not just for me but for you as well.  All you have to do is read it and study it.  If you were in possession of a treasure map you would spend all the time necessary to study it for its promised wealth and riches. The Holy Bible is not the mother load, but the Great Father Load of all time…for all time.  Get it while you can.  It’s yours…free.

And that is….As I See It