As I See It


Why another blog site?  Is it really necessary?  Of course not; then why?  I can’t answer that for you but I have the need to express what I see, feel and understand about what is happening around us that we are not always aware of.  Let me explain:

Are you aware that while you are engaging in conversation with someone you are also traveling at thousands of miles per hour or that thousands of children are being born at that very moment?  Are you aware that your time on earth is diminishing by the moment?  Do you know when your last moment on earth will be?  Are you ready to leave as you are or are there some things you would like to take care of first?

Life comes with no guarantees except that is does have a termination date.  These are a lot of questions and they require answers.  You may not have any answers to these questions.  Some answers won’t matter while some answers will be vital to you or should be. What then are some of the more important ones.?  Whether you believe in the hereafter or not will determine your answer.

There are probably more questions than answers. We will explore as many as we can. You may or may not agree with me but I’ll try to make this journey as exciting and interesting as possible. This site is for all lovers of all ages.

Are you ready? Let’s go.  Please scroll all the way down.

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