We live in a world of the visible and the invisible. This word ‘invisible’ is most interesting. It means ‘hidden’, ‘imperceptible’ or ‘inconspicuous’ according to the Mirriam-Webster dictionary. However, it can mean a lot more depending on the context in which it is used.

Most often we think of invisible as meaning a spirit or an unseen force but there are other interpretations as well. For example, there is the very small things that go unnoticed. I remember one morning while walking my dogs that there was a small flower that had come into bloom that caught my attention. It was now no longer invisible. I stopped to examine the flower and was thrilled to see a beauty within it that was awesome. Something so tiny and intricate yet so beautiful and it was flowering and would eventually fade away without anyone being aware or taking notice of its existence and of the exquisite beauty made  by our Creator. I have since become more acutely aware of many things around me.

We often don’t ‘see’ what we see. We must develop greater awareness to appreciate what has been created and of all the things that surrounds us. Some people may appear plain or ordinary, common even, but on closer contact the spirit of the individual begins to be revealed and there may be seen an intrinsic beauty or complexity that was not immediately apparent. This may explain the attraction between two individuals that transcends and joins together two spirits independent of their physical appearance. The physical is always in a state of transition while the spirit of the inividual most always remains constant throughout life. Honest, loving and ethical as a child, so also as an adult. It is the invisible things that often matter most.

The physical is obvious while the invisible individual characteristics and attributes may require deeper attention and focus to be discerned. Since these generally remain unchanged  throughout life it is imperative you see and know the truth. That’s another reason to choose wisely when choosing a lifetime partner.

There is beauty all around us but even with eyes to see with we may miss the real beauty that is just a step away from discovery. Learn to see and observe and appreciate the wonderful universe all around you and do not miss the beauty of the spiritual world formed and fashioned and brought into existence by our loving creator.

This is …

As I See It

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